Antichamber: How to Enable Noclip [PC Console Cheats]

If you’re struggling with one of the devious puzzles in Antichamber and can’t figure out what to do, we’ve got your last resort right here. There’s help available at Game Front’s Antichamber game guide, but knowing how to solve a puzzle isn’t always enough. Thanks to glitches or troublesome computers, there’s plenty of reasons why a player might need to fly through barriers like a ghost.

That’s what the “NoClip” cheat is all about, letting you fly through any annoying puzzle and continuing on your way. Whether you’re having trouble or just want to explore where you’re normally not allowed, we’ve got the cheat that’ll open every door. See how to enable the cheat console and activate NoClip with our PC console command guide below.

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Antichamber: How to Enable Noclip

WARNING: Enabling the Console for Antichamber requires altering critical game files. Do so at your own risk.

  • Find the folder where you’ve installed Antichamber, and locate the file DefaultInput.Ini in the Config folder. If you’re a Steam User, the file path should look like this:

C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\Antichamber\UDKGame\Config\DefaultInput.ini

  • If you’re not a Steam User, try using the Search function with “Antichamber” or “DefaultInput.ini” in your search field to locate the file.
  • Open the file with any basic word processing software — preferably a program that does not autoformat, like Notepad for example.
  • With the file open, browse down to discover a section of text like this:



; Uncomment these to disable the console access


  • Change ConsoleKey=None to whatever key you want. Whatever key you replace “None” with, will now open the console. For example: ConsoleKey=F12

NOTE: Only change ConsoleKey=None, changing the first instance set at default to ConsoleKey=Tilde will not work.

  • Next, start the game and begin playing. Now, simply press F12 (Or whichever key you set previous.) to open the console.

NoClip Console Commands

Note: Type these codes into the console window, and press Enter to activate.

  • GHOST: Allows you to walk through walls.
  • WALK: Returns from GHOST or FLY modes.

Untested UDK Console Commands

  • GOD: Makes you invincible.
  • INVISIBLE : 1 makes you invisible, 0 makes you visible.
  • FLY: Allows you to fly
  • BEHINDVIEW : 1 puts you into Tomb Raider style 3rd person, 0 is back to normal.
  • SLOMO : Sets the game speed, 1.0 is normal.

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4 Comments on Antichamber: How to Enable Noclip [PC Console Cheats]


On February 19, 2013 at 4:35 pm

whenever i try this it tells me i have no access ,what do i do

Kevin Thielenhaus

On February 20, 2013 at 10:07 am


Where does it say you have no access? You may need to find the executable for the editing program you’re using to open the file.

For example, if you’re using Notepad, find the Notepad executable in Program Files, then right-click and go to properties, then the compatibility tab where you can set the program to always run as an administrator. Different operating systems won’t have the same steps exactly, but the goal is the same.

If that isn’t the problem, please let us know.


On February 21, 2013 at 11:57 am

the only command that works for me is the Behind view command


On March 5, 2014 at 5:22 pm

So, I was just messing around, I accidentally hit tab and found the console. Now I don’t know how to turn it OFF! Any help?