Arc Rise Fantasia Walkthrough


With its epic scope, convoluted story, and tricky boss battles, Arc Rise Fantasia is a perfect fodder for a little Walkthrough assistance.

(Note:  I used a GameCube controller, so if the controls do not match look up the corresponding controls in the manual for either the Wiimote/Nunchuk or the Classic Controller)

Fight the Feldragon
After the opening scene, L’Arc will be in a fight with a Feldragon.  Three strikes should take care of it, at which point a new scene will open.  L’Arc will be saved by Ryfia.

Retea Forest
L’Arc now sets for the town of Topazion, which is to the Southeast.  The Retea Forest has three parts:  the Deep Forest, the Winding Path, and the Stepping Stones.
This is fairly straightforward – - there are a couple of basic enemies to fight along the way, so go ahead and build up your experience by doing so.  You will also gain some rico, the currency of Arc Rise Fantasia.  From time to time a dialogue button will come up.  Executing the dialogue will allow you to understand the world of Arc Rise Fantasia more intimately.

When you get to the area called “Stepping Stones,” you have to press A to jump across the stones.  If you look at the map, you will see a treasure chest.  Go to this chest and open it and you will receive a revive bottle.

There is an intercut where it begins raining and L’Arc says, “The devil must be beating his wife.”  Perhaps this is a famous expression in Japan.

Continue on and you will come to the world map.

World Map

Look at the compass on the upper left hand side of the screen.  Follow the path to the Southeast and you will come to the town of Topazion.

Talk to all the people in the town.  A growing girl will give you a Mid Liquid and a Nomad traveller will give you a map of Topazion.  Go to the Inn.

At the Inn, L’Arc will see his friend, Prince Alf.  Alf instructs L’Arc to look for Feldragon damage.  He will further tell him that the village elder might be able to provide useful information.


The Elder is located at the dead end side of Topazion in the house.  The Elder will inform L’Arc about a wrecked Turemilian ship and will send a doctor to check out Ryfia.  L’Arc can now go back to the Inn.

Back at the Inn

When L’Arc reaches just outside of the Inn, he will hear Alf separating from his soliders.  The doctor comes by, and Alf and L’Arc head into the Inn with the doctor to check on Ryfia.  The doctor reveals that Ryfia has a strange dragon gem on her.  Alf asks L’Arc to be his bodyguard on the way to Royal City.  Ryfia reveals that her mother’s dying wish is for her to go to Jada in the Meridian Empire, which L’Arc reveals to be a source of energy for the empire.  Alf asks L’Arc to help Ryfia get to Jada on their way to Royal City.  Both Alf and Ryfia join the party.  (This might be a good time to go to the Vendor and stock up on heal liquids and anything else that seems sensible)


Leave Topazion for the World Map.  An intercut will occur where Alf will unveil the arm force ability.  The Arm Force option will unlock after this exchange.  Jada is straight South of Topazion (perhaps slightly east) in a huge Castle with a moat/bridge.  Halfway there, an intercut will occur where Alf will offer to take a break for Ryfia, but she says she is fine.  There is also a couple of other dialogue exchanges about Alf and L’Arc’s history/relationship. This is a good time to power up and fight enemies you see along the way.

When you reach Jada, Ryfia will ask about a tower.  It is unveiled that there is a Rogress imprisoned in the tower, called the Dragon Prison, which is used for its Ray (the energy source of Arc Rise Fantasia).  There is also revealed to be a Ray shortage in the empire.  Alf reveals that a diva (what Ryfia is) is a Northern Noireist Priestess.  Alf asks Ryfia if divas can call rogress for Ray with hymns, but she doesn’t know anything about that. Alf mentions that one of his commanders, Clyde, is in town and that he should see him.

There is a save point near the entrance to Jada.  Also near the save point is a nomad who will offer you a map of Jada.  Walking towards the military zone, an intercut happens where we learn about setting gems in orbs to use magic.  L’Arc claims to not need magic, but Alf will give him a fire gem and the orb option will be unlocked.  At the workshop, an orb slot expansion can be purchased so that L’Arc can set his fire gem and use its magic.

A little ways up there is also an armory where you can upgrade your gear, but it might be too costly for now (I upgraded L’Arc only to a bronze plate and boots).  If you talk to the thinking man in this area he will give you a water shard.

Jada – Military Zone

Once you walk past the stairs there will be a brief intercut where a new character named Rastan appears to recognize Ryfia, though she claims not to know who he is.  Keep going to an area where there is a door in front of you and a gate to the right.  The door houses the Dragon Prison, which you can’t walk past yet.  The gate will take you towards Genereal Clyde.  When you approach the command post, a soldier will stop you, but then recognize you and let you by.  Inside of the Command Post, you will meet another new character, Niko.  After the intercut with Niko, you will walk to the Command Room and finally meet General Clyde.  During your conversation with Clyde, Niko runs back in and announces that Jada is being attacked by monsters.  Ryfia will leave the party and L’Arc and Alf are left to go fight the monsters.  Outside of the command post, you immediately see a Slave Bone and a Slave Larva.  Defeating them is not too difficult.  Alf tells L’Arc to let the soldiers protect the inside of Jada and for them to move to protect the entrance.

On the way, you can build up your experience by fighting some slightly tougher undead creatures like more Slave Bones and Slave Larvas.  In the military zone, if you walk all the way to the edge where the houses are you will see an Army Medic.  Talk to her and she will revive you as well as offer you a Full Liquid for your inventory.  She says she will heal all wounds if you see her in the field.

Jada – Back at the Mercantile Zone

At the end of the military zone, another intercut happens as we see a member of a “divine race” fighting Rastan (the character we first saw right outside of the command post).  The “divine race” character raises some strong Slave Bones to fight.  Rastan is very strong.  You will only have to attack once or twice before he takes everyone out.  You will quickly be in another fight where Rastan shows L’Arc and Alf how to use “dormant power” via excel acts.

After these creatures are defeated, Niko runs back in and says that he has been separated from Ryfia.  He says that she left saying, “Simmah called her” and she went towards the dragon prison.  Rastan leaves the party, offering to stay and help protect Jada while Niko joins L’Arc and Alf as they go to find Ryfia.  The Excel Act option is now unlocked.

The Path to the Dragon Prison

With Rastan gone, you are free to fight all the enemies you can find on your way back up to the Dragon Prison.  Niko is quite strong and will regularly perform excel acts as a guest so this is a good time to build experience.  Before you get to the military zone, there is a set of boxes to your left.  Search around them and “???” will appear.  If you press A, you will find an Insight by Leaf.  Now walk up the stairs to the military zone.

In the military zone, you can revisit the medic and regain any lost MP or HP.  A good strategy is to fill up once if you need it, kill off all the enemies all the way up to the sealed door to the dragon prison, and go back to the medic to get filled up again.  There is a tough enemy ahead, so it is a good idea to be full of energy.  Also, there is a set of boxes in the corner next to the stairway that leads to the corridor containing the Command Post and the Dragon Prison door.  Snoop around the boxes to find a Wind Shard.  NOTE:  The command post is one of the only doors unlocked between the entrance to Jada and the Dragon Prison, but I couldn’t find anything inside so there is no reason to go in.  Go to the door that was locked earlier to head to the Dragon Prison.

Dragon Prison

Upon entering the door, you will see the seal guarding the Rogress and the “divine power” character from earlier who is now known as a “Deathchanter.”  He is talking to Ryfia, who states that the Deathchanter is the one who killed her mother in the attack on the singing ministry.  Alf, L’Arc, and Niko quickly join in to help fight the Deathchanter.

Fighting the Deathchanter

Ryfia now joins your party.  The Deathchanter is the strongest enemy you have faced so far.  Both L’Arc and Alf were K.O.’d during my fight, but they will revive quickly after. The Deathchanter has a varied selection of magic at his disposal, including being able to summon Slave Bones.  I used excel acts from Alf and L’Arc to try to kill the Deathchanter.  At some point during the fight, he will feign being too hurt to go on.  But soon after he will get up and say he was just pretending and summon more Slave Bones.  Ryfia will sing a hymn and rid the Slave Bones, to which the Deathchanter responds by saying he is stronger and calls on even more Slave Bones.  Alf runs towards the seal and unlocks so that Ryfia, L’Arc, and Alf can get away.  Niko runs the other way by himself.

Dragon Prison – Tower 1F

As soon as you get in the prison, there is a treasure chest containing an MP Quick 1 and a save point.  It’s probably a good idea to save since you just fought a big fight.  There will be a couple of opportunities to engage in dialogue, where we learn that the door is protected by a magic seal used by the Royal Family, but that the spell can be broken.  Also, “Simmah,” who called Ryfia away from the Command Post earlier, is the name of the Rogress that is held captive in the dragon prison.  Follow the path and fight some enemies to build more experience.  Walk up to the odd-looking wall fixture and hit the switch.  This switch controls the door to the ray-controlling device.  The hall goes further, fight more enemies and at the end of the hall you will be rewarded with a treasure chest containing 1500 rico.  Go back and take the lift.

Dragon Prison – Tower B1

There is hall with two corridors to the immediate left.  DO NOT walk too far down the main hall or you will be forced into an intercut and have to fight the upcoming big boss.  My advice is to go into the corridors first.  The first corridor contains a gold treasure chest whose contents are a bronze guard.  A little extra armor doesn’t hurt, especially if you haven’t upgraded L’Arc or Alf yet.  The other treasure chest contains a Revive bottle.  In the second corridor is a slightly tougher enemy than you have faced:  Talos.  He’s not super tough, but defeating him will give you some experience and (probably) a power ring.

Now go back to the main hall and continue down.  The Deathchanter will enter from behind (the lift where you came from), and Alf will stay back to fend him off.  L’Arc and Ryfia will continue down to the Rogress.

Dragon Prison – Hall of Binding
When the Rogress comes out, L’Arc will try to recruit it to help fight the Deathchanter.  The rogress will say that it can only help Eesa.  When Ryfia touches L’Arc, it reveals that he is a child of Eesa, and the Rogress bonds with L’Arc.

Alf can’t fend off the Deathchanter, and they come in together for a big fight.  The Deathchanter is quite a bit tougher than before.  Watch the player’s HP as the Deathchanter will frequently invoke attackes that are over 100, and will often utilize multiple attacks at once.  Use lots of Heal liquids, Ryfia’s heal magic, and Ryfia’s excel act heal.  Stay in the fight long enough and L’Arc will be able to summon the Rogress, which will cause the Deathchanter to run away.  Once the fight is over, the Rogress Option will be unlocked.  Head out of the Draggon Prison and back tot he Command Post.

Jada – Back to Normal
Inside of the Command Room, if you talk to a Grumbling Watchmann he will give you an MP Quick 1.  Then talk to Clyde.  The empire is in peril since the Rogress bonded with L’Arc since there is now no source of energy, but Alf convinces Clyde to keep it under wraps.  You have gained a lot of Rico.  It might be a good time to upgrade your weapons and inventory.  Save, and head to Royal City.

The path to Diamant Royal City is paved with some creatures you haven’t fought yet, namely Beaks, Cyons, and Belkas.  If your experience is around level 9 and you have made some weapons upgrades, this should prove relatively easy.  This is a good time to fight as many of these creatures as you can and gain experience as well as Rico.

Diamant Royal City
Once you enter Royal City, there will be a save point.  There is a Nomad directly by the save point.  Get the Royal City map and then save.  From there, feel free to talk to people as you progress up the bridge.  Just past the “picky guy” there is an MP Charge 1 on the ground, on the very right hand side of the bridge.

Once you get to the Fountain Square and move towards the center, General Freya will appear and place you all under arrest.

Diamante Castle

The party is taken to Prince Weiss, who gives them conditional freedom as long as L’Arc goes on a quest with Ryfia to fight the Olquinians.  The Prince tells L’Arc to come to his office for further information.

Before you go to the office, go down to the Guards’ Room.  To get there, go into the Hall of Mirrors and go down the stairs and into one of the holes in the wall instead of entering the Prince’s office quarters (where the guards are standing watch in the Hall of Mirrors).  Inside the Guards’ Room, there is a blue treasure chest with 3000 Rico and an MP Quick 1 on the back of one of the weapons displays.  The Honorable Watchman in the room will also give you a Cure All.  Go down to the dungeon and you will find a Resist Leaf behind and to the right of the Vulgar chief guard. Go back up and enter the Prince’s office.

The prince will direct you to destroy the skywalk by binding with the Rogress in Olquinia.  Walk out to the Hall of Mirrors, where Genereal Freya and Niko are waiting for you.  Niko has been arrested for betraying his duty at the Dragon Prison and is being taken to the stockade.  Exit the Diamante Castle.

Outskirts of Diamante Castle

There is a nomad with a map to the castle just to the right of the carpet at the castle’s exit.  There is also a High Liquid if you search the corner where the castle meets the trees on this same screen.  Continue on the only path available until you see a set of stairs, and go down them.  You will see a group of Thugs attacking two preachers name Saura and Luze.  You don’t have to fight them, just go down and confront the Thugs and they will run away.  The preachers will tell you to remember, “What is chosen survives, what is not dies.”

Back in Diamante
Continue down the stairs to the lifts and take the lift down.  As soon as you get off the lift take the stairs down and turn left.  An intercut will happen – - you are at L’Arc’s home. Enter L’Arc’s house after the intercut.  If you search where the stove is you will find a High Liquid.  Also, there is a wooden sword next to two barrels in L’Arc’s room.  Snag these and talk to L’Arc’s mother, Elena.  Once you exit L’Arc’s house, Alf leaves.  Just outside of L’Arc’s house are two crates, search around them to find a mid liquid.

Now go intot he Zamuel Martial Arts School.  There is an altar like area in the main room, go up to it and search around to find a cure all.  Talk to the shy man and he will give you a speed leaf.  If you go to level 2F (Adele’s Room), there is a wind shard next to the bed.  Exit the Martial Arts school.  You are now free to roam around and talk to people or go to bed.  I would suggest joining the guild now and adding some side quests so you can make extra money.  The Guild Headquarters is just down the stairs if you make a left walking out of the Zamuel Martial Arts school onto the stone road.

While you are wandering, here is a brief list of items you can find around Diamante:

  1. There is a 2-leaf clover in the house with the garden in the upper zone. The house with the garden is on the street lined with houses in the upper zone, and is distinguishable because it has 2 doors.
  2. There is an analyzer at the corner of the Industrial Zone near the daydreamer and the good craftsman.
  3. There is a cure all at the corner behind the guards in the Industrial Zone.
  4. The hard working soldier in the industrial zone will give you a fire shard.
  5. There is a revive bottle near the penny pincher in the Fountain Square.
  6. A customer will give you the mid liquid in the fountain square.
  7. Near the cannon on the Port balcony is a fire shard.
  8. There is an MP Charge 1 on the right hand side of the bridge.

When you feel you have sufficiently wandered around, go back to L’Arc’s house.

Back at L’Arc’s House
When L’Arc goes to sleep, Ryfia will leave the party. Adele wake L’Arc up when someone from the Imperial Army shows up. Go to the door. The soldier give L’Arc 50,000 Rico as a cash advance for his upcoming mission. Master Zamuel comes when the Legionnaire calls Adele a wench, and the Legionairre leaves aqkwardly, worried he has angered Zamuel. Zamuel takes back the 50,000 Rico from L’Arc. Ryfia joins the party. Zamuel and Adele go up to Adele’s room.

Go into Master Zamuel’s school. Zamuel suggest L’Arc pose as a pilgrim to get onto a ship going to Olquina. Send L’Arc to the Port.

The Port
Once you reach the Port, an intercut will happen. L’Arc and Ryfia see the Deathchanter board the Olquinian ship. Since the Deathchanter is there, they cannot board as pilgrims as they will be caught. They decide to consult Alf, so send them back to Diamante Castle.

Back at the Castle
Alf is in the Guard’s room just under the Hall of Mirrors. Alf joins the party.

Go back to the port. At the entrance to the port, Niko tells L’Arc Zamuel’s school was attacked. Niko joins the party. Send the party back towards Master Zamuel’s school. On the way, they will meet Cecille the Wander Warrior, who has a message for Elena.

Back at Zamuel’s School
Back at the school, Cecille tells Elena that Zamuel and Adele left to chase the thieves that attacked the school. Cecille gives Elena the Kopin (an animal) that Zamuel gave to her. The Kopin’s message is from Leon, “We’ve found the enemy, he’s on the Mandelro Coast. Get here as soon as you can, Leon.” We find out that Leon is the Lord of Knights, a mercenary Legendary Blade who has been in hiding and communicates with Zamuel by carrier Falcon.

Go to the Fountain Square. Cecille will join the party and add a destination on your map. Head to the Mandelro Coast (NOTE: It is tucked away and the World Map can be difficult to see, but try to follow it to the blinking red light.)

Mandelro Coast – Cliff Path
Once at the coast you will see new enemies including Veratites and Flying Fish. They are not too difficult. A little further up you will see a thief off to the corner, fight him (should also not be too difficult). Tucked away where you can’t see it, behind where the thief is there is a treasure chest containing a WATER GEM. Get this! There is also a blue treasure chest you can get to on this same screen by skipping away from the thief. This contains 1500 Rico.

Mandelro Coast – Waterfall Bay
Again, there is a thief. Behind him there is a Gigant Blade hidden under the waterfall. Get it, then go around the bend to see Zamuel hurt on the ground. Rastan will come out, who is revealed to likely be Leon. Rastan tells of his enemy, Ignacy. Rastan leaves to get help for Zamuel, and Cecille leaves the party to chase Rastan. Once you get to the cave, skip down the shore first to get Rogue shoes.

Mandelro Coast – Villain’s Roost
In the cave you will find bats, also not too difficult. When you see the first thief, go to the left at the fork and you will find a treasure chest containing the Cool and Sweet gun. At the next fork, go left again to find a red treasure chest containing an MP Charge 1. Ahead, you will see a dead man and a save point. You can save here or walk into the next area and grab the map first and then come back and save, but make sure to stay to the right in the hidden docks or you will be in a intercut that leads to the big boss battle (might be best to save, get the map, and then save again). Make sure your characters are all ready (full HP, properly equipped with armor and weapons/uses) for the next fight, because it’s rather difficult.

Mandelro Coast – Hidden Docks
As already stated, there is a map straight ahead and an intercut to the left. When you feel ready, you will meet Luna and Paula cornering Adele. L’Arc saves Adele. Using the analyzer reveals that Paula has 1439 HP and Luna has 1295 and that they are both level 15 (I was level 12 by this fight). My strategy for the fight is to focus all my attacks on one enemy and to take them out first, namely Paula since she is a little stronger. When you have taken about half her energy, you can summon the Rogress for some huge damage to both of them. Just make sure you keep everyone as healed as possible, even using some Mid Liquids if you have to, because some of Paula and Luna’s attacks can deal -400 HP or more. When you defeat Luna and Paula, they perform one more attack on L’Arc, and a man in a boat, Serge, comes to save you. When you are off in the distance, Ignacy reveals himself.

Serge’s Boat
The Kopin will show you the rest of the Kopins are locked up on the boat, having been imprisoned by the thieves. Take the ladder to the deck. We discover that Ignacy was after Adele’s pendant. Back downstairs, talk to everyone. The Kopin will give you a blue swimsuit, white one-piece, cocoa swimsuit, pola-dot swimsuit, and retro swimsuit. The outfit option is now unlocked. After you talk to everyone, Adele and Serge joine the party. The Kopin will off to let you stay at their village since you have crashed on Olquinia, their home. After you get off the boat, go directly back on it. You will find a matching dress by searching around and the Kopin will give you mystery armor.

Olquinia Beach
On the beach you will fight new enemies including the Prin-Tems and the Nospillar. Use this opportunity to start gaining some experience, but just monitor your life carefully since the Kopin village is a bit of a walk and there are no save points (remember, you haven’t saved since before the boss fight in the Mandelro Cave). If you run along the coast where the boat is, you will find the mystery nurse costume. Follow the World Map and go to the Kopin village when you feel ready.

Kopin Village
The Kopins capture Serge. The party decides to rescue him. You will see a save point and a 5th nomad next to the save pont, get the map and save. The village is divided into the left and right side. On the left side, there is an armory vendor. Search the barrels/crates to the right of this vendor to find a cure all, and to the left to find a rain shard.

On the right side, you will have an intercut where you learn about gem resonance and repulsion.. Talk to the Apprentice Kopin who will give you the class leader outfit. Once you feel you have sufficiently walked around and talked to people, go to the left side where Serge is being held captive. The village elder will agree to release Serge and you will have new destinations on the map. As you walk away from the village elder, a Kopin will stop you and show you his new power (the ability break the boulder/barricades). He will join you as a guide through the jungle ahead.

Go out to the World Map. This is a good time to gain some experience, as the enemies nearby are good for gaining both experience and Rico. You can also buy new weapons in the Kopin Village and start upgrading magic/opening orb slots etc. When you feel you are sufficiently ready, journey towards the Nabra Jungle.

Nabra Jungle – Forking Path
The opening area in the Nabra Jungle is like a mini puzzle. There are red and blue flytraps blocking your path. To open the red flytraps, you need to fight a Nabra Treant, who will leave you a bitter fig that can be fed to the red flytraps to get them to close their mouths. Fighting a Nabra Funger will leave a Smelly Fungi that makes the blue flytrap close its mouth. Other enemies include Flora and Mos-Seeders. The Nabra Treants are modestly strong, and the Mos-Seeders have a nasty sting that can have the effect of a poison.

When you enter from the World Map, walk straight ahead and you will see a red flytrap that causes an intercut. To the left is a save point. There is also a pair of Nabra Treants walking here. Make sure you are full up on HP before you walk left as if you fight the Treants they chain magic and have a fairly strong attack. Go ahead and save here if you can get around the Nabra Treants, and then fight them. After you beat the Nabra Treants, there is a fork just in front of the save point, to the left the screen continues to another red fly trap and to the right is a blue fly trap. If you go to the left and hit A at this red flytrap now, it will be fed a bitter fig. Behind the flytrap is a blue treasure chest with 3000 Rico.

Go back to the screen you just came from (past the red flytrap that is now closed). There should be another Treant lurking around again (if there isn’t, you can go back to the other screen and then re enter until one is around. Killing another Nabra Treant will give you another bitter fig. Use this on the red flytrap that was to the far right (the one you first saw when you entered from the world map). Behind this flytrap is a red chest and a Nabra Fungar. Defeat the Nabra Fungar to get the Smelly fungi and open the treasure chest to get a Cure Paralysis. Now you can go back to the blue flytrap near the save point, feed it the smelly fungi, and continue to the next area, the Honeyplant Path.

Nabra Jungle – Honeyplant Path
From here, on the physics of the game get shaky, meaning it is a maze that I can’t really explain because it doesn’t totally make sense. I will tell you what secrets/treasures exist in each part of the stage and how to get to the next part, as best I can. One thing to keep in mind is that red flytraps tend to house all the upcoming treasures, so if you see a red flytrap there is probably something worth grabbing behind it. Figuring the maze out is kind of good anyways, because you will gain lots of experience by fighting all the creatures.

For the Honeyplant path, specifically, when you enter there is a fork. If you go to the right and walk straight, you will see a red flytrap with a treasure behind it holding a Fire Gem. The downward path below the red flytrap is part of the confusing maze, it takes you to a spot that is physically impossible, but it will make sense when you are playing. If you go left from the original fork, you will hit a blue flytrap. Take the furthest left path to where a bunch of Forest Eyes circle a Lumberblade and pick it up. Forest Eyes are not very difficult, and neither are killer bees, the only newer enemies you will face. From the original blue flytrap in the Honeyplant Path , take the right most path and you will hit another blue flytrap. Go past this blue flytrap to get to the Maze of Colors.

Nabra Jungle – Maze of Colors
Hopefully if you got here you figured out how the maze skips around, because if the physics didn’t make sense in the Honeyplant Path they really won’t make sense in the Maze of Colors. The furthest left and right paths connect, so they aren’t really necessary to take. Straight ahead when you enter the Maze of Colors the right middle fork has a red flytrap and the left middle fork has a blue one. Behind the red flytrap are Coder Robes. The blue flytrap will take you to another fork. The right path reconnects near the entrance of the Maze of Colors, so take the left path with the blue flytrap. This will take you to the Decaying Hall.

Decaying Hall
This is a straightforward double fork. To the left of the first fork is a red flytrap with a treasure chest containing a power ring behind it. To the right is an intercut and a save point. Get the power ring. Go through the first intercut. Go to the right of the fork where another red flytrap is, and get the map of the Nabra Jungle. Go back to the save point and save.

You can choose to fight the boss or you can go back into the jungle and gain experience and unlock secrets for all of your weapons if you have not done so. I would suggest being to around level 20 before fighting the boss, as that is his level. Once you are ready, go back to the fork in front of the save in the decaying hall and go left. Another intercut happens, where we see Ryo and Mickey (2 new characters) up to something, but they run away before we can find out, leaving two dead priests. The Kopin proclaims danger, and we are in a fight with the Vifrons.

The Vifrons is the strongest enemy you have faced yet. He has 6633 HP and is at level 20. I suggest using Ryfia to heal, with Serge and L’Arc to fight. Equip L’Arc with the lumberblade. Use the Rogress and Ryfia’s Radiant Song to deal maximum damage. Then use strong attacks from L’Arc and Serge to keep him hurting (Flaming Throw and Heavy Crush). Keep everyone near full HP, as some of the later attacks from the Vifrons are very strong (400 HP+ damage). Defeating the Vifrons will gain you an Earth Gem, unlock “system,” “command,” and “magic” to mercs. Another intercut will happen where you bury the priests. Once he is defeated go back to the save point. Exit to the world map, and head east to the Full Moon Inn.

Full Moon Inn
On the way to the Full Moon Inn you will fight a new enemy, Scythe, but also some you have seen before such as the Prin-Temps, Nul-Earths, and Kul-Eeths. Once you get to the Full Moon Inn, there is a nomad that will give you a map of the Full Moon Inn next to a save point. Walk further towards a sweet girl and check the barrels next to her to find a Heroism Potion.

Go inside the small hut/Full Moon Inn for an intercut, where a woman tells you not to look like the Imperial Army in Olquinia. You can now go back out to the World Map and head up to Anthrax Parish.

Anthrax Parish
Upon entering Anthrax Parish, a Zealot will run to greet you, but will then let you in. There is a nomad/map and save point near the entrance. To the immediate right of the entrance (across from save) is a Guil Hall. If you have finished any guild quests go ahead and redeem them and get some new ones.

Walk up to the center of town for an intercut. Town residents question Niko about his Meridian Army clothing, but Serge protects him by lying. Next to the home in the Cathedral Plaza, there is a Mid Liquid. Near where the intercut happens is a Bold Girl jumping, she will give you a High Liquid. Also, you can purchase pilgrim’s clothing for the entire party if you want an extra intercut (not sure if there is more to this, I couldn’t find anything).

Enter the Military Facilities. Immediately upon entering you will see some crates, search them to find the Wepalot.

Continue on to the Residential Area. You will find a High Liquid near to the palm tree in the Residentials.

Talk to the Proud Old Man in the Mercantile Zone and he will give you an Earth Shard. Also in the Mercantile Zone, look around the rack of Goods (across from the proud old man), to get an MP Quick 2.

Go to the Port. At the Port, an intercut will happen where the woman from the Full Moon Inn, who reveals her name to be Leslie, will tell you the Skywalk is under the shrine. Go near the door by the port and you will find a Revive-Full. Also, on the dock itself, search around the crates to find a Speed Leaf. The satisfied man on the dock will give you a Wind Shard.

You can also start beefing up your crew by visiting the Workshop and the Armory to enhance magic and buy new weapons/armor.

Head to the shrine after you have talked to Leslie at the Port. The tide is too high to get to the shrine, so the party decides to rest at an Inn until they can get to the Skywalk.

At the Inn, an intercut will happen between L’Arc, Ryfia, and Adele. After this, head back to the Shrine and a path will have opened up.

Olquinia Shrine
Once at the shrine, head up towards the Dragon Altar. Go towards the upper left hand corner to find a red treasure chest with a Revive bottle inside. To the right of the Altar, there are two blue treasure chests with 4,000 rico each. If you back and to the right of where you entered, there is a yellow treasure chest with a Ray Ring in it. Go to the altar. Serge will realize that where a guard blocks the path is where the Skywalk must be. Walk to the guard, but make sure you are ready. Once you go past the guard, you cannot go back. You will be asked if you are ready, and then L’Arc will fight the Zealot (but not in an actual fight, just intercut style). You will enter the Olquinia sub shrine.

Olquinia Sub-Shrine

An intercut will happen where Alf grudgingly continues on with the mission. There are apple slimes, fake statues, and poltergeists down here, but they aren’t particularly tough. Just be careful as they can sync/chain attack just like you, increasing the amount of damage plausible.

Once you enter, there is a save right behind you. Save if necessary, then follow the path until you get to a four-way intersection. Go left to find a green treasure chest with a Wing Gem inside. To the right is a broken elevator (you don’t need to go right). Go straight ahead and head down the stairs.

Olquinia Sub-Shrine B2 Hallway
If you go left, then right, you will see an orb of ray. Continue on the path to a set of stairs. There is a computer with a switch straight ahead that will drop a wall of lasers. If you head back, to the right is a dead end. The left will take you to Machinery B3 (where you want to go).

Machinery B3
To the right, there is a switch straight ahead. This will remove the first laser wall. Go back to the open corridor you just passed (was on the left, now on the right) to hit the second switch. A New corridor will open just in front of a laser wall. Take it. Follow the path to find another switch kind of hidden to the right of a pile of rubble. Go back to where the laser wall was, as it is gone now. You will be in a fight where you learn about Attribute Stones. After this, go straight ahead and turn on the elevator. You can now either head back up to B1 and save if you feel this is necessary, or go on to B4. The elevator is back in the B3 Hallway.

Olquinia Sub Shrine B4
When you get off the elevator you will see a treasure chest, but it is not real. It will attack you so be ready, this is a Mimic treasure chest and it is modestly strong (1041 HP). The path here is straightforward. Follow it until you get close to the purple carpet, but before you walk onto the carpet walk straight ahead and get the map. There is an intercut as L’Arc destroys the Ray controlling device.

Exiting the Shrine

Head back. Another intercut will happen as the Deathchanter approaches. His name will be revealed to be Dynos. You find out that the Deathchanter is incahoots with Ignacy. Dynos calls Slave Wights and leaves. They are not very difficult. Destroy the raystones first to make their attacks less powerful and engage them in a regular battle. “Magic” will be added to Mercs and the party will escape. L’Arc saves Ryfia’s life.

On the way out, you will find more Slave Wights and Bone Knights. There is an intercut near the exit. Save and leave.

Back in Antrax

An intercut happens on the way back. The party decides to head to the pier. At the pier, Zealots come after the party. Serge tells them to leave by boat and he will protect them. Adele is kidnapped while you are fending off 4 Zealots. Afterwards, one remains. Serge goes after Adele, while you are left to torture the remaining Zealot. Ryfia and Niko stay back to heal the tortured Zealot while Alf and L’Arc go after Serge.

Serge is at the tide road in front of the Shrine. Go there and talk to him. While there, Leslie comes with Ryfia and Niko to tell of an underground passage to the shrine. It is just to the right of the tide road in the elevator looking entrance. The party is all together and have added Leslie. This is a good time to organize weapons and magic, because there is a big boss battle coming up. You should add as many Mid Liquids and Revives as you can afford.

Oceansong Road

When you enter Oceansong road, you will fight a turtle. Leslie tells you to chain your attacks since the turtle has an extra shield. This is also true for the philtites and frogs in the area. Once you defeat the turtle, you can jump over it. If you go straight, you will be able to grad an Earth Gem from the green treasure chest ahead. Then go back and turn right (was left) where the fork was. You will hit another fork in the road. Go left to get the Exalot and then go back and take the other path at the fork. This takes you to the next area.

Oceansong Road – Crumbling Path

Follow the path and you will fight another turtle. Fight him just as before and jump across. There is another fork. Go right to find a chest with 8000 Rico. Near the chest, there is a wall that will open via a Kopin/fireball to reveal Chain Mail inside. Now go back to the fork and take the other path.

Oceansong Road – Undersea Font

Before you continue on, make sure your crew is beefed up and you are ready for a big fight. I was at about level 21/22, if that helps (level 20 is probably sufficient). You are going to want to distribute your fire gems (you should have 3 now) so that you get a lot of fire damage, as this is the boss’s weakness. Serge might be a good member for this fight since he has the Flaming Love Excel Act.. When you feel ready, walk straight ahead and an intercut will happen where Niko washes his face and Afnac jumps out.

Afanc, Part I.
This version of Afanc is pretty easy, just use excel acts and strong attacks and make sure you keep breaking the raystones. Save your Rogress and MP for the second part.

Afanc, Part II.

This is when it’s time to use lots of fire magic. If you have distributed fire gems to multiple players, hit him with Blaze. If you have concentrated them on one player, use Burning Drive. The important thing is to make sure you keep attacking the raystones, and continually fill everyone up with Mid Liquids as Afanc has really strong attacks. Sometimes, players will get knocked out even with full energy. Revive them and immediately follow it up with a Mid Liquid. He has 6735 HP so hit him with the Rogress when you feel he is most vulnerable.

When you have beaten Afanc, he will give you a Water Gem and “Magic” will be added to Mercs. Continue on to Dark Echo Way ahead.

Oceansong Road – Dark Echo Way

At the fork., go left and cross the turtle to grab a mid liquid. Go back and take the other path to hit another fork. The map of Oceansong Road is on the right, and there is a turtle with an exit at the left. In front of the exit, there is also a Gakthis, but he is not too difficult. Take the stairs up to Tidal Road.

Tidal Road, Again

You will exit back on the other side of Tidal road. There is a save point. Save and take the stairs. It might be worth your while to fight the Zealots near the Altar to gain some experience. Once ready, go up the outer stairway on the left. Up the stairs, there is a room on your right hand side, the Fire Labrium. Go inside to get the map of the Olquina Shrine. After this go up to the Hall of Bonding and be prepared to watch quite a few cutscenes.

Hall of Bonding

Here, we learn that Adele is a Diva, specifically the Diva of Real’s Law/Olquiniasm. Adele is also Ms. Rafill’s daughter. Meridia attacks Olquina as the Diva ritual is complete. Adele summons the Rogress Girtab per Dynos.

An intercut happens – - move towards Adele since there is nothing around (I looked). Weiss tries to kill Adele, so Adele begins to use Girtab to kill Weiss. As a counter measure, L’Arc summons his Rogress to stop Adele. Adele goes crazy and orders L’Arc, Ryfia, and Weiss dead. Serge admits to being a Merc hired by Olquina. Alf is also a son of Eesa and quickly whisks away with Leslie and Adele on Girtab.

Back in Antrax

L’Arc wakes up at the Finite Sparkle Inn. Niko tells L’Arc he is meeting with Weiss. The only players left in the party are L’Arc, Ryfia, and Niko. The houses are destroyed and the militaries faicilities are gone. There are new items around. In the Cathedral Plaza, go to the Blunt Imperial soldier to get an MP Quick 2. The Quiet Girl in the Mercantile Zone gives you a High Liquid. There is some rubble near the Dissonant Young Man – - search it to find a Stone Shard. On the pier, go to the Wise soldier to get a Cure All. On the corner of the pier, there is a Flame Shard. Once you have done this, head towards the shrine.
Once you get up to the Fire Labrium, an intercut happens.Weiss tells L’Arc that he is an enemy by choosing a law (Imaginal’s Law) and that his contract is revoked after his next mission. He gives L’Arc a lightship. Weiss sends L’Arc to Diamant to see General Freya and then to the Turemilian Republic. Weiss leaves as his parting note, “You’re your own ruler.”

An intercut happens on the way out. Niko quits the military to follow L’Arc. When you are ready, head out of town. An imperial soldier will take you to the Light Ship.

The Return to Diamant Royal City

When you get dropped off, an intercut happens by the lift where the soldiers tell you to return to the hangar when you are ready to hit Turemiilia. Ryfia tells you to go to Zamuel.

At the Martial Arts School, Cecille tells you to see Zamuel. Upon entering the back room (Adele’s room), Elena is talking to a doctor. Zamuel’s organs are crystallizing. Zamuel begins to tell the true story: Ignacy was after Ms. Rafill, who was protecting Adele as the next diva. The Lord Knights protected Adele. Since Adele lived to become a Diva, the reputation of The Lord Knights has been kept and Zamuel dies in peace.

L’Arc is back in his room. Cecille thinks she walks in on L’Arc and Ryfia getting it on. You can now walk around town if you want. The Taylor Vill sells the Meridian Boy, Legendary Hero, Maid Uniform, and Dress with Tiara outfits for 500 Rico each. When you are ready, meet Elena back at the Martial Arts School.

At the Martial Arts School. Cecille wants to join the party to figh Ignacy, who is in Carbunculus according to Leon/Rastan.

Outside, Freya is meeting with Niko. Freya says Weiss ordered 100,000 Rico be paid a month in medical support for Elena. Elena tries to tell L’Arc something, but can’t. Go to the hangar and head for Carbunculus.

Cecille sneaks onto the Light Ship back at the hangar.

Abrief intercut happens on the Light Ship where the soldiers discover Cecille and want to take her back to Diamant, but L’Arc convinces them to let her go to Carbunculus.

Carbunculus City

L’Arc is greeted as “Lagoon the Cursed” at the entrance. L’Aric told to listen to commands while in the city and everyone but L’Arc is asked to leave. However, Cecille, Ryfia, and Niko stay anyways and join L’Arc’s party.

The 8th Nomad is in front of you with the map to Carbunculus City. Get the map, and go to the save point nearby to save. There are many items around Carbunculus. If you walk straight ahead, you will see a large lamp looking landmark (kind of like a genie bottle) next to the Vendor.  The Vendor also offers a new item, cure Sickness.

If you go to the Guild nearby, there are new job available.  Some you have already finished and can be turned in immediately.  There is a guild job involving bear hunting, which is an easy one to do as it is right outside the city walls.  The courier job can be partially done immediately in Carbunculus itself.

Once you go to the center of town, you see Luze and Saura from before.  The courier is also at the center of town if you have taken the courier guild job.
To the South of town, there is a checkered carpet.  There is a hidden child there that will give you High Liquid and a garden nearby where there is a Vitality Leaf.

Another checkered carpet lies to the East.  There is a Revive Bottle in an empty space near the Empty Space Lover character.

Going on to the Artist’s Zone, there is a barrel that holds a Defense Potion across from the Douglas House.

At the Port, a barrel on the the North dock has an MP Charge 2.  The corner of the dock has a River Shard.  On the South Dock, next to the Drunk Sailor, there are crates containing a Revive Full.  Near the Lift, there is a studious man that will give you a Cure All.  Take the lift to the Industrial Area.

At the Industrial Area, there is a Man with an Easy Life who will give you a Stone Shard.  There is a crate near him that has a High Liquid.  Now go to Opera Blvd.

There is nothing for you yet at Opera Blvd so head to the Rec Zone.

Rec Zone

Near the entrance to the Arena, there is a Traveling Man that will give you a Flame Shard.

The fights in the casino are fairly difficult so you may want to save before you try them.  They will cut down your stock to what is allowed in the arena (for example, only Full Liquids and High Liquids, no Mids).  If you are around Level 23 and you have saved, the first fight may be reasonable.

Arena Battle:  Stalwart Soldiers
This battle is divided into 5 parts.
1000 Rico entry fee.
Pays 2000 Rico and Shield of Aegis Potion
1.    2 Republic Soldiers – 389 HP each
2.    2 Zealot Watch Men – 547 HP each, 1 Zealot Watch Woman – 466 HP
3.    2 Imperial Soldiers – 672 HP, 1 Imperial Amazon – 504 HP
4.    2 Imperial Amazon, 1 Zealot Watch Woman
5.    1 Imperial Soldier, 2 Zealot Watch Men, 1 Republic Soldier

If you feel you are ready, you can fight the second Arena battle as well:
NOTE:  If you do decide to do this battle, make sure your weapons are inclined to hurt the undead before you go in.  This is a really tough battle, especially the last part.  The Banshees can kill your characters in one shot with the Icy Edge and other spells.  These spells do 700+ HP damage, so make sure you characters are all healed up before the final part (part 6 above).  You will get stuck trying to revive your characters and just trying to stay in the fight while not being able to harm the enemy if you let them get hurt too much.
Arena Battle:  Unholy Undead
This battle is divided into 6 parts.
2000 Rico entry fee.
Pays 3500 Rico and Cats Paws
1.    3 Bone Knights – 334 HP Each
2.    2 Slave Wights
3.    1 Bogey – 381 HP each, 2 Lichts – 910 HP each
4.    1 Misc. Doll – 416 HP, 2 Lichts
5.    3 Lichts
6.    4 Banshees – 589 HP each

There are more battles, but they get progressively more difficult. I stopped after the Undead battle as the other battles were extremely hard, though I could have done them if I had wanted to go out and gain enough experience until I could beat them.  It is just time consuming.

The casino has many games, including, Poker, Blackjack, the Kopin Race and Slots.  You are going to want to spend some time in the Casino as there are some valuable prizes that are probably to expensive to buy via Rico conversion to coins.  First off, 20 coins buy a Token.  Most of the worthwhile Prizes cost at least 6000 Tokens, so you can do the math.(that’s 120,000 Rico for the starter items).

The trick to winning at the casino is to pick the right games and understand how they work.  I did not play the Slots much as it seems to luck driven.  Blackjack is also not great because a push is a loss (in other words, if you get 17 and the computer does too, you lose).  This makes it less rewarding.  If you know basic poker strategy, poker is a fairly good game.  The trick is to get Jokers.  Therefore, you should be trying to get rid of all your cards more often since only a 2 pair pays out at the bottom end and your chances of getting a Joker are raised by drawing more cards.  When you get a Joker, you get bonus draws, and there is cumulative money to be made which can be parlayed into a Bonus game of guessing the color of a randomly drawn card for double your money down or a half double. If poker is too complicated, then your best bet is the Kopin races, which are probably the most profitable anyways.

The trick to the Kopin races is to figure out who the winners are.  The more you play, you will start to see that certain Kopins win more often, particularly against certain Kopins based on the shape of the race.  For example, Woody and Camil are generally great Kopins to bet on, but they usually only pay out about 2:1.  In contrast, Nanmy is really good at racing against Woody when Woody is the favorite (or actually in general, Nanmy is my favorite Kopin to bet on because the odds are always good).  Nanmy usually pays anywhere between 4:1 and 6:1.  The trick is to figure out when the Kopins are ready to sprint and to give them favorable position by sprinting at the right time.  With the gamecube/classic controller, hit A quickly and repeatedly when the Kopin’s speed get slightly quicker (with Nanmy, for example, his head will tilt slightly forward, some Kopins will change from a walk into a jog, like Joshua).  The more you race, the more you are able to predict winners and make large profits.  My favorites are generally, Camil, Woody, Nanmy, Goemon, Joshua, and sometimes Gonzalez.  I generally pick Nanmy if he is racing unless it is against Camil.  Camil is almost always a winner.

There are many weapons, outfits, and potions to be gaines at the casino, so play a lot.  Also, if you get bored, you can exit town to finish Guild jobs, gain experience, and make money.  Go to the Armory to buy new weapons.  Remember that by fighting you can learn new weapon secrets and gain weapon effects by gaining WP.  The Scarlett Trinket in the Casino can be used to gain more WP quickly.

When you are ready, go to the Inn.  The Republic Army has already paid for your stay.  When you awaken, a messenger from the Senate comes.

Carbunculus City, After the Inn

Go to the Senate by way of the Industrial area.  When you get to the entrance of the Senate, L’Arc and Niko will go in alone.  Walk in and go to the left and examine the weapons rack, where you will find a Strength Potion.  Walk to the Senate Laboratory through the doors and examine the first crate with diamond like objects in it.  You will find the Shield of Aegis.  Go back and go upstairs.

Upstairs you will have intercut.  Prince Weiss has set L’Arc up by asking for the unconditional surrender of the Turemilian Republic.  L’Arc is arrested

Jail Cell

L’Arc has a plan to escape.  Talk to Niko and the Kopin, at which point Ryfia and Cecille come to save you, along with all of L’Arc and Niko’s equipment.

Go to the back cell.  It has a red chest with an MP Charge 1.  There are Republic soldiers that you will have to fight in threes, but they are generally not very difficult.

Follow the path and you will come to a fork.  There is a door at the fork itself.  If you take L’arc right at the fork you will find a yellow chest in the middle cell containing the Randgrid.  Go back to the fork and go the other wayto the furthest cell back to find a Revive Bottle in a red chest.  Now go back to the door at the fork and take it to the Regular Cell.

If you go left upon entering the regular cell, you will find nothing.  Also, you can’t go down the stairs yet.  Therefore, follow the path and you will be met by Rastan during an intercut.  He will join the party as you fight 3 soldiers.

If you continue and go up the stairs, the Guards are  already there blocking your escape.  Rastan says he thinks there is another way, so go back to the staircase you saw before and now go down it.
Once down the stairs, if L’Arc goes right at the fork, he will come to a dead end.  If L’Arc goes left, straight ahead there is a door to the execution area.  There is nothing in the execution area, so it’s not even really worth exploring.  Go left and to the end left hand side cell and you will see the sparkle to get the Senate Map.  Go back down the other path from where the execution door is and make another right, the back right cell has a green chest with a Rain Gem.  Now go back to the end cell (from where you made the right to get the Rain Gem).  Explore this cell to find a hidden door.  A brief intercut happens.  Take the secret path and you will end up at an empty house next to the Senate.  Benetnasch has been added to the map.  Save on your way out and head for Benetnasch.

Benetnasch City

Upon entering Benetnasch city, the party is greeted by Republic soldiers.  It is revealed that Rastan is a member of Aion Unit, the protectors of North Noireism.  A Bishop of North Noireism comes and you are immediately freed, no longer fugitives of the Republic.  Rastan, however, is still arrested.  It is revealed that Patriarch Hosea is the one who has saved you, and you are asked if you are ready to see the Patriach.  Go ahead and do so.

The Patriarch is in a sacred shrine.  Ryfia can choose who sees the Patriarch with her, and she takes L’Arc alone.  It is revealed by Patriarch Hosea that Real’s Law will destroy the world, while Imaginal’s Law inspires creation.  Eesa has fallen into slumber.  L’Arc must awaken Eesa and decide the fate of the world.

Once you leave the shrine, there are several things you can do around town.  Go to the vendor if you need to refill on any items.  Next to the vendor, in a crate there is an MP Quick 3.  If you go towards the door in the house next to the vendor, you can take a right and walk into an alley between the house and the vendor where you will discover an Elixir.  Near the workshop, there is a woman in a home that will give you a Storm Shard.   In front of the mumbling old man at the cemetery you will find a Revive Full.  Walk out of the cemetery and take a right to be in the assaulted town.  There, you will find a Nomad who will give you the map of Benetnasch.  Behind the nomad is a crate that contains a Vitality Leaf.

At the tailor, you can buy the Bride’s Dress, Gentleman Thief, Shifty Preacher, Roustabout, Detective Girl, and Cute Preacher outfits all for 1800 each.

The armory in town offers the Zweihander, Coder Staff, Gladius, Unicorn, and Smartgun for 8500 each.  You can also get Niko the Banded Mail armor for 6000 Rico.  There are Ice, Thunder, Light, and Dark Amulets for 30000 Rico each.  You should have already seen the rest of the armor available, but feel free to buy anything else you feel might be useful that you don’t already have.

Lastly, the Courier is at the Cathedral Road Fountain.  You can complete the Courier Guild Job and go back to the Guild to clear it out.  There should be only 1 available job left, which you can go ahead and take if you have done things correctly (you might have all the jobs available if you got some done that I didn’t, like the Death Scythe).
Once you feel ready, go ahead and head to the Inn.

The Inn has received word of your arrival.  L’Arc wakes up in the middle of the night and walks around by himself, thinking about Prince Weiss’s words.  Ryfia joins him, and says as proof of Eesa, Real, and Imaginal to think back to the crystallization of the Kopin village and of Zamuel.  L’Arc decides to go talk to the Patriarch.

When you awaken, head to the Cathedral.  L’Arc asks the Patriarch for Rastan’s release, but agrees to take on Imaginal’s Law.

An intercut occurs outside.  Walter, the commander of the Aion Unit delivers the Rogress Map.  He tells the party that Rastan is waiting in front of the inn.  The party decides to go to the Rogress Absin in Batrachites.

Pick up Rastan in front of the Inn.  Rastan wants to go after Serge and joins the party.  The main bridge to Batrachites is destroyed but Rastan known of a “dangerous” path through the mountains, the Gauss Tunnel.

To the Gauss Tunnel/Full Moon Inn

Exit the town.  Since you are not a fugitive, you can head back to Carbunculus.  There are two bridges in that direction.  The broken bridge to the north will provide you with a Mid Liquid.  Go to Carbunculus and the tailor has new outfits.  The Silk-Collar Coat, Black-Tie Dress, The Artist, The Townsman, Weekend Wear, Strawberry, Ebony Dress, and Casual Stripes are all 2000 Rico each.

Now go towards the Gauss Tunnel.  Just South of it is the Full Moon Inn.  A nomad and save point are near the entrance to the Full Moon Inn.  Talk to the Homeless Man to get the Earth Shard.  If you enter the Inn and you purchased the Artist outfit, a funny intercut will happen between Ryfia and the Kopin.  When you are ready head towards the Gauss Tunnel.

Gauss Tunnel

When you enter, there is a fork straight ahead.  Go right to find a red chest containing a Strength Leaf.  Go back to the fork and head the other way.  An intercut occurs.  Most of the enemies you will face around here are  Bogeys, Visc. Dolls, and Licths.  My strategy is to always team everyone up on the Licth first since they are strongest and generally attack first.  Once you kill the Licth, kill the weaker enemies.

Once you get past the intercut fight, follow the path and you will hit another fork.  Go right and you will enter the Looming Path briefly and see a Green Chest with a Storm Gem inside.  Go back and take the other path.  If you press A while you are traveling along the wall to the left, the Kopin will blow open a wall and open a hidden room that contains the Interrupter.  Keep following the path around to another fork.

To the left here is a Terror Treant, a fairly strong enemy at 1511 HP.  Go right and you will see a crack, press A to get past it and save.  Past the save, if you go left you will get the Amethyst.  Go back (and save now if you want) and follow the other path.  Make sure you have the weapons and magic you want prepared as you are about to be in a tough fight.  You will then encounter Dynos.

We find out that Dynos is actually Cecille’s “younger” brother.  Dynos summons Fafnir, a tough opponent.  Fafnir has 15,548 HP and performs multiple attacks each turn.  Fafnir is susceptible to Wind and Fire Magic.  Keep everyone healed, and  just drain his energy anyway you see fit (excel acts, magic, etc.).  When Fafnir’s energy is depleted, Rastan tells everyone to use an Excel Act at the same time.  You have just learned about Trinity Acts, a very powerful weapon.

Once you defeat Fafnir, there is a hidden path just to the right of the fight.  Take it to find a Cure Binding.  Then go straight to the Path of Opening.  There is a wall to the right that can be opened by the Kopin to find the Map for the Gauss Tunnel.  Go back down the path.  On the way out, you will see a Tree, Racie.  Racie is pretty tough at 13,677 HP, especially after the fight you just had.  However, you probably leveled up after winning the last fight, so you should be good to fight again.  Racie does not offer experience, but you will get, 17471 Rico and the Tathium.  After you are done here exit the Gauss Tunnel.

Crescent Moon Inn

The Crescent Moon is to the West.  Since you likely depleted your Magic in the fights in the Gauss Tunnel, it’s not a bad idea to rest up.  When you get to the Crescent Moon Inn, there is another Nomad and save.  Get the map and save.  The tree near to the large black fireplace looking landmark has a Terra Shard.  Before you go to the Inn and rest, it’s not a bad idea to venture out and gain some experience for the various weapons you have gained in Benetnasch and beyond.  Then go back to the Inn, rest and save. When you are ready, head towards Batrachites, which is to the West.  It is surrounded by tanks.


When you enter Batrachites, as usual, there is a Nomad and a save point.  Get the Map of Batrachites and save.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Unlike other areas you have been to thus far, the choices you make early on in Batrachites will affect the items you can pick up.  In other words, DON’T go towards the Abandoned Base first.

There aren’t many items laying around, but if you go to the Residentials you will find a Defense Leaf in a barrel next to the armory.  If you go to the Residentials before you see Alf in the Abandoned Base area, the Cringing Man will give you Exalot and the Encourage Girl will give you a Rain Shard.  If you go after you see Alf, the whole town’s attitude has changed and what they say/do will change as well.

Go to the armory to get Hexaheart, Resist Code, Katzbalger, Achilous, and Binder Magnum all or 10,000 Rico each.  You can also get the Strength and Runner Ring for 10,000 Rico each and if you didn’t get the Ice, Thunder, Dark, or Light Amulets before (since they are pricey at 30,000 Rico each), you can do so now.  After you have finished doing what you need to do around town, go to the Abandoned Base.

When you walk into the Abandoned Base, Meridian Soldiers are picking on a local merchant.  Cecille is about to stop them when Alf rushes in and fights them.  During the fight, he calls Absin, meaning he has already unlocked the Rogress.  Alf will run away after the fight.  You have no choice but to follow him.  A long intercut now happens where we see Leslie, Dynos, Alf, and Adele.  Adele tries to seduce L’Arc to the power of Real.  General Clyde and Serge also show up.  Alf speaks out in public about defeating the Meridian Empire, getting the town behind him.  Alf and his party leave on a Lightship.  L’Arc and Ryfia now seem confused about whether Imaginal is the “good” Law or not, but they decide that the only thing to do is to get the Rogresses before Alf so they can at least make a decision to do the right thing.  New destinations are added to the map as the crew decides to head to Ebur.  Finish anything you haven’t done around town and head to Ebur.  It might be a good time to level up a little around town since you can gain Rico and weapon points for some of the new weapons you have gained.

When ready, walk North of the town around the tanks and head directly West to Ebur.  You will encounter Crimson Scythes and Forest Beaks, but they are not particularly difficult if you Sync and use Chain commands with occasional Excel Acts if ambushed or in need of healing.


Once you get to Ebur, there is a map and save at the entrance.  Walk straight ahead and an Intercut will happen when Niko bumps into Maria.  Maria is running off for Serge.  We learn that Maria is the last person to have seen Gula the Rogress.  A new destination will be added, the Ebur Ruins.

There are some barrels to the left, roughly across from the workshop that have an MP Charge 3.  The vendor has a new item, Monster Bait which sells for 2000 Rico.

At the Armory, you can purchase the Mac-Aftil, Asclepios, Snake Eyes, Mercurius, Jeweled Gloves, and Self-Booster for 11,000 Rico each.  The Surcoat and Velvet Robes are 8,000 Rico each.  Nobility Shoes are 5,000 Rico each.  The Legion Coat and Coder Cape are 10,000 Rico each.

The tailor sells Scholarly Garb, Boy on the Hill, Girl on the Hill, Happy Holidays, Seagull, Loyal Butler, Frilly Bikini, and the Red and White Robe for 3,000 Rico each.  If you buy these outfits, an intercut will happen when you enter the Manufactury.  Ryfia will wear the Girl on the Hill Costume and the Kopin will tell a tale about the Red Hood Ryfia is wearing.

At the manufactury, there is an Insight Potion found next to the Uninterested Cat behind the Plane Engine looking landmark.  Also, the Fire Kopin next to the fireplace will give you an All Quick.

Buy weapons as you necessary, power up weapons you haven’t already and make money to buy more goods and weapons so that you can go to the Ebur Ruins.  When you are ready, save and head northwest.
NOTE:  You probably want to stock up on Earth Amulets and anything else that cures petrifaction as the Rogress Gula will turn you to stone.

Ebur Ruins

When you walk into the ruins, an intercut will occer.  Ryfia will see Maria’s shoes, which are picked up by the party.  You will walk up to a 3 way fork.  To the right there is a pile of junk blockading your progress.  Straight ahead, you will also see junk, but beyond the junk you also see Alf’s party.  Go left.

You will fight Kikimora’s, Venom Fungar, and Rafflesia, but they are not particularly difficult.  When you stumble onto the other group, Adele will try to attack L’Arc during an intercut.  Alf agrees to help Serge look for Maria.  Before you talk to Alf to continue on, there is an open path nearby (not towards Alf).  Take it to get Topaz.  When you are ready, talk to Alf.

The parties will be split into groups.  You can decide two of whom you want to take with you from amongst Ryfia, Cecille, and Nikko.  L’Arc’s group will go first by heading left.  Leslie stops the group to talk about Rastan, and how she thinks he might have been the one who killed Ms. Rafill, the Olquinian Diva.  Leslie thinks Serge and Rastan are part of a “dangerous organization.”  Continue on and you will see 3 statues at the end of the hall, examine them and remember which way they are facing.  At the end of the hall, you will see 3 similar statues and a red chest that contains a Cure Petrify.  Hit the left statue once to make its head turn left and the right statue 3 times to make its head turn right.  A door will open.  Go down the stairs.

Now you are with Alf’s team,which consists of Alf, Dynos, General Clyde, and Adele.  They are pretty strong.  Go down the set of stairs and stand on the switch, which will open a door ahead.  General Clyde will side with Alf and Dynos with Adele when they get into an argument.  Once this is over, follow the path and continue.

Next we are with Rastan’s team.  Go to the far end of the path.  An intercut happens when you turn down the end corridor.  Serge is angry with Rastan for something that happened in the past.  Examine the statue that is facing back.  Then go back to the first corridor to examine a similar statue facing back.  Lastly, go to the middle corridor and hit both statues twice to unlock the door.  The door that opens is back at the corridor at the far end of the hall (where the intercut just happened).  Take the door.

We are now with L’Arc again.  Straight ahead, you will see a green treasure chest in the corner containing a Stone Gem.  Examine the statues, which are both facing right.  The similar statues ahead will not be able to be turned unless you actually go up and examine the statues facing to the right.  When you have done this, continue you on and turn the other statues 3 times so that they are also facing right.  2 doors will open and the room shakes.

We are now with Rastan.  If you go towards the dark hall, you will enter a Hall of Binding, but there is nothing there.  Instead, follow the path to the right.  You will see a Mos-Iaus.  Examine the statue that is facing front.  Rastan’s group will enter the same room L’Arc is already in.  Hit the statue 3 times.  Groups will change now.  Serge joins L’Arc, and you have to decide whether you want to take Niko or Cecille.

Once you have picked your party, go straight and an intercut happens.  You will see a gold chest that has the Terra Cuirass.

We go back to Alf.  Follow the path to an intercut.  Adele senses monsters.  Follow the path and Alf runs into Rastan.

We are now back with Alf.  NOTE:  You are about to fight a really tough boss battle – - Gula is strong and frequently will petrify.  You should equip the Topaz you found earlier and 2 of the Earth Amulets as well as the Terra Cuirass and any other applicable armor you probably bought in Ebur.  Give L’Arc the Mac-Aftil and load its abilities so that it blocks petrify.  You probably should have the observation Arm Force on one of your characters weapons (probably Ryfia).  L’Arc encounters Gula.  Ryfia gets knocked over.  Maria can talk.

The best way to fight Gula is to use Trinity Acts as often as possible and save Simmah for the end.  Gula has 20,724 HP, so keep this in mind.  Gula uses really strong attacks and often petrifies.  Serge will get petrified so prepare to use cure status magic (Ryfia has my heal orbs) and heal regularly.

Once you defeat Gula, you will gain a Rock Gem.  Maria states that Gula is cursed.  Ryfia says that Gula’s BioCode has been overwritten.  Ryfia tries to read Gula’s BioCode.  Ryfia will give the BioCodes the Serge who will use magic on Gula.  Gula then comes back to normal.  Gula says Ignacy attacked him.   Ignacy copied Gula’s  BioCode and locked him in the dungeon.  It was also Ignacy that attacked Maria and Selena.  Serge lets L’Arc bond with Gula for saving Maria.  Ryfia thanks L’Arc for going along with her.

When you are done with the intercut, walk down from the center stairs and turn to L’Arc’s left (your right).  You are going the right way if you hit a screen that says Left:  Further In.  Take the long path to a red chest gain All Quick and a yellow chest with the Unlimited weapon.  There is also a map of the Ebur Ruins.  Go back to the Hall of Bonding and head out.  You will meet up with Alf who doesn’t know that you have bonded with Gula.  Alf tells L’Arc the next time they meet they will be enemies.  Leave the ruins, saving on your way out.

Back to Ebur

Head back towards Ebur, to the southeast.  When you get there, go to Maria’s house.  Serge informs you that he doesn’t believe in Real or Imaginal, he just wants to take care of his enemy.  Serge tells of a Light Ship hidden in the Dragon Prison in Jada.  Rogress Rufunga is also near Jada, so the crew sets out.

Waning Crescent Inn

Believing Serge’s tip, the party heads west towards the Galois Ravine to reach Jada.  Cross the the large ancient bridge and you will encounter Assassin Cats and Forest Chicks.  If you have the Feline guild job, these Assassin Cats will offer you Paw Like Gloves.  It’s probably a good time to collect experience anyways, so try to fight these cats until you have 10 gloves.  On the way to the Galois Ravine, you will see the Waning Crescent Inn.  Inside the standard nomad and save are present.  There is also a Runaway that gives you a Flame Shard.

Galois Ravine

When you enter the ravine, Niko gets scared.  There is a save immediately after this.  There are some Caucus  (469 HP) and Ladybirds (721 HP) around.  Shortly up the path after the save.  There is an optional fight with a Sunflower to the left.  The Sunflower has 14,940 HP, but is not that difficult.  Similar to the Racie you fought earlier, the Sunflower will give you a lot of Rico and WP, but no experience.  Just use Trinity Acts and it won’t take very long.  The Sunflower gives you 27.675 Rico and 154 WP, so if you haven’t powered up all your weapons or you need some money, this is a good fight.

When done here, continue on down the ladder.  Hit the switch to the left.  The ladder immediately down leads to two paths, but they aren’t open yet.  We will encounter these paths/bridges again in a minute, but for now, go back up if you came down or (better yet) just continue across the bridge that came down when you hit the switch.  Across the bridge is another ladder down.  Down here, we see a Vulture, but these are not that difficult either at 666 HP.  The thing to be careful with the vultures is that they Sync more often, so kill them first if you have a choice between enemies.  To your right is another switch and bridge and there is also a ladder down.  The bridge leads back to the area you were at earlier where there were two paths you couldn’t take, so take the ladder.

Down this ladder is a large rail like bridge.  You can only go right on it so do so.  At the end of this rail bridge is a switch you can stand on and another bridge/switch as well as a ladder down.  The ladder down leads to a red chest with a Mid Liquid.  Snag it really fast. Since there is only a bridge down here that you can’t take yet, go back up.  Hit the switch that moves the rail bridge and then hit the regular switch and cross the regular (smaller) bridge.

Once you cross this bridge, you will come to a green path.  Follow it up to get the Damascus sword.  Then go back and hit the switch/take the bridge to the left.  You are back on the other side of that area that had two paths you couldn’t go through at the beginning, and you can now cross through both of them.  Head across, back to where the rail bridge was.  It should be opened the other way now since you stood on that switch earlier.  Take it and when you get across take the two ladders down.  There is a bridge and switch to your right, might as well hit them on your way out in case they come in handy later.  Then go down the stairs.

Galois Ravine – Ravine Floor

There is a save spot when you get down the ladder.  Go ahead and save.  Ahead you will fight some Deep Frosts, but they aren’t that difficult.  There is a red chest that has an MP Charge 2.  Get this before you skip the rocks nearby.  Once you get the red chest, go ahead and make sure you pick the characters you want to fight with and that they are healed up. I used L’Arc, Ryfia, and Rastan.  Ryfia is really useful in this fight for her Excel Acts and Cure/Water Magic if you have her using Water Orbs.

The Chimera comes.  The Chimera has 22,029 HP.  If you use Trinity Acts wisely, You can take off about 6,000 points of damage.  Halfway through the fight, a Raystone will break and cause an intercut.  When you are close to killing Chimera, make sure you are all healed up because before the Chimera dies he will attack with a Big which will near kill everyone in the party.  Once the Chimera dies, he will give you a Full Liquid and the Chimera Cape.

Just north/above of the isle where the fight took place is a group of stones with a rock blocking them.  Go up and the Kopin will smash the rock, allowing you to skip across.  There is a green chest with a Flame Gem.  Go back down and there is another set of stones to skip.  Jump these stones to the left and take it.  Above, go left to get the map to the Galois Ravine.  Go right to Luze and Saura.  Luze and Saura are able to get you past the guards, but you are informed that once you enter the Meridian Empire you can’t return to the Republic without a permit.  Exit to the world map and go to Topazion.  On the way out, Niko bumps into Mark the messenger.  Mark tells of an unidentified Lightship near Topazion.  L’Arc lies and tells Mark not to tell anyone he saw them because they are on a “top secret mission” for Prince Weiss.

Topazion Revisited

There are bees near Topazion, but they aren’t too difficult.  When you enter Topazion, Luze and Saura are the corner near the Inn.  Luze proposes to hear a way to save the world from destruction.  Saura tells us Alf is using Hozone Pollution to summon the Rogresses near the eastern coastline.  Save, go to the inn, and buy items from the vendor.  When ready, then head to the coast.


Go straight east (I believe this is the same beach where the boat crashed earlier in the game, but not sure).  An intercut happens, and there is a black cloud while Adele chants.  Alf says he wants to save the world, but to do so he has to cause Hozone pollution near Rufunga’s travel route.

The key to the fight on the beach is to realize that for Alf’s team, their choice of actions will be the same every time.  To counter this, figure out what they are doing in advance if you are too weak.  Also, if you are too weak you may want to fight creatures and level up before you head back to the beach.  I fought with Ryfia, L’Arc, and Rastan all at about Level 32.  Level 31 and maybe even 30 should be sufficient.  When the battle starts, set Ryfia on defend.  They will automatically gang up on her and try to take her out right off the bat.  If she is defending, and you attack their Raystones, and preemptively heal her with mid liquids, you will already be in good shape.  Then focus on one character at a time.  I took out Alf first because he calls the Rogress, then Adele for her strong magic, and lastly Leslie.  The only problem with leaving Leslie for the end is she will frequently heal herself, making her harder to take out.  Eventually, though, with three characters against one you will finish her off.
NOTE:  You actually can lose this fight and continue with the game.  Alf will get the Rogress, though.  I made sure I beat them, which is my suggestion on how to tackle this.

When the fight is over, you will win Quadforce and an Insight Leaf.  Rufunga and General Clyde both come.  Ryfia summons the Ray Squall, and Rufunga bonds with L’Arc.

When you are done, head back to Topazion and stay at the Inn.  An intercut will happen outside the next day.  The Rogress are “green” creatures who keep everything clean and Hozone apparently can’t kill normal humans (the common race).  Niko will leave to go scout the Dragon Prison.  Now head towards Jada.

Jada Revisited

At Jada, all the soldiers are gone.  Niko runs back shortly after you enter.  There are no new items around town, so there is no need to stock up on anything other than what you might have used recently (mid liquids etc.).  When ready go upstairs.  An intercut will happen where Niko says he snatched a map from a sleeping Watchamn.  Go back to the Sealed Gate where you bonded with Simmah.  There is an intercut at the prison. There are Grapplecats and Banshees around the prison, but they are not vey difficult.  Take the lift you unlocked before (there are no new items and there is nothing search out on the main floor, but if you want to gain experience fighting feel free).  When you get to the elevator, take it down to B1 before you go to the top floor.

On floor B1, you will see some really weak, old enemies like Gargoyles and slimes, but there is also Tartalos, an optional enemy.  Before you fight him, equip one of your characters with Steal and Boost Steal.  Tartalos is pretty resistant to basic attacks and regularly has his defenses up, but he will have moments of vulnerability and at these points, use Excel Acts/Trinity Acts.  On the plus side, he is not as strong as, for example, the bosses on the beach, but beating him is merely a matter of persistence via heating him when he is weak and healing yourself.  You can steal a Sand Castle from him.  When he is defeated, you will gain a Rain Shard, the Murakamo weapon for Rastan, 18,015 Rico, and 160 WP.  Then go up to the top floor (unless you want to gain some experience/WP for new weapon and save, there IS a modestly tough boss ahead).

When you get to the top floor, there are 2 treasure chests straight ahead.  The yellow chest has an Armored Cane for Ryfia and the Red chest as an Elixir.  Follow the path and an intercut will occur.  Prince Weiss has been waiting for you.  Weiss’s body has transformed because he is afflicted with Eesa’s curse.  Weiss has 23727 HP.  I went into this fight with Rastan, Ryfia, and L’Arc all around level 32.  Weiss’s initial attacks are far weaker than his latter ones, so keep everyone healed and try to steal a Firestorm Shard and Rock Shard from him.  While you are trying to steal shards from him, also keep attacking Raystones so you limit his power.  Then, when you are ready to do some damage, you can use Trinity Act with Geo Impact which includes L’Arc’s Gae Bolg, Ryfia’s Aqua Spiral, and Rastan’s Dark Roll to inflict about 10-12,000 points of damage, or about half of Weiss’s life.  Try to finalize him in one turn with either another Trinity Act or by calling a Rogress, because when he approaches 7,000 HP or so he starts casting Dark Flames, which can both kill your party in a single turn and give remaining members status afflictions (poisoned etc.).  Beating Weiss will give you 8,118 XP, 13,256 Rico, and 146 WP (so hopefully you had Ryfia’s and Rastan’s new weapons equipped).

Freya comes at the end of the battle as Rastan is taking out Weiss.  The party gets in the Lightship and heads off, but is attacked.  A flying monster comes an and crashes into the lightship.  The lightship ends up very close to Ebur, so head Southeast and go there.

Ebur Revisited

There is nothing new in Ebur, but you do bump into Mark and find out that he is the one who accidentally ratted you out to Weiss by telling the guards near the border that you were on a “secret mission.”  Go to the manufactury.  There, Maria is talking to Grantz.  Grantz tells us that the flying monster is called Mashgar.  He wants to check the ship’s black box so agrees to check it out mechanically so he can find out where Mashgar is.  Maria wants to come, too.

Go out of town back to the Lightship (North and slightly West).  At the ship, Maria tells of the “ship to the stars” while Grantz says this ship is the famed “Rogress Killer” built to capture Rogress in the Era of Loss.  The mention of Aion Unit scares Maria, but the crew sets out to the Church to the west in search of a Gyro System Chip needed by Grantz to do repairs.

Gula Church Ruins

Upon entering the Church, there is a treasure chest that has the Shield of Ajax.  Then examine the seal.  Rastan will open the lock.  Take the stairs down to B1 storage.  Examine the map type sparkle for lightship parts.  The parts date back to the Era of Loss.  Rastan believes at least one of these parts is a Gyro System Chip.  An intercut happens as Serge takes Ryfia hostage.  Serge wants Rastan to open a seal.  Rastan says the opening the seal will automatically alert the Aion Unit, but Serge tells him to do it anyways.  Opening the seal opens a trap door.  Everyone is sent down except Serge and Ryfia, who follow anyways.  Serge offers to stay and fight a Feldragon you stumble upon, but everyone runs into a shaft to hide from  the Feldragon.  Serge and Rastan appear to have secrets to deal with, but Serge joins the party anyways.

Now you can only go right at the cell when another intercut happens.  There is somebody in one of the cells.  Serge opens the lock to reveal a man that turns into a group of Sauroids.(1047 HP).  Ryfia notes that the Sauroid looks like Prince Weiss.  Follow the path to another seal.  Along the way, you will fight more Sauroids as well as Djinns.   You will need a code to deactivate this seal.  From the fork at the seal, go left to find a yellow chest containing a Moonstone.  Now go back past the seal and along the other route.  You will come to a room with a sparkle at the end.  Examine the sparkle to snag the Blue Bracelet, and go back to where the seal was.  The bracelet contains a code that will unlock the seal.  When the seal opens, go straight.  You will hit another intersection, but to the left is just a jail cell wall.  Go right and head upstairs.  An intercut will happen as the Feldragon breaks through the door.

Gula Church – Facilities B2

Follow the path to another intercut.  We are at a science lab with a “human turned into Feldragon.”  From here, you can only go right, but be careful of the concrete colored tiles as they will block you from being able to go back.  Follow the path to another laboratory, and another intercut.  Here, Serge wants to check it out.  L’Arc wants to help Serge in exchange for the tip about the lightship.  There is transforming code using Hozone.  Ellie was transformed into a Feldragon, and Selena was about to be, but a Dragon’s stone is fused to her body barring completion.  The party runs out of the lab.  At the intersection, a red chest is to the left containing a Cure Sickness.  Go back the other way (what was right) and you will hit a set of stairs.  Another intercut happens, where Ryfia says she thinks they lost the Feldragon.

Gula Church – Facilities B1

There is a seal to the left in the first corridor.  The second left has a sparkle in the room containing a Yellow Bracelet.  There is also a yellow chest containing a Silver Guard.  Go back to the first corridor where the seal was and open it to find a yellow chest with Force Support in it.  The third corridor similarly has a seal, but opening it only reveals a monster.  The final corridor has concrete colored tiles, but hitting them only opens the enemy cell at the end of the path.  Follow the path to come to another seal and unlock it to find stairs leading to a red seal.

Unlocking the red seal leads to an intercut, as the party realizes they are right back where they started.  All of a sudden, Niko gets knocked out.  The Feldragon appears and we now know that it is likely Selena as it has a dragon stone.  However, Serge appears to be ok with killing it.  Kanher (29107 HP) is a fairly easy enemy.  You might use the occasional Excel Act or Trinity system, but basic attacks will do most of the damage.  In fact, it might be a good idea to save some of your energy since you have another boss fight coming up (though he is impossible to beat, so maybe it doesn’t really matter).  Beating Kanher will win you a Full Liquidm 9704 XP, 156 WP, and 15732 Rico.  It also leaves behind Selena’s gem.

The party realizes Niko has escaped.  Ryfia asks Serge if he is sad, to which he responds he “needs more training.”  NOTE:  Before exiting the building, make sure one of your fighting characters has equipped steal abilities.  When you walk out, Ryfia sees Walter, who turns out to also be “Commander Ignacy,” as he is addressed by Rastan.  Hosea has ordered Ignacy to protect the Imaginal Diva and the Child of Eesa.  Aion Unit is the Senate’s Assassin unit.  Rastan was an assassin for the Aion Unit, but according to Ignacy no one outside of the Republic knows about the Aion Unit.  Zamuel was a “personal curiosity” of Ignacy’s, not an assassination assignment.  The fight with Ignacy begins.  Ignacy is very powerful and has 101509 HP.  Also, because he is placed after a really long level (Gula Church) with no saves inside, I tend to think he is intentionally impossible (because it is a pain to try to fight him again and again to figure out any kind of a strategy).  Therefore, I would just accept that you are going to lose and try to steal shards from him, as you can gain a Terra Shard and an Inferno Shard.  Once he defeats you, Ignacy says Leon is the only man who ever managed to hurt him.  Ignacy will have killed the three main Lord Knights if he kills Leon/Rastan.  L’Arc now realizes that Ignacy killed his father, Rex Lagoon.  Ignacy is about to kill Leon when Leslie appears.  Apparently, QED was the Aion Unit.  The Imperial Army appears, too.  Ignacy orders to have the facility sealed off.

The party escapes and we are automatically taken to Ebur, where L’Arc and Cecille are mad at Niko for abandoning them again.  They are also worried that the Imperial Army might find the stranded Lightship, so they decide to go to Grantz quickly.

Ebur, with Parts

Go to Grantz hut.  An intercut will occur.  Deliver the Lightship parts and Grantz will say “just you wait Mashgar.”  Maria comes and mentions the Feldragon at the Church.  Grantz runs of.  Serge gives Maria Selena’s gem.  Serge is revealed to be “Lightening Leon.”  Serge’s good arm was injured fighting Ignacy, which is why he uses magic.  Serge wasn’t in the band of thieves, he snuck into their hideout after being called upon by Zamuel.  Ignacy thought he had killed Leon.  Go like you are leaving town.  When you reach the edge, another intercut will happen, where Leslie appears and says she is there to pick up Serge.  Serge doesn’t to deal with Alf anymore.  Leslie reminds Ryfia that they are enemies.

Outside of town, go northwest to the lightship (it is halfway between Ebur and the Ebur ruins).  At the lightship, an intercut happens.  We find out that Ignacy was after the Olquinian Diva, who employed the Knights.  The Knights saved Adele, but the Church was attacked in retaliation.  Rastan Oigen betrayed them and cost Rex his life.  Ignacy hel Rastan’s family hostage.  Rex knew and willingly fell on Rastan’s blade, but Rastan couldn’t kill him.  Ignacy, however, did kill Rex.  The last thing Rex Lagoon said was, “Rastan’s heart is loyal to us.  I forbid you to seek revenge.  Rastan wants L’Arc to kill him.  L’Arc, confused, says nothing.  Rastan says he will go kill himself.  Ryfia intervenes, but L’Arc says he wants Rastan to live so he can pay for what he did.  L’Arc tries to get Serge to join and help fight Ignacy.  Rastan swears to Serge he knew nothing of the Church’s experiments.  Grantz finished the repairs and leaves.  Ryfia informs of Rogress in four locations.  A long series of intercuts occur whereby we learn how to navigate the lightship and other minor pieces of information.

NOTE:  For the next large chunk of the game, it becomes something of a choose your own adventure, as the lightship can navigate to places we have not been before and you are basically able to choose the quests you want to tackle in the order which seems most appropriate.  The explanations ahead are how I did things, but you do not have to them this way.  Realize that, for example, as I went to the Ellgode Volcano first, you can choose to go to any of the four Rogress locations as you try to gain Rogress for L’Arc.

Lightship Travel

So, you probably have some Guild Quests that need to be fulfilled, possibly “Revenge of the Bugs,” and the “These Fowl Birds!!!” quests, as well as others.  My suggestion is to stagger fulfilling these quests.  There are two new towns, Opalus and Ferris, and several new Moon Inns.  If you have weapons that need XP, fighting monsters while you are traveling is a good way to do this, as is fighting monsters needed for Guild Quests.  I will highlight some of the new areas you can go to, but I would basically get some of the new weapons in Ferris and Opalus and try to gain XP while finishing guild quests.  If go to Ebur Ruins and head northwest, you will find a snowy area.  Opalus can be hard to say, but basically look around the snow and you will find it.


The 15th nomad is located near the Inn.  The snowman next to the Snowman Elder at right before the school has a Gale Shard.  The Self-Blaming Elder gives a River Shard at the home next to the Stubborn Man and Nice Guy.  There are 10 weapons available in Opalus, and some of them are very useful, particularly if you choose to go after the Rogress in the same way I did.  Defender, Perseverance, Regen Blade, Dohji Giri, Coder Hunter, and Excellence all cost 15,000 Rico.  Soil Staff, Earth Staff, Watergun and Watergun II are 20,000 Rico.  Get everything you can.  The waterguns are particularly useful if you are going to Ellgode Volcano, as are a couple of Fire Amulets if you don’t already have them (7,500 Rico each).  New armor includes Silver Plate and Silver Guard for 10,000 Rico, Silk Robes and Shazarant for 12,000 Rico, Silver Boots for 7,500 Rico, and Winter Boots for 9,000 Rico.  Equip yourself as you see fit (though I will note that it seems like the armor available in Ferris seemed a little better, so it may be worth waiting).  The tailor has 14 new costumes at 4,000 Rico each, the Furry Coat, Lonewolf, Moonlight Coat, New Arrival, Slender Coat, Corrupt Teacher, Dark Coat, The Gardener, Lily-White Coat, Grade-Skipper, Midwinter Coat, School-Doctor, Checkered Coat, and Sidekick Style.  NOTE:  If you need Frog Oil for the Risky Experiment Guild Quest, the Snow Frogs just outside of Opalus are good for this.  Fighting the Snow Frogs, Trowbowers, and Y-Verr are good for experience regardless.  (If you want to refill on HP/MP before you head to Ferris you can head to the nearby Waxing Crescent Inn, skip ahead of Ferris below)


Ferris is in the southwestern part of the map, part of the huge land mass.  There is a mountain dividing the lush green area that is home to Jada and the desert to the south.  This desert is where Ferris is, actually in the northwestern part of the desert just south of the mountains.  You will remember that you can’t park your Lightship in the desert, but fortunately there are some green oasis type areas where you can park, get out, and walk to Ferris.  Neat the entrance to Ferris is the 17th Nomad that will give you the map to Ferris.  There is a luggage watcher near the workshop that will give you an MP Quick 3, which appears to be the only “secret.”  There are 10 weapons available.  Pinaka, Makeeri, Jadagna, Arcana Shotel, Drainer Magnum, and Shining Gloves are 15,000 Rico each.  There is also Flamberge, Flameguarder, Wind Aneras, and Wind Guarder for 20,000 Rico each.  Again, buy as much as you can.  If you are going to Ellgode Volcano, Flameguarder is particularly useful.  New armor includes the Adaman Plate and Adaman Guard for 12,000 Rico each, the Linen Cuirass and Wisdom Cloak for 10,000 Rico each, the Desert Boots for 7,500 Rico, and the Adaman Boots for 9,000 Rico.  The vendor here also carries High Liquids now for 2,500 Rico each, so stock up on these if you can.

From Ferris, you can continue fighting and gaining experience for your new weapons, fulfilling guild quests, and there are new inns to investigate where you can fill up HP and MP in between fighting before you go off to capture the Rogress.  I will name these inns by Nomad number.

Waxing Crescent Inn

The Waxing Crescent Inn is west on the same continent as Opulus, but hard to see.  The 16th Nomad is insider of the Inn, while there is a Flood Shard in the barrels outside.

Old Moon Inn

The Old Moon Inn is on the same continent as Ferris, but to the southeast.  The Lady at the Well gives a Revive Bottle.

NOTE:  There is a Firestorm Gem East and slightly North of Ferris, just South of Jada.  You have to take your lightship there.  If you look at the map, just south of Jada, there is a hole like area in the mountains just south of Jada.  Fly there.  You can land, as it is a lush green little area and search around to find the Firestorm Gem.

New Moon Inn

The New Moon Inn is on a large island near Jada.  If you look at the map and see a cluster of islands, it is the largest one.  There is a 4-Leaf Clover outside near a tree.  Inside, the 100th Nomad Kopin will give you the Map of the New Moon Inn.  Talk to the Kopin again for a Ricoalot.

When you are ready, continue on your quest to find the Rogresses.  Remember, you do not have to follow my path, but can substitute any of the 3 other Rogress Locations.  I chose Ellgode Volcano, so my notes are based on this.  The walkthrough should still apply if you do not go to Ellgode, only the order changes.  If you do decide to go to Ellgode Volcano, try to make sure you have sufficient anti-fire equipment, such as Waterguns, Fire Amulets (at least 2), and the Flameguarder.

Ellgode Volcano

Ellgode Volcano should be on the westerly portion of your world map.  Follow the path upon entering to find a red chest with High Liquid.  You will fight Bird of Hell (866 HP), Flame Frog (770 HP), Salamanders (746 HP),and Beezlebubs (802 HP).  Continue following the path until you hit a fork, and go left to the Yellow Chest to get the Ruby.  Equip this on the player who is not wearing a Fire Amulet.  Then go back and take the path to the right to the Lava Overlook.  The Kopin will break a boulder so that you can jump across.  Follow this path to the circular area, and there should be a boulder to the left and a path kind of up and to the right.  Take the path to the right to a red chest with Speed Potion and a Ray Crystal (which you cannot pass).  Go back down to where the boulder was and let the Kopin smash again.  This will take you to another fork.  Stay to the left and follow the edge to find a semi-hidden Green Chest and get a Flame Gem, then back around to the right of the same rock to hit another fork.  Go left to hit a red chest (you probably just saw this from the Green Chest) to get Wepalot then go back to that fork and take the right path where an intercut will happen.

From this point, you are basically competing with Alf, so you want to take the shortest route possible to get to the Rogress.  This means waiting until after you bind with the Rogress to go on a treasure hunt.  With this in mind, go right to the Bloodline Pass cave.  In the cave, there are three forks.  Go right, left, then right.  If you try to go the wrong way and get the treasure, you will basically be given a warning that this will enable Alf to catch up (bad if you are trying to bond with the Rogress).

Now you should be at the Blazing Bridge.  The path here is fairly obvious, and Alf should be far behind you (there will be a brief intercut before you start walking the bridges where you hear Adele and Alf).  NOTE:  The trick here is to barely move the control stick when you are on the bridge.  If you move to quickly, at more than a walking pace, the bridge will collapse and you will fall, allowing Alf to catch up.  After you walk past the first two bridges, you will see a sparkle along a short dead end bridge by the wall (I got this, though it will basically warn you of doing so.  Grab it at your own peril but it’s not necessary until after bonding).  Take the final bridge and you will see a save point.  Save and make sure you have equipped all the anti-flame equipment necessary.

Urgula has 32,074 HP.  His first attack will be Logos, which is fairly strong but will be weakened by your anti-fire equips.  Next he will use Valiant Wave.  For this reason, wait to use Excel Acts, and just destroy Raystones, Defend, and use basic attacks for a few turns.  When you attack him and take no damage yourself with a basic attack, you know Valiant Wave has worn off so go ahead and start your Excel Acts.  Make sure to use Ryfia’s Aqua Spiral and any other Water magic.  If you are properly equipped, defend, and use Excel Acts appropriately, you will be able to defeat him fairly easily.  Also, I was able to steal an Inferno Shard.  Defeating Urgula offers 10,278 XP, 16,590 Rico and 165 WP.  He also drops a Firestorm Gem.

On the way out, go ahead and pick up all those treasures you didn’t before.  Grab the map by the wall after you cross the first bridge on the way back.  The map will show all of the available treasures.  At the fork after where the map was, go left (your right) to find a Gold Chest with the Mirage Gloves.  Undeneath the bridge leading to the Mirage Gloves is an optional enemy, Naberius.  Naberius has 51,539 HP and will drop the Executioner sword when you beat him.  With your same flame equips on that you fought Urgula with, he is not so difficult.  The map also shows another chest near Naberius at the Blazing Bridge area, but you can’t get to it as a Ray Crystal blocks the path.  The cave to the left leads to the Flagrant Valley with 3 chests.  The far left Red Chest has a Reset All, the middle Red Chest has a Specialty M, and the right Yellow Chest has Flare Scale.  Then go to Bloodline Pass.  The left Blue Chest at Bloodline Pass has 20,000 Rico, the right Red Chest has MP Quick 2, and the lower (middle) path Red Chest has Cure Confusion.  On the way out, L’Arc questions the connection between Hosea and Aion Unit.  Save and head out.  Assuming this is the first location you are trying to capture a Rogress at (out of the four locations),an intercut will happen at the lightship.


We find out that Serge had set up defenses on the Lighship.  It takes time to set these defenses up and the ship can’t be used in the air while they are on.  The Imperial Army is going after Opalus.  Since L’Arc’s contract with the Empire ended, he doesn’t want Opalus to end up like Antrax so decides to take the crew there to help defend it.  Go to Opalus.

Opalus, Revisited

An intercut occurs near the entrance to Opalus.  General Elliot got on well with the Lord Knights, so Serge comes in handy.  Walk towards the local school and an intercut occurs with Alf’s crew.  Alf claims Imaginal’s Law will destroy mankind.  Serge calls Leslie “Turemilian Senate Guard, Archon Unit Commander, Captain Leslie Ferrati” and asks her to take them to General Elliot.  Enter the Faculty Wing and go to General Elliot’s office.  We find out that Serge/Leon led a mercenary company when he was 14 years old.  Leslie is watching over Alf since General Elliot doesn’t trust him as Alf sets up a defense strategy – - a permafrost defense shield utilizing Ray.  Leslie was working on a similar “Snowy Project” for the military.  Ryfia believes Adele could be in trouble, but Leslie says there are reinforcements coming from Carbunculus.  Serge suggests going to Carbunculus to since their Lightship is extremely fast to relay the mission directives.  Leslie gives you the HQ Missive and warns you that once the defense shield goes up, you won’t be able to get back into Opalus.  Head out to your ship and go to Carbunculus.

Carbunculus, the Quest for Reinforcements

In case you forgot, Carbunculus is southeast of Opalus (just check your world map).  Once there, go straight to the Senate.  AN intercut will happen in front of the Senate.  L’Arc is allowed to see Director Greenhill, but only after “Lagoon the Cursed” is threatened with the dungeon.  Go up the steps to Parliament then to the Senate Room.  Deliver the HQ Missive papers.  The Senators don’t trust L’Arc, but Shelly convinces them, as she is convinced and appears to be their leader.  Afterwards, L’Arc wants to go back to help Opalus from outside the defense shield.  As we exit Carbunculus, a mystery woman approaches the group stating that Leslie quit the army to take responsibility for a mission failure.  The woman’s name is Angie and she is Leslie’s sister. Angie’s husband was a Senator murdered by an assassin, for which Leslie blames herself.  Head out to the Lightship and fly back to Opalus.

Opalus Defender

Go to Opalus and fly around the shield until an intercut occurs.  The ship parks near a crack in the defenses, just inside the shield.  Walk to Opalus.  You will encounter some familiar enemies on the way, including Snow Frogs, Trowbowers, and Y-Verrs.  When you get to Opalus, go back to General Elliot’s, which is to the left when you hit the gates of the Local School.  Elliot tells us that Adele and group are in the Snowy Temple to the west.  Head towards the town exit and an intercut will occur.  L’Arc has to decide how to deal with Alf when he encounters him.  Serge and Rastan think L’Arc should take advantage of Alf/Adele’s weakened state, but L’Arc disagrees.  Serge and Rastan back L’Arc only because of their trust in Rex.  Go to the Resolvent Iceberg.

Resolvent Iceberg

There is an awkward intercut upon entering where Serge makes of L’Arc and Cecille wanting to get married.  Walk up the ladder directly next to the save to get the Regen Wing in the red chest.  Back down the ladder, go to the right and an intercut occurs.  Leslie is in trouble, so you come to her aid in a fight.  There are 2 male Imperial Knights (1380 HP each) and 1 female Imperial Knight (1039 HP).  Leslie is surprised (and perhaps a little distrusting) that you have come to help Alf.  Leslie goes off to save the townsfolk.  Continue on, where you will likely fight a Snow Vulture (1075 HP).  Go up the ladder and walk behind the temple like structure where there is a red chest with an MP Charge 3 inside.  Go up on the next ladder and walk straight to the Icy Mirror Hall.

An intercut occurs and we are met with a puzzle.  L’Arc will slide across the ice and get stuck, from which point you can only pick one direction to slide in again (sometimes they are obstacles impeding the path in a particular direction).  From the entrance, go up, left, down, right, up and left to get the Diamond.  Then, go right, and up to face the Lucy Mimic (4020 HP), which will give you the Mercury Gloves for winning.  There is one more area from the entrance, but it offers nothing but a single enemy to fight.  However, the way to get there is by going up, left, down, right, up, right, down, and right.  To exit the area, from the entrance, go up, right, and up and take the ladder up.  Go immediately right at the next are to obtain a red chest containing a Cure Binding.  Then go up and right to the Mountain Ruins.  There is a red chest nearby the ladder containing a Full Liquid.  Grab this and go back down and to the right.  Follow the path to the next screen where an intercut occurs with Adele.  Adele saves L’Arc and then goes unconscious.  The Imperial Army comes as Ryfia tries to put the shield back up.  Alf leaves with Adele.  Fight 2 male Imperial Knights and 2 female Imperial Knights.  Defeat them, and Rastan goes to guard the front.  L’Arc goes on his own to talk with Serge who tells L’Arc it is a good time to have a talk with Rastan.  Follow the path back down to Rastan.  Fight two soldiers.  Rastan has to remind L’Arc not to show mercy to the enemy, as one of them almost catches L’Arc by surprise.  Fight two more soldiers.  L’Arc says he can’t forgive Rastan, but will trust him.  Three more soldiers come.  Defeat them, and Leslie follows, announcing the reinforcements have arrived.  They just need to hold the shield for three more hours.  Head back towards Ryfia.

When you get back to Ryfia, an intercut happens.  We find out that Dynos beat up Serge for choosing Leslie instead of his contract with Gula.  Leslie tortured Serge until she believed he had nothing to do with QED, and then decided to help Serge escape.  A guard comes to relay a message from Lieutenant General Elliot to lower the defensive shield.  The party is all back together now (except you do not have access to Ryfia since she has to revive her energy being drained trying to hold up the shield).  Go down to the exit (go down, left, down at the Icy Mirror Hall puzzle).  An intercut occurs near the save point.  L’Arc gives Leslie Angie’s message.  Exit to the World Map and go east to Opalus.

Opalus, After the War

An intercut occurs at the entrance of Opalus with an Old Man.  Go to General Elliot.  Just outside of the school, an intercut happens as the people cheer Alf and rally against “Lagoon the Cursed.”  Cecille is angered, but L’Arc defends the people to Cecille.  L’Arc’s courage wins over Leslie.  Go left at the gate by the school and head back to General Elliot’s office.  Right before entering General Elliot’s office, Niko has to use the bathroom, leaving the party.  Elliot gives L’Arc 86,400 Rico.  Exiting school, L’Arc is conflicted about accepting the money and being a mercenary in general.  Leslie leaves the group to meet Alf, not bothering to answer questions about her intentions.  You can exit town when you are ready.

NOTE:  You are about to go back to gather Rogress.  Again, I am writing based on what I did, but you can use any of the three remaining locations you choose.  If you are going to follow my path, I suggest picking up Wind resistant armore/amulets, such as the Light Amulet.  I also have Amethyst and Moonstone – - these work as well.

On the World Map, the lightship is now named Cecille the Brave, head to it.  An intercut occurs on the ship, as Niko is already there.  If you have any Guild Quests remaining or want to beef up your Weapons (if you are following my path, Rastan’s Wind Aneras and Ryfia’s Soil Staff comed in handy) this is a good time to do so.  Then, go to the Zeifellt Holy Tower (or whatever location you choose).  The Zeifellt Holy Tower is in the Desert, where you can’t land the lightship, so land at the Old Moon Inn and walk up.  Again, use the enemies along the way to build weapons and experience and feel free to rest up at the Inn.

Zeifellt Holy Tower

Intercut upon entering, the building appears to be 100 Floors High and is probably from the Era of Loss.  Take the stairs next to the save point.  You will find Sylpheeds (1057 HP) and Grape Slimes (1091 HP).  Keep going up the stairs until you hit a fork at the top, then go left to get a red chest with an MP Charge 3 in it.  After you hit the red chest, go back to the right and you will come to a collapsed Floor.  Cross it and go down.  On the bottom floor, there is a pot containing an optional boss Berry Slime in the upper right hand corner.  I would avoid it for now, as it is reasonably strong and you will come back to this area later in the game when you are better equipped to fight the Berry Slime.  Therefore, hug the jagged left side and enter the hallway to the next screen.

Walk across the room near to the two elevators.  If you look behind the Mini U-Shaped Gem Encrusted wall directly across from the two elevators, behind this wall is a treasure chest containing Trismegistos.  Snag it, and go examine the elevators.  There is no Ray coming to the elevators, but the right side elevator can only go down without Ray for electricity.  You will automatically be taken to the Console Floor.

At the Console Floor, follow the path to a fork and go left.  You might encounter Living Arms (1443 HP) and Virsagos (1548 HP).  There is a red chest with Cure Silence in it.  Go back to the fork and head on the right path.  Examine the sparkling Device/Ray Console.  Backtrack to the elevator, cross the hall again avoiding the Berry Slime, and go all the way up the sets of stairs but DON’T cross the collapsed floor.  Instead, go right and there is a sparkle behind a grate.  Examine this sparkle for an intercut, as it is the broken part needed for the elevator to work.  Go back down, take the elevator, and go right again back to the Ray Device and repair it.  When you go back up to the Elevator Hall, Alf should be waiting with his crew.  Clyde asks you to stop Alf, saying his plain is foolhardy.  L’Arc is still confused about which Law is right, Cecille convinces him that regardless he should follow Alf and try to gather Rogress so he can make his own decision later.

You are now in a race to the top with Alf’s team.  The elevator is slow, but you do not want to get in any fights and you do not want to stop for treasures (I fled the one fight I got in, don’t know if this makes a difference).  On each floor, only one set of stairs goes up (the other will blockaded or collapsed).  Therefore, I will give you a quick rundown of the fastest way to the top so you can beat Alf and gather Papirusagu.

Elevator Hall – Right
Floor 1 – Right
Floor 2 – Right
Floor 3 – Right
Floor 4 – Left
Floor 5 – Right
Floor 6 – Left
Floor 7 – Left
Floor 8 – Left
Floor 9 – Right
Floor 10 – Right

You should see Alf’s crew in the elevator as you go up.  If you get to the top first, the left elevator will be empty and an intercut will happen opening the antigrav elevator.  Make sure your characters are healed and equipped with wind resistant armor and weapons.  Papirusagu (43157 HP) is actually not very difficult if you are equipped and healed.  Just use Trinity Acts and drop Urgula if you want.  Once you have defeated Papirusagu you will earn a Whirlwind Gem, 12646 XP, 20,087 Rico, and 178 WP.

The usual bonding intercut occurs, then take the antigrav elevator to the Holy Ladder and go immediately right to the sparkle to snag the map of Zeifellt Tower.  If you go to the left, there is a yellow chest with Emerald inside.  Take the left staircase down to another yellow chest with the Wind Tabard.  Take the stairs the same way you came up.  On Floor 8, there is a blue chest with 20,000 Rico.  On Floor 3 there is a Red Chest with MP Quick 3.  An intercut will occur near the collapsed floor on your way out as Ryfia is upset with L’Arc for some reason.  IMPORTANT NOTE:  If this is your second Rogress capture as it was for me, you are about to fight an enemy.  Equip L’Arc, Serge, and Rastan appropriately as they are automatically in this fight, possibly giving them flame resistant armor.  When you get close to the save point, Ryfia will be knocked down by Allocer and you will be drawn into a fight.  Allocer has 22,979 HP.  I stole a Specialty M and found that he was not difficult if I kept my player’s health as full as possible using High Liquids, destroyed Raystones, defended as often as possible, and used Trinity Acts as often as possible.  Just keep in mind that Allocer will use Frantic Defense to deflect damage, so be prepared for this.  Defeating Allocer will give you 10689 XP, 12,074 Rico, 166 WP and a Revive Full.

Back at the Lightship

After you defeat Allocer, you are automatically taken to the lightship.  Rastan mentions a doctor near Carbunculus in a small Noireist hut who can help heal Ryfia.  Cecille and Niko rejoin the party.  The hut Rastan is talking about is the Half Moon Inn which is highlighted on your World Map, so head there.

Half Moon Inn, Doc

Inside of the Half moon Inn, the doctor takes a look at Ryfia.  Meanwhile, Luze and Saura show up.  We find out that Luze is the hierarch of Noireism, but that it no longer carries any real political weight.  After looking at Ryfia, Luze informs the group that Ryfia was just mentally exhausted.  They also inform us that they saw the Aion Unit leading a massive army towards Carbunculus.  An intercut occurs as we head back to the ship, as Ryfia hurries off on her own again.  Ryfia admits to feeling like she is just in the way.  Ryfia joins the party.  Guide the ship towards Carbunculus.

Carbunculus, in Search of the Aion Unit

An intercut occurs upon entering Carbunculus.  Ryfia actually leaves the party.  L’Arc appears to no longer be a Child of Eesa since Ryfia has left.  Everyone in the group is worried about Ryfia and wants go after her except for L’Arc, who is more concerned about dealing with the Aion Unit.

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On August 8, 2010 at 10:00 am

not bad


On August 8, 2010 at 10:10 am

Thanks, much more coming soon.


On August 12, 2010 at 6:43 pm

Kinda disappointing the second time you fight the undead dude at the dragon prison. I was surprised to fight and last 20-30 rounds and still die, but then after leveling for hours through the one small dungeon (to respawn creatures) defeat him in 6 rounds.

I also have to admit my disappointment in this game with the long story in between action. Seems to take hours to wander the royal city and click through ALL the talking to finally have a 1/2 hour of fighting. (sigh)


On November 25, 2010 at 5:56 pm

i love this game…its difficult but very entertaining..except when it gets too hard.. :) )) then i turn to this walkthrough..this is an awesome yet


On January 26, 2011 at 9:40 pm


Do I have a problem with the game or this is normal that Alf is jammed at 681 XP and when i have battles all the party got XP’s except Alf?

thanks to answer


On February 26, 2011 at 11:34 am

Gaetan, does he have the “Nagging Curse” Arm Force in one of his weps? That negates XP income. If he does, you might want to switch his weapon, or just remove that Arm Force.

Hope this helps :/ Sorry if it doesn’t…this is all I’ve got LOL