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Black Side

White Side

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As the campaign starts, you’ll have your choice of either BLACK SIDE or WHITE SIDE campaigns. For the purposes of this walkthrough, we’ll start on the BLACK SIDE.

When you make your choice, you’ll appear in a large HUB area where you can find Main Missions and Free Missions.

Right away, you’ll be in combat against Killseekers. Killing enemies will earn you points, which will in turn unlock new Free Missions or Main Missions. Free Missions can be repeated as often as you like to earn more points, while Main Missions will progress the campaign’s story.

Before you fight these weak Killseekers, take a look around. There should be a purple waypoint nearby on your minimap.

Enter the circle, and press [Select/Back] to initiate the mission screen. This purple waypoint, once accepting, will begin a training simulator. It’s highly recommended you complete the training simulator before continuing into the game.

Once the training is done, clear out this first group of weak Killseekers. The Killseekers are cannon-fodder mutants, armed with torches and shocksticks. Most are slow to strike, but make note of the shocksticks, one hit will stun you.

Kill this small group of Killseekers and their reinforcements to make the first Free Mission appear. While the Free Missions are optional, they’re an easy way to earn more points and unlock the Main Missions.

Free Mission 1-1: The Killseekers

Victory Condition: Defeat 50 enemies / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 1

This mission is found down the street from your starting area, visible by the green waypoint on your minimap.

In this mission, you’ll have to simply defeat 50 incoming Killseekers in this small area. The first batch won’t put up much of a fight, but will give Jack some time to practice his fighting skills. Try using your abilities to take them all out and stay off the streets.

You’ll know why it’s a good idea to stay off the streets soon. A huge truck is running rampant through the area, if you’re hit by the truck it’ll take off most of Jack’s health while dropping off more Killseekers.

As the truck goes by, taking out the rest and more Killseekers will appear on the roof throwing molotovs. Take care of them with one of the many explosive barrels strewn about the streets. Grab a barrel and aim at the three white-suited killers. One throw of the barrel should burn these chumps up.

Pyro Killseekers will appear once you’ve taken out the rest. While their flamethrowers are dangerous, killing them will also cause an explosion that can take out any nearby Killseekers. Avoid running straight at these guys, instead jump up and use a ground pound.

One ground pound won’t kill them, but it will make their flamethrowers beep. That means they’re about to explode. No reason to finish them off, once their flamethrowers beep, move onto the next enemy.

More enemies will arrive on a flying skiff, armed with a flamethrower. Do light damage to these, and the pilot will jump off, allowing you to hijack the vehicle for yourself.

Next up will be a gang of shockstick killseekers. Watch out, you’ll know when they attack by their glow. One hit will stun you, so prioritize the shockstick mutants before dealing with the rest.

You’ll be introduced to the Executioner next. These massive monsters swing clubs around, making them dangerous and giving them pretty good reach. Remember your guard and evade techniques now, you didn’t need them against the Killseekers, but this guy is a whole different story.

While slow, they are powerful. This is a good time to stun your enemy with lethal attacks, or with Rampage. Don’t forget to lock-on, then diver left or right or guard to avoid his broad swings.

He’s all alone, so you can spend time throwing explosive barrels if you’re low on health. Defeat the big guy, and you’ll unlock the first Main Mission.

Main Mission 1-1: The King of Altambra

The orange waypoint to this mission is in the foundry just right of the purple training waypoint and the bar where you start.

The first mission pits you against the Big Bull. This is your first real fight, and you’ll mastery of those basic skills to pull out on top.

Bull likes to charge, he’ll also attempt to stun Jack with a light-light-heavy combo. Lock-on to Big Bull and be quick with those evades.

Start with your lethal abilities. One powerful weapon in your arsenal that Big Bull has a hard time dodging or countering is your lethal heavy ground pound. Jack will stab his chainsaw into Big Bull for a moment.

Keep your distance from Big Bull, he’ll also try to grab you – a problem that you haven’t had to deal with until now.

Wait for Big Bull to attack, then enter into your own combo and evading, hitting him in the back. That’s your best bet for a clean combo.

Once Big Bull is down one-quirter of health, he’ll send his Killseeker Gang to attack. They aren’t much tougher than the usual Killseekers, but these enemies will attempt to guard. Don’t forget that enough attacks, light and heavy, can break through their guard.

Defeating all the gang will earn you a health pack. Big Bull will return, but this time he’s bringing his lethal attacks to bear. You’ll need to watch out, if he uses his lethal weapon, it increases his range.

Your lethal attacks are even more useful now. Wait until Big Bull pauses between combos to attack, and don’t forget to use rampage once it becomes active. Take down the boss’ health to half, and his Pyros will appear.

Like before, the Pyros shouldn’t be an issue, but Big Bull will fight even harder as he returns. If you haven’t already, this is the best time to use rampage.

Once Big Bull is defeated, he’ll become a playable character in the Multplayer and Training modes.

Free Mission 1-2: A Chaser’s Work

Victory Condition: Bring the Bar-Bot back safely! / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 1

This mission is found in the upper parts of the streets. You can access the area by climbing to the roof of the building across the bar, with the partially destroyed metal exterior stairs, and stepping onto the fans. They’ll launch Jack up.

For this mission, you’ll need to keep Bar-Bot safe. This amounts to following him to the bar, and killing any enemies that appear as quickly as possible.

Near the destroyed street, you’ll run into your first group of simple Killseekers, and few ground pounds can quickly and easily take them all out, just watch the health bar at the top of the screen. If the purple is going down, take care of the bullies attacking Bar-Bot.

The Executioner will be a problem, but use your lethal attacks to quickly get rid of the bruiser. Down the road, a truck will appear and drive toward you and Bar-Bot. Just follow the robot down the street and turn right to keep save.

Stay close to the Bar-Bot, as he runs into the back alley, a swarm of Killseekers will arrive. They aren’t hard to take out, but the swarm can quickly sap Bar-Bot’s health if you aren’t quick to get rid of them all.

Through the next alley, six molotov Killseekers will ambush you. But, they aren’t the problem – in front of the bar, a Mutant will attack.

These giants are faster than Executioners, and can regenerate limbs you’ve cut off. If you’re worried about Bar-Bot, this is when you’ll want to rampage.

Don’t ignore Bar-Bot though, a handful of Killseekers will arrive to attack Bar-Bot while you’re busy with the mutant. Kill the Killseekers, then focus on the Mutant. When the monster’s health is low, use a grab to finish it off instantly.

Main Mission 1-2: Target Sighted

Back on Beer Street, at the bar entrance, you can begin the next boss fight once you’ve earned enough points.

For this battle, you can choose either Jack or Big Bull. If you’re familiar with Big Bull, jump in! But, this battle won’t be easy.

These new enemies are fragile but dangerous, unlike the weak Killseekers. The Drones, an army of robots armed with long-range weapons. Most commonly, they’ll be equipped with grenade launchers and rifles. Keep moving to stay out of their cross-hairs, and attack quickly before they can retreat.

To avoid over-shooting them with your attacks, don’t forget to lock-on! Destroying the first group will net you a rifle. Use it to take out Drones at range.

After the Drones are defeated, a Helicopter Drone will appear. This drone is tougher than the rest, and can be difficult to reach. Target it, and wait underneath for the helicopter to deploy a series of buzzsaws for close encounters. This is the best time to strike with melee attacks, as it will be low to the ground.

As you’re rising, use a heavy attack to uppercut, launching you higher in the air. If you’re swift, you can follow-up with more mid-air attacks. Rinse and repeat a few times to defeat the drone.

Next up are Shield Drones. These close-range specialists have shotguns and shields to deal with close encounters. Don’t let them surround you, and hit the group with lethal atttacks to break through their shield’s protection, stunning them and allowing Jack (or Big Bull) to finish them off.

The Flying Drones arrive next, but shouldn’t offer too much of a challenge. Use your air attacks to knock them down, and watch out for the grenades they drop.

The Laser Drones will be a problem, especially after the bombing. The bridge will begin to collapse, dropping cars randomly throughout the level, giving you an extra headache.

Watch out for the Laser Drone’s powerful energy blast. They’re like snipers, they hide at long-range and try to take out Jack from afar. While slow to fire, they’re extremely powerful. Keep on the move and weave around as you close-in to defeat these drones.

Once defeated, their explosion will destroy any enemies nearby. The giant blasts of energy are tough to dodge while cars rain down, so if you’re having trouble, hide in an alley and wait for the cars to stop dropping.

Free Mission 1-3: Gunfight

Victory Condition: Defeat as many enemies as possible! / Time Limit: 3 Minutes / Tries: 1

This mission is fairly simple – Drones and Helicopter Drones will appear and blast Jack with everything they’ve got. But, you have access to a Rifle with infinite ammunition.

Use your Rifle to easily take out swarms of Drones, and follow the red blips on your map. Instead of attacking you, they’ll arrive all over the map, sometimes quite far away.

Eventually, the Helicopter Drones will arrive. They only take two shots to defeat. Watch out for missiles, though. As they get close, use grab to throw their missiles back at them for an easy kill.

Otherwise, keep a look around for Item Boxes. They’ll almost always contain useful gear like shields or health. Grab them whenever you can, and go on a rampage.

Main Mission 1-3: Your Favorite Pimp’s Pimp

The next main mission is located behind the bar.

The Baron is a straight up fight against an evasive boxer-style brawler. He loves to guard, and he’ll weave straight out of your attacks.

Stay away, he’ll try to get in close and grab you. If you does, quickly press guard yourself to escape, or simply attack whenever he gets close with light strikes.

Keep hammering him, and be aggressive. He’ll let you attack his guard without fighting back too hard, just pound on his guard stance until he’s stunned, making him an easy target for a lethal combo.

Once the Black Baron has lost half his health, he’ll activate Rampage Mode. To fend him off, activate your own Rampage Mode now, or save it for the end. I recommend using it now, you’ll have to defeat the Blacker Baron quickly at the end of the battle, but you’ll have time even without your lethal gauge full.

Near the end of the fight, you’ll have to defeat the Baron before an airplane crashes into the battlefield. Lock-on and go wild with your lethal strikes or pound on his shield until it breaks. He should only have a sliver of health left, and you’ll have 30 seconds to defeat him.

Don’t play defensively at the end, and you should be able to defeat the Baron. Once he’s defeated, you’ll move on to the next level.

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