Arkham Origins: Cold, Cold Heart – Takedown Challenges Guide

Unlock three achievements by taking advantage of the new ice obstacles in the Cold, Cold Heart DLC for Batman: Arkham Origins. These tricky takedown and combat achievements force the Dark Knight detective to dodge ice blasts, or use the changing chilly environment to his advantage. See how to earn “Come Out of the Cold”, “Stalactician” and “Snowjob” right here.

See Mr. Freeze and the XE Suit in action with our Cold, Cold Heart DLC walkthrough. If you’re eager to see more Bat-action, check out the full Batman: Arkham Origins video guide With Mitch. Or get more unlockables and extras just like this on the Batman: Arkham Origins cheats list.

Takedown Challenges Guide

Achievement: Snowjob

  • Requirement: Freeze 3 enemies in one cryo attack.
  • During the DLC campaign, Batman will face off against armored thugs armed with cryotech weapons. Double-tap the run button to dodge and leap over thugs’ heads.

    Back away and wait for the cryotech thugs to fire their freeze beam. While the beam is going, leap behind enemies and lead the beam across melee thugs.

    Freeze three of them in one single beam attack to unlock the achievement. This can be unlocked after returning to the frozen ballroom in Wayne Manor as Batman. Shield yourself from the beam by standing between the goons and the cryotech thug to freeze them.

    Achievement: Stalact-tactician

  • Requirement: Takedown 2 enemies with a single ice stalactite.
  • Once Batman gains the Thermal Suit, he can charge Batarangs with Thermal energy to destroy ice. Use Detective Vision to spot high-lighted ice stalactites.

    Target ice stalactites with Thermal Batarangs, and a message will appear if enemies are standing underneath for a takedown.

    During the third sequence of the battle against Mr. Freeze, before Thermal-charging the last technical panel, four guards will appear near through the entrance doors. At this point, there will be between two and four stalactites above the walkway nearby.

    Wait for the group of four to wander toward the stalactite takedown markers. If you’re patient, it’s a cinch to knock out three or even four thugs with one stalactite.

    Achievement: Come Out of the Cold

  • Requirement: Perform 3 ice wall takedowns.
  • Ice walls begin appearing in the Organics Lab after acquiring Batman’s Thermal Suit. Deactivate the cryofog generators in the lab, and a group of armed thugs will begin patrolling the room.

    There are two Ice Walls here. Use Detective Vision to find them along the outer boundaries of the area. When an enemy is standing near the opposite wall, press [Y / Triangle] to perform a takedown.

    Try using Sonic Batarangs to lead enemies to the wall.

    Many, many more Ice Walls appear during the battle against Mr. Freeze. Use them while fighting the three waves of opponents during the first phase. More Ice Walls will appear after each phase, including the final battle against Freeze.

    Achievement / Trophy Unlocked

    • Snowjob:
      Get 3 enemies frozen in one attack.
    • Stalact-tactician:
      Takedown 2 enemies with one stalactite.
    • Come Out of the Cold:
      Perform 3 ice wall takedowns.

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