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Black Side

White Side

Red Side

Free Mission 3-1: Break It Up

Victory Condition: Defeat 50 enemies! / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 1

To activate this mission, use the lifts left of your starting position to reach the roofs.

This mission is all about taking out waves of Drones with limited abilities. The first waves of simple combat Drones won’t be a problem to handle, but the flying Drones that show up next are more of an issue. Use air uppercuts to knock these enemies out of the sky.

Look for a highlighted item box, it’ll contain a weapon that’ll make taking care of the incoming Shield Drones much easier. Throw the bombs into the four Shield Drones, and you shouldn’t have a problem clearing the last remainder out.

Shield Drones must reload their weapons between shots. When they do, they’ll lower their shields, making them an easy target for any one of Jack’s combos.

The Laser Drones are a problem, but nothing your remaining electro-trap can’t help with. Don’t forget to pick up and throw the sparking Laser Drones at their brethren, they make a massive explosion.

Finally, you’ll be introduced to a new enemy type. The Ninja Drones are tough close-combat specialists, you’ll need to use blocks and evades while fighting these quick enemies. But, they’re still fragile – a single swipe of your light lethal can destroy multiple Ninja Drones. Don’t let them surround you, pick them off one by one and keep on your toes.

Main Mission 3-1: Night Blooms

Climb the huge red tower in Hong Long to find the first main mission.

This battle pits you against Rin Rin. She’s quick, with deadly short-range fan attacks that can catch you while you’re trying to evade.

In general, she won’t offer much resistance. Fight her as you would anyone else – use evades to dodge, guard when you need to, and stay away or risk being grabbed.

She does have on trick up her sleeves. Midway through the fight, she’ll turn the lights out. This causes your lock-on to fail, and she’ll appear around the arena randomly to throw a burning spiked fan into Jack.

Keep on the move, and don’t rely on your lock-on, you won’t be able to use it again until after this sequence. To stall her, wait for her to attack before striking yourself – she’s vulnerable for several seconds after her initial surprise attack. Hit her before she teleports away.

The lights will return and the event will end after a few moments. Wait her out, or go on the offensive.

Never forget about your Rampage, use it when you’re low on health, and you can easily remove half of her health bar with flurries of punches alone.

Free Mission 3-2: Cleaning Up Hong Long

Victory Condition: Place 10 spheres into receptacles / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 1

At the end of the Rin Rin fight, you’ll jump off the tower. The next Free Mission is right back up on the tower.

This mission asks you to push 10 spheres into 10 receptacles spread across three areas. You’ll start on the tower, with a few enemies ahead of one receptacle, and one very shiny ball.

These balls will kill any enemies they touch, so don’t worry about the enemies. You’ll also learn how light and bouncy these balls off – one weak punch barely moves them, but a charged heavy strike will send them wildly bouncing around the area.

Instead, line yourself up and use a slightly charged strong punch to send it across the map. You’ll want to follow this method for the rest of the areas, and look on your map for each receptacle.

On your mini-map, each receptacle is highlighted with a green waypoint. Remember that, especially at the third area, where you’ll need to place six balls into six receptacles.

While this mission might be annoying, it just requires some patience. Hit the balls hard to send them toward the receptacle, then simply push or light punch them into position near the receptacle.

The balls can be pushed anywhere near each receptacle, it doesn’t matter if it’s from the front, the sides, or behind.

Take your time with each ball, and this mission shouldn’t be an issue.

Main Mission 3-2: Enter the Ninja

This mission is just down the main boulevard of Hong Long, you can’t miss it.

For this mission, you’ll square off against Zero. You can choose between Baron, Mathilda, or Jack. Either way, you’ll have some AI partners to help you for this boss.

Zero is lightning fast, with deadly area-of-effect powers. When you see a swirl of energy swords, just back off.

If you didn’t complete the first Free Mission, this’ll be the first time you face off against the Ninja Drones. These melee fighters are quick and deadly, but still fragile to Jack’s grabs and heavy combos.

Clear out the Ninja Drones, and Zero will have a hard time dealing with all three characters at once. Your AI partners will gang-up on Zero, so join in on the fun and unleash some of your lethal attacks.

Periodically, Zero will retreat and summon new Ninja Drones before returning to the fight. The Ninja Drones shouldn’t be a challenge, clear them out with ground pounds and follow-up combos, or even use the trucks in the arena to squash them.

Before Zero is defeated, he’ll try to use Rampage as a last-ditch effort. Save your Rampage for when Zero is almost dead, then unleash it whether you need to or not – you’ll need it to counter and defeat Zero’s flurry of punches and invincibility.

Free Mission 3-3: Bartender Backup

Victory Condition: Protect the Bar-Bots! / Time Limit: 3 Minutes / Tries: 3

Back in the starting area, you can accept this mission to protect multiple Bar-Bots at once. And there are a lot of Bar-Bots. You’ll only lose if every Bar-Bot is destroyed.

Your regular attacks won’t harm the Bar-Bots, so go nuts. The Cryo Killseekers that arrive next though might be a problem. Similar to the Pyros, the Cryos will explode – but instead of hurting you slightly with flame, they can hurt and freeze Jack in place.

It’s important you don’t try to attack these Cryos from the front. Throw something at them, or use a ground pound. When the Cryos beep, pick them up with a grab and throw them at their brethren for more easy kills.

Next, you’ll have to face Armed Vehicles. They drive forward and backward, with a swiveling turret able to shoot in any direction. The Armed Vehicles are tough, so use your lethal attacks as often as possible. Stay on their sides, and guard when they try to spin up. Using jets, they’ll try jump into the air and land someplace else, but there’s nowhere these armored cars can run from Jack.

Main Mission 3-3: The Wounded Beast

The last mission of the stage is located in the central plaza of Hong Long.

It’s a three-on-one battle against Max. You’ll need your AI’s help, because Max packs a serious punch.

First of all, don’t stand still while he’s still walking – his super-attack can take off most of your health bar in a single strike. It has good range, but he can’t risk it if you’re on the offensive.

Among his attacks, Max also has a powerful lunge that’ll separate him from your AI, and he can teleport at will.

Stay at a distance and jump in to help your AI partners, they can do most of the heavy lifting, keeping him busy and juggled so you can deliver the killing blows. Lethal strikes, lethal combos, and super attacks will go a long way toward draining most of Max’s health dry.

Just like most bosses, Max will try to use his Rampage before the battle is over. Against bosses like these, it’s always best to try to save your power until the end.

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