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White Side

Red Side

Free Mission 4-1: The Fugitive’s Path

Victory Condition: Defeat 3 Enemies! / Time Limit: 5 Minutes / Tries: 3

It’s you versus three Cybrid Joes at once. Joy.

There’s a few ways to tackle this. The Joes run around the arena, and are bound to run into each other. If you run near the Joes, they’ll try to take you on. Run by more than one, and you’ll have more than one Joe to deal with.

Scattered around the main street are signposts. Throw them at a Joe to keep them stunned, giving you plenty of time to unleash lethal special attacks.

Or, just pop Rampage and try to kill off one or two quickly. Before doing that, bunch them up so you can easily switch between different Joes.

When fighting one-on-one, Cybrid Joe has a small selection of powerful strikes. When you’re close, he’ll raise a leg and bring it down. Evade left or right to avoid it, but Joe will also try an energy area-of-effect when he rises off the ground.

Main Mission 4-1: Defining Justice

Nikolai fights hard, so match his speed and ferocity with your own. He likes to retreat and guard, use that against him. While he guards, keeping attacking to keep Nikolai locked in place until his guard is broken.

After catching Nikolai in a guard, use a grab to do some damage. Just don’t miss, or Nikolai will try to grab you himself.

On the streets, you’ll find signposts. On the roofs, up the steps, there are plenty of barrels you can toss to knock Nikolai down.

Go nuts on Nikolai while you have him stunned, and mix it up with lethal attacks.

Use Leo’s quick heavy strike uppercut to knock Nikolai off his feet, then follow-up with a charged heavy.

Go berserk on Nikolai, and you’ll pull off a victory. There’s really not much to this fight, but it should still be a challenge.

Free Mission 4-2: A Valuable Lesson

Victory Conditions: Team up to defeat 10 enemies! / Time Limit: 10 Minutes / Tries: 3

10 enemies in 10 minutes? Considering how rapid combat occurs in this game, you know these are going to be tough bad guys.

Max will join in quickly to help you take out the first group of four Executioners. The second wave is made up of three mutants, the third is made up of two super mutants, and the last wave is just a single Berserker.

This is a serious challenge, but personally the hardest wave, to this editor, is the encounter with three mutants at once. Save your Rampage power for them. If you have more luck, maybe you’ll have more problems against the tougher enemies ahead.

Each enemy drops an extra health pack when killed.

Free Mission 4-3: Berserk Rider

Victory Condition: Control a Berserker Mutant and defeat all the enemies! / Time Limit: 10 Minutes / Tries: 1

This is a special treat. You’ll start riding a Berserker Mutant, and this beast is powerful. There are three types of comments you can give; a regular attack, a jump with an area-of-effect as you land, and a poison-spray that shoots out covering a 180 degree arc ahead of the mutant.

The regular attack can be chained into a three hit combo, ending with a ground pound. While the poison attack is good, it won’t affect Drones, remember that as you fight toward the coliseum.

Make a splash by jumping into a group of enemies, then knock them all down with a three-hit combo to clear out large groups.

Ignore the running Killseekers when you can. Defeat the Drones, and the Armed Cars through the back exit into the desert from the coliseum arena. Down the street, following the running Killseekers to find three Mutants on the metal dock over the water.

On the water’s edge, the Kraken will make a reappearance! But, this sea monster is no match for your Berserker Mutant. Attack the blue tentacles until one of them breaks off, stunning the Kraken. Jump onto its body (This can take some work. The Berserker has some difficulty trying to walk on the Kraken.) and run to the blue revealed weak point. A handful of swipes will kill the Kraken for good.

The fans on the dock will then activate. Step on the fans to start right at the beginning – the Cthulhu boss is waiting inside the coliseum.

There’s no strategy here, just beat on the robot until it’s shields are broken. A good attack to use is the Berserker’s jump followed by a strike. If you lock-on to the Cthulhu, you should always manage a hit. Because of the Kraken’s unwieldy size and the Cthulhu’s weird hitbox, it isn’t always a guaranteed hit if you just use the Mutant’s three hit combo.

The only attack you absolutely must avoid is the Cthulhu’s giant energy beam shot out of his chest. Luckily, the beam moves slowly enough that the Mutant can simply side-step to get away from it. If you’re caught in the beam, it can instantly take off 80% of the Mutant’s health.

To defeat the Cthulhu, you’ll have to grab it when it’s stunned and surrounded by a holographic green circle. Mash whatever face button is highlighted on screen as fast as you can, and you’ll pull through. Remember that the buttons will switch.

Main Mission 4-2: The Old Man and the Desert

Douglas wants revenge, and he’s faster than he looks. This brutish power-armored warrior can surprise you with longer than average combos, so don’t drop your guard after three or four strikes.

He’ll try to hit you with long-range lunge special attacks, often while charged up with his killer weaponry. Always stay locked on, he’s too quick to get easy hits with the signposts, explosives, or cryo barrels scattered around the area.

You’ll want to save your Rampage ability too, because this fight isn’t over after Douglas is dealt with. Three mutants will attack, and the sand under your feet will begin to sink. Standing on the sinking sand will suck you toward the center, and if you’re caught there you’re dead.

Douglas will team-up with you as an AI partner as this point. Don’t forget to revive him if he falls, you absolutely must keep him alive to draw attention.

Feel free to use Rampage during this first wave, you’re bound to build up more of your Rampage Meter before the end. Try to save Rampage for the very end though. You’ll know why.

After killing the first three mutants, you’ll have three more to handle. Save any special weapons you collect, but immediately use any defensive items. Every Mutant you kill will drop a weapon, a defense item, or a health pack.

Once the second wave of Mutants are dead, three Super Mutants will appear. This is why you’ll want to keep any special weapons or Rampage. Start with your weapons, unload whatever you have, then pop Rampage. Killing even one of these Super Mutants early will make the rest of the fight much more manageable.

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