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White Side

Red Side

Free Mission 2-1: Valenda Sweep

Victory Condition: Defeat as many enemies as possible! / Time Limit: 3 Minutes / Tries: 1

Just like Jack’s mission, this first Free Mission is an absolute breeze. Leo has a Helicopter Drone hijacked, and you have infinite missiles.

Go nuts with missiles, and look at your minimap for red dots. Follow the red dots to rack up kills, and don’t let up with missiles. Try to swoop in close for a red cross hair to appear over enemies to make sure your missiles are locked on.

Once you score enough kills, Helicopter Drones will appear. Quickly target and fire off three missiles to destroy the Helicopter Drones in just a few seconds.

Destroy even more, and flying Drones will take off. They can cause problems, but as long as you keep your hijacked Helicopter Drone intact, there’s no way you’ll fail.

Main Mission 2-1: The Merchant of Valenda

Time to face off against Oinkie and his gang. The trickiest part of this fight trying to deal with Oinkie while his shockstick Killseekers try to stun you.

It helps to clear out the Killseeker gang with ground-pounds or light lethals. After dealing some damage to Oinkie, he’ll retreat and more Killseekers will appear.

Take out the first group, and even more Killseekers will drop down with Pyros. Beat up the Pyros until they flash and beep, then pick their bodies up. Throw the Pyros at the weaker Killseekers to clear them out quickly.

You’ll need to destroy the Killseekers fast, before the room bursts into flame. When they’re all dead, you can run out of the open door to find three new item boxes.

All three item boxes contain health. Refill, then rake the ramp up to find the corner Oinkie. The gross fighter will power-up once you’ve got him cornered. When he grows, and turns green, that’s just Oinkie’s lethal form.

Dodge when Oinkie attacks while mutated, a single lethal can stun if you try to guard. Evade when you can, and strike when you find an opening.

Free Mission 2-2: Impeding Investigation

Victory Condition: Defeat 100 enemies! / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 3

This is an old-fashioned slaughter. Use your light lethal attacks to wipe out the Killseekers quickly. Run around a bit to bunch the Killseekers up, then take most of them out with a few light lethals.

Once 40 enemies are down, the giant saw blade will go out of control. This is when things get tricky, you’ll have to dodge a giant saw-blade periodically. If you’re caught, you’ll die instantly.

Otherwise, all you have to deal with are Killseekers and Executioners. Keep destroying these enemies, and keep your distance from the saw-blade. You have three tries, so there is some room for failure.

Main Mission 2-2: A Shadow from the Abyss

Get ready for another round with the might Kraken. This version is more of a boss fight than Jack’s fight for several reasons, so we’ll go over them all now.

Instead of throwing debris, the Kraken will wait on the edge of the carrier and attack with three of its glowing tentacles. The tentacles are your targets, so jump and whale on those weak-points with a slew of regular strikes mixed in with lethals.

The Kraken will charge up with electricity. Watch for the tentacles, and back-off to see which collide with the ground first. They shoot out a massive electricity shockwave you’ll need to jump over to avoid damage and a stun.

Next, the Kraken will attempt to bite. This move is slow and easy to dodge, just lock-on to the huge mouth when all three tentacles raise up, evade and attack the side when it shoots out.

Keep punching the tentacles, even when they seem damaged. The tentacles aren’t defeated until they break off.

Do enough damage, and the Kraken will become stunned, with it’s massive blue eye revealed. Run up it’s body and pummel the eye with everything you’ve got.

After the Kraken has fallen to below half its health bar, it’ll ram the carrier. Dodge the tentacle attacks until Nikolai points out the escavator and asks Leo to be the decoy.

Now, the wind generators near the edge of the ship pointing toward the Kraken will activate. Step on to reach the final arena.

On the last arena, more parasites will attack. Wipe them out, and wait for the Kraken to appear again.

Now, it’ll try to eat you again. Dodge its mouth attack, and stun it if you can by attacking the sides before it retracts. Then, it’ll move on to tentacle swipes.

Attack the sides, and the Kraken will try throwing missiles at you. Catch one with a grab as it gets near, then throw it back.

When its health is very low, it’ll attempt to blast you with a powerful electricity beam. Lock-on and wait for the beam to come at you, then simple evade left or right.

The beam will leave behind debris. Pick up the debris and throw it back at the Kraken to bring it down to a small sliver of health. Finally, the Kraken will thrash about before revealing it’s weak point. One more hit, and the Kraken will finally be defeated.

Free Mission 2-3: Strike One

Victory Condition: Team up to defeat as many enemies as possible! / Time Limit: 3 Mins / Tries: 3

This is a difficult combat mission, pitting you first against a single Executioner. Then another, then two buffed up Executioners, then three Mutants.

The escalating difficult quickly becomes a problem, but handling the first three waves shouldn’t be a problem. Go into this mission with Rampage ready.

After defeating two Executioners, or waiting on the time limit, Nikolai and Sasha will arrive to help. Use their aid to take down the two Executioners, but activate Rampage when the Mutants arrive.

Kill as many Mutants as you can with Rampage, because even more will appear on the scene. Up to five will arrive, all trying to murder you. If the time hasn’t run out, and there are five Mutants versus the three of you, just evade and guard. Don’t bother trying to take them down, try to survive the clock and you’ll earn a platinum.

Main Mission 2-3: The Wily Crocodile

Now it’s Leo’s turn to crush Jack. This is an old-fashioned brawl against a tough, challenging AI opponent with no gimmicks.

There are some obvious strategies you’ll want to follow; lock-on, guard, evade, and play it safe when you see Jack drawing out his deadly chainsaw.

To help, look around the battlefield for forklifts and explosive barrels. There’s even a cryo-barrel in blue that’ll help freeze Jack, making him an easy target for a series of combos.

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