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Black Side

White Side

Red Side

Free Mission 4-1: Hive of Scum and Villainy

Victory Condition: Defeat 100 enemies! / Time Limit: 10 Minutes / Tries: 1

Right in the starting cave, you’ll find the green marker for this mission. Here, you’ll face some new and tougher Killseekers.

The biggest challenge, to start, are the massive number of weak Killseekers. Multiple waves of Killseekers will arrive, just watch out for the shockstick mutants. If they surround you, expend some energy to unleash a spin-attack, just to get the killers off you long enough to run.

Take out enough Pyros, Cryos, and vehicles, until another wave of Killseekers will arrive just like the first.

The Poison Killseekers that appear will be a problem. Poison is far deadlier than fire in this game, so you’ll need to play it even safer against these problematic Killseekers. They’re protecting deadly Mutant Plants, too.

Don’t stand near a Mutant Plant for too long. After poisoning you, it will try to swallow you whole. This deadly attack is a real health drain; roll backwards when the plants rear back in preparation for their bite.

One light lethal strike will kill the Mutant Plants. Jump from one plant to the next, cutting each down with one strike. Refill your meter with weak attacks, of by taking out the Poison Killseekers.

More killers will arrive, with purple-clad sword-wielders mixed in. These guys will guard and lunge with dangerous sword strikes.

Armed Cars will jump into the pit. If you haven’t faced these before, just remember to attack from the sides. They’ll try to use spin-attacks or ground-pounds, so guard when they spin-up or stay back as they land from a jump.

A new car will arrive – this one with a flamethrower. It’s slightly deadlier than the regular type of car, so unleash those lethal attacks with abandon.

More Killseekers will drop in – these ones aren’t particularly difficult, but there is one type of killer that could cause problems. The soldier Killseekers are armed with pistols. They’ll fire randomly, or aim straight for you. A single shot can knock Jack onto his back, making these new Killseekers very annoying in packs.

Last, you’ll have to face the deadly robot, Cybrid Joe. This combat bot is almost as tough as a boss alone, meaning you’ll need all the old tricks to win. Stay away from him to avoid grabs, lock-on so you can circle him easily, and save up the Rampage.

Use Rampage at the end to take care of Cybrid Joe – he’s likely tougher than any of the bosses you’ve faced so far. He’s lightning fast, used a deadly long-range energy blast kick, and pulls out an unblockable area-of-effect attack whenever you try to get close.

Don’t play the odds, just save your Rampage for this last enemy.

Main Mission 4-1: Black Fire, White Ice

Use the lift inside the cave nearby to reach the train station, where the first boss fight of the stage takes place.

Strangely, Jack sits this battle out. You’ll have to play with either Baron or Mathilda.

Sasha is a deadly opponent that knows how to use her lethal weapons. She’ll lunge through the battlefield, shooting ice blasts that are quick to stun you or your AI partner. It’s tough to pin Sasha down, so this battle may call for some training with either Baron or Mathilda in Training mode.

When Sasha glows, she’ll attempt to blind you. Back off, or strike now to interrupt her attack.

To make the battle more complicated, a twister will blast through the arena. If you’re caught in the vortex, you’ll take some serious damage – to avoid it, just be aware of it’s trajectory. A red marker will appear onscreen showing you where the twister is heading.

If you’re too busy to look, and Sasha will keep you busy; the twister moves from the train station to the cave entrance, then to the center of the arena.

Free Mission 4-2: Attack of the Drones

Victory Conditions: Team up to defeat as many enemies as possible! / Time Limit: 3 Mins / Tries: 3

Here, all you need to do is survive while swarms of Drones attack. The number of Drones can be daunting, and eventually Shield Drones will jump in to help, but remember that all you need to do is survive.

Near the double ramps, there’s an item box containing a shield. Grab it early to help keep Jack alive.

After a minute or so, Rin Rin will arrive to help you fight the swarms of Drones. Don’t forget, if she falls, you can touch her to revive.

The Drones’ most annoying feature is that they’ll constantly back-up. Jack can’t cover ground quickly, so use your Forward-Forward-Heavy special to cover distance and destroy robots. When they glow red, pick them up and throw at their friends to clear even more out.

The goal here is just to try to earn as many points as possible. When you’re nearing the end of the time limit, run to the large arena ruins up the ramps. Bombers will arrive, and as long as you stay off the main road, you can avoid their bombing runs.

Shield Drones might be tough, but remember you can bypass their shields with a grab.

Due to the difficulty of this mission, you might consider playing it a second time to quickly earn enough points for the new Main Mission to unlock.

If you do well enough, Helicopters will begin to arrive at about the 35-40 kill mark. Keep locking on and taking enemies out, the easiest way to earn Platinum is when the Helicopter Drones arrive. If you can hijack one, it’ll be smooth sailing the rest of the mission.

Free Mission 4-3: Mutation Marches On

Victory Conditions: Defeat 5 enemies! / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 3

Say hello to the Super Mutant. Faster and stronger than regular Mutants, the Super Mutants are a true threat – and you’ll need to defeat five of them to complete this mission.

While the Super Mutants are tough, they’re nowhere near as challenging as Cybrid Joe. They’re a step above Mutants in speed and power, so you’ll still want to stay on your toes.

Use lethal strikes often. Jump, and use a lethal heavy as you fall to unleash a deadly special attack that really rips the mutants apart.

If you’re having trouble, stock yourself with a special weapon before accepting the mission. I equipped a Rifle before going in. The Super Mutants only take a single shot from the rifle, if you manage to hit their head, to stun them for an instant kill grapple.

You know the drill. Guard, evade, and lock-on are your friends here. Use lethal strikes, and only attack with your weaker punches to build the lethal meter.

Save your Rampage for trouble, and you should manage this mission. You only have to take on one Super Mutant at a time, thankfully.

Main Mission 4-2: Butcher’s Banquet

Zero appears with a massive shielded robot, but Jack is bringing some friends. You can pick Big Bull or Rin Rin for this fight, but you’ll be fine sticking with Jack.

The Cthulhu robot has plenty of deadly abilities you’ll want to be aware of. Generally, most of his attacks are aimed forward such as his blade swings or lunge. It’s safest to stand behind him while your AI partners attack from the front.

Lock-on to one leg and pound on it. You’ll notice a set of purple shields protecting the robot. Hit those shields enough, and eventually they’ll turn red before failing altogether. Once his shields are down, you’ll be able to harm the boss.

The shields will not regenerate, but you’ll see why that is soon. This robot is a beast, with plenty of armor and health to spare.

When purple lasers glow around him, you’ll know he’s about to use a spinning laser blast. Immediately guard, you’ll be able to absorb the lasers without taking damage. If you’re hit, you’ll be stunned.

He also uses self-targeting lasers. You’ll see a red laser sight stuck on your character. Stop trying to fight, and evade left or right as it tries to shoot you. Once the laser is off, you can renew your attacks.

It can also teleport you and your partners randomly around the arena. You’ll know it’s about to teleport you when a small glowing drone appears over your head.

Halfway through the battle, Zero will send small flying robots to aid Cthulhu. Instead of aiding, these little robots are far more beneficial to you. Destroy them to gain health and weapons; we managed to get ourselves a rocket launcher.

Keep your allies alive by walking near their bodies to revive them. They’ll help by keeping Cthulhu’s attention off you.

Once Cthulhu is dead, you’ll have to face Zero one-on-one. The robot is far tougher, as Zero fights like any other character boss. Blitz Zero with lethal strikes, regular attacks, and grabs to defeat him.

Main Mission 4-3: End of the Chase

This is it, the final battle against Max. This quick bruiser’s AI has been pushed far above the standard opponents you might be used to, so you’ll need every dirty trick to take him down.

Look around the arena for signposts. These are perfect for stunning Max, just pick it up and throw. While he’s stunned, use a fully charged heavy lethal super-attack to tear into Max’s health bar.

Otherwise, this fight is all about your reaction time. Max is fast enough to break out of grabs, and he can keep up his shields far longer than most enemies you’ve faced before.

Like every boss, it’s safer to fight aggressively than to let Max break through your shields. If you hit him and he guards, keep unleashing combos until his guard breaks, then punish him with lethal strikes.

Another one of Jack’s best abilities is his heavy lethal ground pound. Just use a lethal heavy attack while falling from a jump, and you can chainsaw off a portion of Max’s health.

Keep evading, and be quick on your guard. If Max manages to stun you, he’ll always use his super-attack.

Remember to push your Rampage buttons when you’re low on health, because Max will do the same. At the end of the fight, Max will use Rampage.

This fight is all about skill, but if you manage to win, you’ll complete the Jack’s Black Side campaign.

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