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  • Antichamber

    The End

    1. Once you have the red gun, you can head to the end of the game. Travel to ‘Leap of Faith’ and immediately turn around. Stare at the eye on the wall until it disappears.
    2. Grab the two blue blocks in the room ahead. Use your red gun to create new blocks. Once your gun is full of blocks, turn around and head towards the gap. Jump into the gap, but stay near the edge where you jumped off.
    3. Along this edge there will be a stairway. Do not fall to the bottom of the pit, but instead land on this stairway. This part may take practice. If done right, you should reach a barricade in front of a door marked ‘The End.’
    4. Place blocks underneath the barricade. Use them to link all of the blocks in your path. Once the blocks are combined, you can suck them up using your red gun. Continue forward into ‘The End.’ Move through the exit door.
    5. Head up the staircase until you find the floating blob, and chase it. Once you reach a white wall blocking your path, find the spring platform on the floor.
    6. Take notice of the stairs above you. Use the platform to launch yourself onto the stairs, towards where you entered. Move forward to the blue and green windows.
    7. Look through the green window to get into the white room. Here, you will find many multi-colored windows. The correct window to go through is the white window. Use the white window to teleport to the blue room.
    8. When you reach the blue room, turn right into the white hallway. Walk straight forward to the circle on the wall. You will be trapped in a cube-shaped room. Stare at the white circle, then walk backwards to free yourself. Go to the other side of the circle, and walk backwards again.
    9. You will now be on the outside of that room. Move towards the blue hallway, and into the seemingly-pink hallway. The hall will actually lead you into a green room with a launch pad and an eye on the wall.
    10. This part will take some practice. Stare at the eye until it is about to disappear. Before it disappears, launch yourself using the pad. You should fly through into the orange room. Head forward into the pink hallway that you saw before.
    11. Continue into the room full of stairs. Do not run here, use the shift button to walk. Go to the left and drop down to the lower platform. Head up the stairs and keep walking. The invisible floors will appear below you. Keep moving up.
    12. When you reach the upper walkways, a short wall will be blocking your path. To the left of the room, there will be an invisible floor that cannot be destroyed by running. Get onto this platform, then run into the wall. It will disappear, allowing you to move through.
    13. Locate the yellow hallway and walk into it. Continue until you reach a door. When you enter, you should see the floating blob again.
    14. Move left into the open hallway. Enter the door with the laser in front of it. Keep heading through the doors marked with lasers. Eventually, you will end up at a hole in the ground, in front of red blocks. Drop down.
    15. Enter the blue hallway and jump through the square hole in the glass. To the right of this room, head into the green lift. Activate it with the laser.
    16. Once again, move through the doors with lasers in front of them. You will reach a red hallway. Drop down and move straight forward. You will reach the red blocks. Collect them with your gun, and go back the way you came in. Use your blocks to reach high places.
    17. On the blue panel straight ahead of you, place blocks in the slots. Drag the blocks to connect all of the red blocks in the panel. Once the blocks are connected, move them out of their original places. You can suck them up using your gun. This will unlock the door.
    18. Behind this door, there will be another panel. Repeat the process. Move the blocks out of their original places to open the next door. When the doors are open, head into the orange hallway.
    19. Jump onto the spring platform. Use it to lower into the green hallway. In this room, there will be a large blue-framed area. Use the square opening in the glass to place red blocks on the inside of it. Do not lose your blocks.
    20. Head in and retrieve your blocks. Create more blocks using your gun. When you have enough blocks, look at the line on the ground, and fill the slots with your gun. Follow them into the blue hallway. Retrieve your blocks again from the square in the ground.
    21. Keep moving forward until you reach a dead end. Use your blocks to boost yourself up into the original room. Head to the door with multiple slots in it. Place your blocks in the slots, and go around to the other side.
    22. Retrieve your blocks from the slots on the other side. When you get them, multiply them. Head through the sets of doors, opening each one by placing blocks in the slots.
    23. You will reach a blue-framed cube in the center. Trapped inside is the floating black blob you were chasing. Use your gun to capture him through the window. The room will change around you.
    24. Travel through the doorway to the outside. You will no longer be in a chamber. This part is very direct. Locate the black sphere, and follow the pathway towards it. When you reach a split in the path, go either way.
    25. Jump down the hole and hit the platform below. Clear the gap to the next walkway, and keep traveling towards the sphere.
    26. Continue forward until you reach a large gap. Jump straight down to the platform below. Keep moving towards the sphere until you are on the outside perimeter of it. Please note, you can reach anywhere on this map by jumping off of the side and falling on top of it, even the sphere. This part takes a lot of practice.
    27. You will need to reach the inside of the sphere. To do this, jump off the platform and fall down towards it. Hit the inside platform. There sphere will open up.
    28. When the sphere opens, place the blob inside of the floating cube. Watch the end of the game, and enjoy your freedom from the chamber.
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    6 Comments on Antichamber Walkthrough

    Manuel Nino

    On February 5, 2013 at 12:20 am

    This game is amazing. Nothing negative about it can be said,.


    On February 7, 2013 at 12:58 am

    I saw a guy beat this game in seven minutes, starting in only two rooms.

    Begin at Leap Of Faith and jump down to Into Darkness. Don’t go right, instead go straight, and stick to the darkened space until you faintly see a teleport lattice. Stare into the brighter side of it to enter Logic 101 and get the blue gun. Escape.

    Begin at Leap Of Faith, and turn around — Face the wall and make it disappear. Enter A Game Of Leap Frog and quite literally leapfrog the center floating blocks to the center of the room to block three lasers. Get the green gun. Escape.

    Begin at A Jump Too Far and go straight. At the intersection take a right and solve Too Many Lasers. Solve Lighting The Fuse using the block draw ability. Get the yellow gun. Escape.

    Begin at Leap Of Faith and go forward. Take a couple lefts until you encounter a wall. Jump, and collect a blue block (which will become yellow in your gun). Return and place the block down on the glass covering the yellow blocks that say “UP”. This is JUST like Breaking The Arc, except you didn’t need to go Climbing The Tower. Elevate to The Highest Point. Solve the puzzle. Get the red gun.

    Go to the end as instructed in this guide and the rest is ultra-linear.


    On February 7, 2013 at 4:16 pm

    I LOVE this game, its awesome that if you know what you are doing you can beet it in like 5 min but if you don’t it may take you 8 hrs.


    On February 12, 2013 at 6:19 am


    Thanks, for any help.


    On February 15, 2013 at 1:50 pm

    FFFUUUUU i have a bug in my game!! in 7:55 of part 7 the right block breaks and dont spawn…


    On March 5, 2013 at 9:33 am

    This walkthrough is flawed! It tells you to pick 2 blue blocks on page 3. You don’t have even the blue gun yet!
    So get the blue gun 1st and please rewrite this walkthrough.