Anarchy Reigns Walkthrough

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Black Side

White Side

Red Side

Main Mission 5-1: Destined Duel

The fight against Leo puts you back in the shoes of Jack. This will be your hardest fight yet, as Leo comes at you with advanced tactics and perfect timing. He’ll exploit your every opening, so you’ll have to exploit his.

Thanks to Leo’s speed advantage, you can’t just blitz with Jack. You won’t start with your Rage Meter built up either, you’ll need to earn it. There are no health packs, but you will have three tries.

Keep your lethal attacks close to the cuff, if you attack wildly with the chainsaw, you’ll leave yourself open to counters from Leo.

Leo will evade backwards whenever he can. If you see him do it, begin charging a heavy strike – lethal or regular will do. Wait for Leo to get in range, then unleash. Leo will often try to get in range, then charge his own forward heavy lunge. Hit him first.

To stun Leo, use a quick heavy strike to uppercut him, then while he’s in the air, begin to charge another heavy strike. You can usually manage to charge one before he’s able to get back up. If you’re quick, you can hit him with a partially loaded heavy charge and stun him.

Once stunned, he’s an easy mark for a powerful lethal attack. Sadly, your lethal heavy ground pound will not work often on Leo, he’s too nimble to stay in on place long enough to land it.

Keep fighting, and avoid messing with the objects around the arena. Taking your attention of Leo means he’ll sneak in a few cheap shots.

Otherwise, this is a brawl. Use all the knowledge you’ve gained throughout the game, and you’ll pull through.

Main Mission 5-2: Last Things Last

Say hello to Nikolai’s final form. Not only do you have this boss to deal with, but his army of elite BPS Drones, each one a hybrid of the Shield Drones and Flying Drones.

At the beginning of the fight, Nikolai will attack with his BPS Drones while he flies around the battlefield, blasting away with his energy balls, concentrated electricity beam, or with close-range area-of-effect blasts.

His deadliest attack is the concentrated beam, easily visible whenever he stops moving and charges up. As long as you have your four AI partners alive, you’ll be relatively safe from his attacks.

The BPS Drones are tough, but with their weak machine guns, they’re not quite as much of a threat at the shotgunning Shield Drones. Ignore them, unless you want to damage them and throw them at Nikolai.

While he flies around, you’ll need to break his shield. Throw BPS Drones or debris left behind by his massive laser to hurt his shield until it drops. Next, you can throw more debris – whenever Nikolai is firing his huge laser, a single hit will stun him on the ground long enough to use your lethal chainsaw.

Otherwise, you’ll need to use a flying uppercut by attacking with a heavy punch while rising up from a jump. Break down his shield, and you’ll have much less trouble stunning him. Just make sure you stay back when you see him charge near the ground.

The laser is easy to escape as long as Jack sticks near Nikolai. The beam can’t hit anything below crazy Nick. At all points of this battle, you’ll need to revive your AI Partners so they can be bait, and take some of the attention off you.

The second part of the battle is much harder, Nikolai will speed up and knock out all your AI friends, except for Leo. He’ll also begin using a much large area-of-effect blast, combined with a deadly electricity sword when his shield is down.

Here, it’s also important to know that the BPS Drones will drop health when they’re killed. Wipe out a few to bolster your health bar if it’s running low, especially after activating Rampage where you’ll be invulnerable.

Nikolai’s shield will return for the second phase of the fight, and will recharge once again after he’s taken enough damage. While his shield is up, Nikolai relies on flying attacks. When his shield is down, he’ll get up close and personal.

One of his most damaging attacks is his area-of-effect electricity blast. If you’re near him, you’ll see Nikolai curl up in a ball and float upward, ready to expend a massive burst of energy. Instead of running, constantly evade left or right. While evading, Jack will have invincibility frames keeping him safe.

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