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White Side

Red Side

Free Mission 2-1: Gale Force

Victory Condition: Complete 5 laps before time runs out! / Tries: 1

Find this optional mission on the large aircraft carrier. It can be reached by stepping onto the fans, just ahead and to your left, inside the large open building.

This mission is fairly simple – simply ride the vehicle through the course for five laps. Use boost during the straight-aways, and drive over the green waypoints to gain five seconds to your time.

If you’re quick enough, it’s very possible to end the race with more time on the clock than what you started with on your first try.

Main Mission 2-1: The Gargoyle Platoon

This battle starts off easy – the Gargoyles can be shot out of the sky with the minigun turret. Jump onto the turret, and zoom in with the left trigger, while you shoot with the right. Take out the first two waves, then you’ll have to deal with the true threat as the Gargoyle Drones land on the ground.

The arena features several flying drones, with one drones after another landing in sequence to engage Jack. Watch out for their quick escapes and powerful plasma blasts. The plasma attacks are slow, making them easy to evade, but the drones also come equipped with rockets.

Just like the Helicopter Drones, the rockets can be grabbed once they’re close to Jack and thrown back at your opponents.

To make matters easier, look around the arena for item boxes. These contain rifles and rocket launchers – the weapons can kill these drones with just two shots on Normal, making the battle much easier if you get your hands on them.

Don’t bother to shoot the flying drones, focus on the Gargoyles on the ground. Once most are defeated, two will attack at once. This is a good time to use Rampage Mode, or just unleash with your lethal weapon.

Free Mission 2-2: Parasite Infestation

Victory Condition: Defeat 50 Enemies! / Time Limit: 3 Minutes / Tries: 1

Find this side-quest by jumping down to the bar and dock below the waterfall, then jumping down into the massive hole through the blown concrete wall. You’ll fall into an underwater hotel, with the mission waypoint inside.

This mission will introduce a new enemy, the parasite. These slow enemies die in one hit, so don’t bother using lethal strikes or Rampage. Target them with lock-on to move quickly between groups, and use ground pounds to clear out swarms if they get close.

Once enough are defeated, the Kraken will appear and start swinging its tentacles around the arena. This is annoying, but the parasites often contain health. Don’t worry about the tentacles, just keep attacking with regular strikes.

When you’ve killed all 50 parasites, a mutant will appear! Ignore it, because you need to escape the area using the elevator. The elevators are in the back corner, blocked by a Kraken tentacle. Target the tentacle and attack with lethal blows to send it away.

Step into the elevator, and you’ll have another mission complete.

Main Mission 2-2: The Creature from Valenda

This mission is on the deck of the aircraft carrier. Just use the many fans or ramps pointed toward the carrier to reach it.

Now it’s time to take care of the Kraken! This enormous mutant beast attacks Jack, but you’ll have the Baron and his lady-friend Mathilda to draw its attention.

They’ll show you have to fight this monster. During the first phase, the Kraken will throw electrified debris at you on the deck. Dodge it, and then pick up the chunks of concrete, throwing them back at the Kraken.

Hit it enough, and it’ll try to smash you with a giant chunk of metal. Stop it by, once again, throwing bits of debris at the giant.

Next, it’ll crash into the deck. Run up onto the Kraken’s tentacles and across its body to reach the glowing exposed eye. Attack hard, using lethal strikes or any of Jack’s quick combos.

The Kraken will charge up a blast of electricity, this is when you’ll want to back off. Retreat when you see the eye charge, and it’ll start throwing chunks of debris again.

You’ve been through this before. Pick up pieces of concrete and toss them back at the Kraken until it stops.

Now, it swims close to expose it’s electrified eye again – watch out, it fires a massive blast of energy straight forward. Dodge, and wait for it to fire before throwing more chunks of junk at the monster’s exposed eye.

The Kraken will charge the ship, trying to push it onto it’s side and sink it. To avoid drowning, look for jumppads on the side closest to the Kraken itself. You’ll fly onto the command area, where more parasites will attack.

Defeat the parasites until the ship sinks, leaving only a small section of dry land for Jack to maneuver. The Kraken will attack in stages, first shooting its beak forward to attempt to bite Jack. Dodge and attack the blue exposed area to hurt the Kraken.

It’ll retreat, and begin throwing missiles. Just like Helicopter Drone missiles, you can catch these mid-air! Line yourself up, and grab as they get close. Then, aim and throw at the charging eye of the Kraken.

If you hit, you’ll interrupt it’s next attack. If you miss, or don’t get a missile, the Kraken will launch a rapid fire series of electricity orbs that will stun jack. Break free of the stun before the Kraken attacks again with it’s lunging beak.

The Kraken will also try to crush jack with vertical and horizontal strikes of its tentacles. Jump over its swipes, and run left to right to avoid the smash attacks.

Once it loses enough health, it will try to zap Jack with more electricity orbs. Throw debris as it appears at the eye, until the Kraken finally rests to the side of the ship. A few more melee attacks against the eye will finish this monster off for good.

Free Mission 2-3: Mutant Suppression

Victory Condition: Team up to defeat 6 enemies! / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 3

This mission is found behind the waterfall, in the upper levels of the port.

Here, you’ll need to fight three waves of mutants. The first wave consists of one, then two, then three at once.

You’ll have Baron and Mathilda’s help during this fight, just remember to revive them if you fall. You only need to stand near their kneeling character to revive.

Save your Rampage ability for the last wave of mutants. It’s not a bad idea to come equipped with items from the random item box roulette machines, if you can get your hands on them.

Fight the first mutant traditionally, and save the barrels of liquid nitrogen for the second wave. The blue containers can freeze the mutants when thrown, giving you time to deal damage.

When the last wave of mutants arrive, use Rampage and curbstomp the creatures.

Main Mission 2-3: The Young Lion

Return to the aircraft carrier for the last mission of the stage.

Similar to the previous stage’s last boss, Leo is a no-gimmicks battle against a tough AI opponent. Leo fights quick, zipping around the area and playing defensively.

To defeat Leo without much difficulty, you need to lock-on and never stop attacking. Keep blitzing him with weak attacks to force him into a guard, then break through his guard with combo strings.

When his health is half-off, he’ll go into Rampage Mode. This is your cue to strike, use your own Rampage ability and pound on him. If you’re first to attack, he isn’t likely to counter any of your ability, he’ll just try to turtle, making him an easy grab target.

Keep up the assault, and Leo will be defeated.

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