Angels Fall First: Naval Combat Operations Alpha v. 0.8 Live


Angels Fall First Online has announced that AFF: Naval Combat Operations, formerly known as Total Conversion, Alpha version 0.8 mod for Homeworld 2 is now available for download. The announcement comes with a warning tha the version tends to be unstable in multiplayer. If you’re brave enough to help with the testing phase, The list of all the changes to AFF: NCO v. 0.8 along with some known A.I. issues and bugs follows the break.

Download the Alpha at

Here are some screen shots to whet your appetite.


What’s new in 0.8?
- 15 new ships including one “Hero” vessel (
INS Morningstar)
- An uncountable number of new/tweaked weapons and fx
- New building/resourcing system
- And a couple themed battle missions (coming soon)

New Ships:

Fuel Depot

Olympiad [Defense "Wall"]
Gemini II [Defense Platform]
Light Platform Controller [Station]
Viper [Fighter]
Heimdall [Destroyer]
Alfazard [Frigate]
Muninn [Light Cruiser]
Tyr [Pocket BB]
Ragnarok [Dreadnought]

Horus [Fighter]
Ti [Corvette]
Vladimir [Frigate]
Khamun [Frigate]
Shu [Frigate]
Everstar [Light Cruiser]
Pride-C [Battlecruiser]
Osiris [Battleship]
Morningstar [Experimental Command]
Naqada [Battle Station]

New Maps:
Deep Space (online Now!)
*Greater Tricholid Wastes (coming Soon!)
*Battle of the Empyrean (Coming Soon!)


New to 0.8 is a new resourcing system than stock hw2′s asteroid harvesting. Players may build certain resource generating vessels (infrastructure) that net a certain # of rus per second. As of right now, these are limited to logistics transports, fuel depots, and repair yards. Later updates will include more base building infrastrucutre that will play off the theme of ru generators and sinks.


When I say the AI is semi-working, I mean the following, while the AI WILL build ships with some semblence of strategy, it is fairly dumb and also refuses to build additional resource generators (like fuel depots) for some reason. This is an ongoing problem, and I’ve tried to remedy this by giving the Ai a decent # of starting fuel depots. Obviously this was a major hangup in getting the release out and I only decided to let it slide in the interest of time, further updates will explore ways of addressing this.

Besides the above mentioned AI issues, the following bugs are known to me and are on my plate to deal with;

* Stations spaz out when trying to deploy mines
* Fighters not properly launching/docking from USN Light Plat Controller and Naqada
* USN Defense-wall improperly allowed a build menu (will be fixed soon)
* Mesh errors on AISN Naqada platform
* Destroyer/frigate attack style sometimes sends them flying endlessly off the map
* Missile spam results in lag (will be addressed in next mini-update)
* Sometimes ships ignore torpedo-defense
* Sometimes a single fighter becomes stuck to a point in space
* Error when displaying projectile miss effect
* CTDs when extreme # of effects go off at once (might be linked to explosions effects
* shields sometimes activate when craft is disabled
* Desynch errors during multiplayer matches (may be related to turret code, may be related to effects
* Irritating blue effect played when subsystem is disabled

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1 Comment on Angels Fall First: Naval Combat Operations Alpha v. 0.8 Live


On December 27, 2007 at 3:53 pm

Looks bloody spectacular. I’ll wait for a more…stable version, mind you.

I’ve yet to play an RTS that surpasses the quality of graphics and combined gameplay that Homeworld (2) has to offer. Sure, they can be as fun, but HW2 just has that extra something. The old engine still looks amazing.