Anarchy Reigns: Hard Mode Tips & Tricks

Laugh in the face of total chaos with our list of Anarchy Reigns tips and tricks specially designed to help you survive the brawler’s Hard difficulty settings. If you’re new to Platinum’s third-person beat ‘em up then it’s very easy to become overwhelmed. Those that try to dive into the deep end that is online matchmaking will get a quick and brutal reminder why the singleplayer portion exists — you’ll need all the practice you can get. Take our tips for beginners below to get you started.

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Hard Mode Tips & Tricks

Go Prepared

  • Before going into any Main Mission, always bring two power-ups and a full Rampage meter.
  • It doesn’t matter what power-ups you bring, usually, but weapons will always be the most effective against enemies (Mutants, Super Mutants, etc) while defensive items can be very helpful when dealing with playable character bosses.
  • Carry a signpost into Main Missions as well. These pick-ups can be used to knock away opponents, or stun them with a throw.
  • It’s All About the Combos

  • With Jack or Leo, your basic Light+Light+Light+Light combo can get you far in the game. It’s best to use Light+Light+Light+Lethal-Light+Lethal-Light whenever you have an opening. String these combinations together, but be prepared to block or evade.
  • Light and Lethal-Light attacks are faster, and his horizontally instead of vertically. That means you’ll always land hits against multiple opponents, or have a better chance hitting a faster opponent.
  • After a successful attack string, end it with a grab. The computer won’t break grabs very often. If you want to use grabs, try to practice breaking them to avoid some of the faster opponents from turning this tactic back on you.
  • Versus Playable Characters

  • Instead of playing it safe, it actually helps to blitz most playable character opponents. This is almost always the best strategy against a single enemy. When dealing with more than one, it’s advisable to play more carefully.
  • Save your Rampage until the very last moment. As long as your Rampage is going, you’ll gain health.
  • Ignore Killer attacks while Rampage is active, mash your basic strikes. Eventually, it’ll always break through your opponent’s shield and drain health fast.
  • If you’re facing two or more enemies, or a particularly tough boss, avoid blitzing. Instead, wait for the enemy to attack then counter with a series of attacks.
  • In Anarchy Reigns, it’s very easy to over-extend and leave yourself open with a combo that hits nothing. If you evade, you can leave your enemy in the same precarious position.
  • Enemy bosses love using their Heavy-Charged attacks. Watch for a boss standing still and glowing. If you see it, dodge and counter with your own charged attack. They’ll be open for attack, giving you plenty of time.
  • Think you’ve got more strategies for succeeding on Hard? Let us know in the comments.

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