And Now, Deets On The Walking Dead FPS

As Activision’s entire business model is essentially making very popular middle of the road games, it was only a matter of time before they finally entered the Zombie genre. But rather than come up with their own IP, Activision is trying to muscle into Valve’s Left 4 Dead realm by creating a first person shooter series based on The Walking Dead.

However, the Walking Dead FPS will be based on the TV show rather than on the comic (the current ongoing point and click Walking Dead game is a spin off of the comic which takes place tangentially to the main plot of the comic series.) Terminal Reality, the company tasked by Activision to bring the game to life, confirmed this in a statement on the PlayStation Blog by creative lead Angel Gonzalez.

Gonzales also confirmed some rather interesting gameplay elements. Stealth will matter a great deal, certainly, if the descriptions are accurate, more than in most zombie games. Just as in the TV series and the comic, the sounds you make will draw the attention of zombies. The louder you are, the more zombies you might have to deal with. Players will also have to worry about bathing, sort of. Zombies will be able to smell humans, and the longer you stay stationary, the wider your scent will travel, increasing the likelihood that you’ll be tracked down. Here’s how Gonzales described it:

A Walker grabs you and leans in for a taste of flesh! You struggle against his weight but can’t quite fight him off. His rancid breath is thick in the air between you as his mouth opens for a bite. Mustering all of your strength you push just hard enough to get a few inches of separation and then… You jam the blade of your knife through his temple and he slumps to the ground at your feet amid an explosion of blood and brain! After taking a final look around, you see that no others Walkers realize you’re there. You slip out of the store and continue toward your destination.

Exciting! As for the game itself, it’s going to serve as a prequel to the TV series, focusing on the Dixon brothers. Daryl, played by Norman Reedus, is a survivalist loner but a mostly decent guy who became a fan favorite in season one and is now one of the primary characters. His brother Meryl, played by Michael Rooker, is a racist ex con who disappears during the first season and is set to return in season 3. Presumably, both actors will be providing the voices.

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2 Comments on And Now, Deets On The Walking Dead FPS


On July 9, 2012 at 10:07 pm

So instead of having a game set in the universe of Walking Dead but being it’s own story; we get to play as the two racist and flat characters of the awful TV series.


On July 10, 2012 at 5:59 am

if you think the show is bad why are you even commenting on the game based on the show?