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Black Side

White Side

Red Side

Free Mission 3-1: Strict Enforcement

Victory Condition: Defeat as many enemies as possible! / Time Limit: 3 Minutes / Tries: 1

The first crew of sword-wielding Killseekers are tougher than your regular killers, but two light lethal strikes should take them out.

The incoming Pyros and Skiff are trouble, but the following wave of dangerous Cryo Killseekers cause far more problems, so weaken them by throwing the flashing Cryo enemies before they explode to stun gangs all at once.

All that’s left are more Killseekers. The goal here isn’t to survive, but to kill as quickly as you can. Switch between lethal strikes and regular to build your meter.

Main Mission 3-1: Clan of the Crimson Dragon

Time to fight another Clan member – two to be exact. Fei Rin and Ai Rin team-up to fight Leo.

These two are similar to Rin Rin, but having to deal with two at once makes they twice the threat. Luckily, you’ll have Sasha to help, or choose, before the fight begins.

Whip out your Rampage either right away, or just wait for your health to get low. Either way, taking out of one of the sisters will make this battle far easier. Having to deal with both at once will always be a pain.

Try to focus on the sister that your AI partner is ignoring. It isn’t always easy to accomplish, but your AI partner should pull one of the sisters off, allowing you to fight the other mostly unopposed.

Don’t split your attention. Defeat one of the sisters, then you and your AI can double-team the last enemy.

Free Mission 3-2: The Transporter

Victory Condition: Transport 5 cases to their destinations! / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 1

For this mission, you’ll need to transport 5 packages to 5 locations. The first is a tutorial, look left for a hole in the building’s wall and run straight across the bus roofs to reach the first location.

The next package will appear right where you delivered the first. Jump down into the arena, and you’ll face your first opponents. The Mutant Plants will not attack as long as you don’t get close. Circle around the back of the small building, on the left side, to find stairs leading up.

Deliver the second case and grab the third to kill the plants. Jump down and onto the lift to find the next delivery spot under the large sign. Ignore the Killseekers, and collect the next package.

Pick it up and run to the wind fans, ignore the lifts, to reach the next waypoint on the tower. Ignore the executioner, then look for the concrete ramp to your left.

It’ll send you across the map. Turn around, and look for steps leading down under the building into a meat locker. More Cryo Killseekers will show up, but ignore them too.

Jump over the Cryos, and deliver the last package to pull off a victory.

Main Mission 3-2: The Junk-Seller’s Pet

For this boss fight, you’ll have your choice of Leo or Nikolai. You’ll have to deal with a Berserker Mutant, with Oinkie riding along with a gang of Killseekers surrounding him.

Start off with lethal attacks to wipe out groups of Killseekers, then you’ll be free to deal with the Berserker. If you missed the stage 1 Free Mission, this will be your first Berserker. Get ready, because this is a deadly mutant.

The monster constantly uses a three attack combo, ending with a ground pound. If it stuns you with the ground pound, it’ll continue on with a dangerous charge.

Thankfully, you’ll have an AI partner to keep the monster’s attention. Evade and circle around to attack the monster from behind. As long as you aren’t standing right in front of the mutant, you’ll be safe from the majority of its attacks.

Oinkie is easy in comparison. Double-team Oinkie, play defensive by evading or guarding when he enters his lethal mode, and you’ll have no problem finishing off this tub of fat.

Free Mission 3-3: Compulsory Measures

Victory Conditions: Defeat as many enemies as possible! / Time Limit: 3 Minutes / Tries: 3

Another slaughter mission, you know the drill. But, you’ll have a powerful Rifle with infinite ammo to make this easier.

Shoot down the Executioners on the ground, and on the ceilings above, while moving on toward the underground meat lockers. Plant Mutants will appear, but they each only take a shot to kill.

Cryo Killseekers will arrive in the frozen locker. Blast each one, and stay away to avoid their explosions. The popping Cryos will not hurt the other Killseekers, so pick them off on the ground.

Moving out of the freezer, continue up the ramp to a field of Plant Mutants. Pick them off, including any extra Executioners.

A skiff, with Pyros, will appear. Blast them all down too, and watch out for the skiff’s charge attack. Luckily, the Pyros will damage each other when they explode.

The lift will activate, but there’s something else you might want to grab before taking the elevator. In the building interior, you can spot an item box waypoint. Destroy it to gain some health and make four Executioners appear.

Now, be on your way up the ramp to clear out as many Mutant Plants before your time runs out.

Main Mission 3-3: Grievous Reunion

Welcome back, Max. He’s still a challenging opponent, you’ll need all your skills to put an end to this guy.

A single heavy strike can stun Max by juggling him into the air, giving Leo time to charge a lethal heavy or regular heavy attack.

Like Jack, a lethal heavy ground pound is deadly to Max.

When Nikolai and Sasha arrive, the fight gets much easier. You’ll have two AI partners to keep Max busy, allowing you to charge up special attacks and unleash them.

As always, when you’re low on health, unleash Rampage to dish out some easy damage on Max.

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