Anarchy Reigns Walkthrough

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Black Side

White Side

Red Side

Free Mission 1-1: Urban Pacification

Victory Condition: Defeat 50 enemies! / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 1

If you’ve played the Black Side Free Mission called The Killseekers, you’ll know what to expect here. Just a simple mission against 50 Killseekers.

Everything you’ve seen before returns. You’ll have to deal with Killseekers armed with shocksticks, Pyros, and a Berserker at the end. The only real challenge will be the rampaging truck that appears after 25 kills.

To avoid taking massive damage from the truck, stay off the main Beer Street. Stick near the buildings, or wait on top of the building with stairs to the roof.

Otherwise, go crazy with lethal strikes and experiment with Leo’s skills. He’s a faster fighter than Jack, with a powerful heavy lethal ability you can charge that can wipe out groups of enemies in a single blow.

Main Mission 1-1: The Tenacious Tiger

Climb up to the upper levels of the city to find Durga. This is either your first battle against a boss, or just another in a long series if you’ve finished Jack’s Black Side Campaign.

Durga is actually a tougher, and an easier fight, in comparison to Big Bull. Durga is a fast fighter, with a handful of stunning long-strikes that can take Leo by surprise.

But, Durga is hardly a bruiser, and won’t have any back-up. Halfway through the fight, bombers will arrive to carpet bomb the street. Stay between the two ramps, and you’ll be safe.

The main strategy here is defense – lock onto Durga and hold your guard. Wait for him to attack, evade, then lay into him with a lethal combo. Between lethal attacks, use regular strikes to build your lethal meter.

Use Rampage when you’re low on health, and remember two of Leo’s best abilities that can safely hit Durga. Leo can use a lethal heavy ground pound that works like a grab, taking off a large chunk of health, and he can lunge forward with a Forward-Forward-Heavy attack.

That’s all she wrote, Durga shouldn’t be a problem.

Free Mission 1-2: The Fugitive

Victory Condition: Destroy the Cybrid Joe! / Time Limit: 5 minutes / Tries: 3

Wait, does that say Cybrid Joe? If you fought this deadly opponent in Free Mission 4-1 with Jack, you’ll know these guys are serious business.

This Joe won’t fight as hard as -that- Joe, but he’s still a tough opponent. Lock-on to catch up to him when he runs away, because that’s the most annoying part of this fight. Joe will retreat, running away randomly, and he’s way too fast to easily catch.

Look for the large “$” icon over his head. Eventually, he’ll stop running and let you fight. Your best bet is using Rampage and pummeling the health out of him when you’ve got a chance. Ignore the other Killseekers and just chase Joe.

Keep your guard up and evade when you see Joe glow red.

Main Mission 1-2: Holed Up

You can choose between Nikolai or Leo for this mission. Pick your favorite, and prepare to fight.

Mix it up with Killseekers, including Molotov and Pyros, until the landmass itself moves! That’s right, a new sewer will appear ahead, and a green pointer will appear over your character’s head.

Enter the sewer ahead, you’ll need to jump up over some rubble to get inside. The real challenge awaits in the first small water-filled arena.

As Jack, you fought a few mutants, but now you’ll have to fight not one, not two, but four mutants. The first two come out one at a time, while the last wave is made up of two mutants at once.

These fast brawlers should be handled like a boss. Keep your guard up, lock-on, and evade as much as possible. You’ll want to look out for their berserker charge, and their area-of-effect poison gas attack.

Save your Rampage for the last wave. If you’re fast, you can kill both mutants before your power runs dry.

Free Mission 1-3: Mutation & Madness

Victory Condition: Defeat the Berserker Mutant / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 3

This is no normal mutant. The Berserker Mutant is new to Leo’s campaign, so you’ll want to treat it like a buffed-up mutie.

This mutant is, literally, very difficult. It’s so large, you’ll have to target a single leg in the fight.

The mutant’s standard attack is two-horizontal swipes followed by a ground pound. If you’re right in the mutant’s face, his first two swipes will go right over Leo’s head, but the final ground pound will stun. If you’re stunned, the mutant will attack with a charge, so try to evade just as the mutant finishes his first two swipes.

Luckily, a supply drop will arrive. Three item boxes will arrive. The closest comes with a rocket launcher, the second a health drop, and the third an electricity trap.

Grab the rocket launcher and unload all four shots into the mutant. You’ll knock the monster down, making it an easy target for a few lethal strike combos.

Once the mutant recovers, run and pick up the health drop if you need it, or continue on to grab the electricity traps. Drop both to stun the mutant, then beat him with regular strikes mixed with lethal attacks.

When you’ve run out of items, pop Rampage and finish the mutant off for good.

Main Mission 1-3: Tiger Wing & Lion Fin

The battle starts with Durga riding his robot companion Garuda. Wait for Durga to fire a missile, and wait until the missile gets close. When it nears your character, press grab to pluck the missile out of the sky.

Now, just throw the missile back at Durga. Wait for him to float in place before throwing. Eventually Durga will attempt to fire three missiles at once, but if you manage to catch the first you’ll be invincible long enough that the rest of the missiles won’t hurt you.

Do enough damage to Durga’s flying platform, and the two will land on another nearby skyscraper. You’ll need to use the fallen tower to cross the gap and face off against the pair.

Sasha will arrive to help Leo, allowing you to pick between the two operatives before the fight continues.

There’s no good strategy for this fight. Focus on one of the two enemies, guard, evade, and use your lethal strikes. Make sure your AI partner is alive – if they fall, touch them to revive.

If you’re having trouble, build up your Rampage meter before going into this final Main Mission.

Once one of the fighters is down, the other will easily fall to you and your AI. Otherwise, this is a very chaotic fight. If you’re unlucky, Garuda and Durga can kill you in one quick burst. Play is safe, and you’ll pull through.

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