Anarchy Reigns: How to Defeat the Kraken in 5 Minutes [Achievement Guide]

Out of all the devious archievements available in Anarchy Reigns, one of the trickiest is defeating the giant Kraken in less than five minutes. Instead of struggling, check out our advice below to make this challenge a breeze. Whether you play as Jack’s Black Side campaign, or Leo’s White Side campaign, you’ll face off against the Kraken in the middle of Stage 2. There’s no easy way to win, but with a few of our tricks you’ll manage the time limit. Find the full guide below.

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Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

  • Anarchy in the Calamari (60 points / Gold):
    Defeat the Kraken within 5 minutes. (Campaign Mode)

How to Defeat the Kraken in 5 Minutes

  • It’s recommended you unlock Stage 2 in Stage Select before attempting to unlock this achievement. This achievement can be unlocked on the “Easy” difficulty setting.
  • In Leo’s campaign, the Kraken first appears with three tentacles and a giant mouth in it’s center. Avoid the mouth’s lunge, or the Kraken will swallow you whole, wasting time. For now, all you need to do is attack the glowing blue parts of the Kraken’s mouth or it’s tentacles.
  • If you’re playing as Jack, the Kraken will appear far away, forcing you to throw chunks of debris at the monster from afar.
  • Do enough damage, at the Kraken will charge the aircraft carrier. He’ll push the carrier onto it’s side, and attack while you’re on a small section of the ship.
  • This final part is where you can lose the most time. The Kraken will attempt to throw spinning missiles at you — if you want to defeat the creature in less than five minutes, you’ll need to catch each missile and throw it back at the Kraken while it charges up.
  • Catching those missiles mid-air can take practice, but it’s the only tricky section of the fight. Catch the missiles with [Grab], then use [LT / L2] to aim, and [RT / R2] to throw the missile at the glowing blue eye.
  • If you fail to catch the missiles, there’s no way to defeat the Kraken under the time limit. If you can master catching missiles, you should have no problem unlocking the achievement.

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