Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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Third Facility

  1. Activate scan mode so that you can locate and avoid the land-mines on the path ahead, then follow the designated route out of the second facility and towards your next objective.
  2. Upon breaking through the second facility’s outer fence, use the mech’s boosters to launch yourself forward across the next canyon ahead and land on the road leading up the steep hill.
  3. Drive or fly the mech to the hill’s peak and continue forward along the designated route, then turn right to fend off the enemies in the distance as you approach the bridge ahead.
  4. As you drive across the bridge on the right, continue firing rockets at the flying drones ahead and fend off the snake assault that occurs upon reaching the other side.
  5. Boost forward and fight your way through the constant onslaught of snake enemies by firing upon the source they originate from in the distance.
  6. Continue shooting down the flying enemies located on either side of the canyon walls and rooftops above as you proceed forward through the ruined city, then point the targeting circle into the air and rotate 180 degrees every so often to fend off approaching threats.
  7. Follow the designated route out of the city and towards the pair of lakes in the distance, then boost forward to avoid the oncoming rockets above and drive directly between the two murky pools.
  8. Launch a missile strike on the row of ground enemies ahead and shoot down the flying drone above, then continue along the intended path to reach the third facility and activate a cut scene in which you encounter a Giant Weapon.

Boss Battle: Giant Weapon

  1. After the cut scene, make your way back between the two pools of water and boost in the direct of the Giant Weapon to stay ahead of the laser blasts.
  2. Keep the mech’s crosshairs trained on the mechanical leg currently facing in your direction and open fire on the orange laser that uncovers itself every so often to begin destroying it.
  3. Continue boosting towards the Giant Weapon, using hills or various structures to take cover along the way, and fend off the oncoming projectile assaults as you approach at close range.
  4. While keeping the mech’s crosshairs trained on the Giant Weapon above. approach the robotic leg currently firing the orange laser and stop a few feet away from it so that your targeting circle is pointed almost straight up into the air.
  5. While boosting back and forth to evade the laser blasts, launch missile strikes into the orange target above and fend off counter projectile attacks until the weaponized leg has been destroyed.
  6. Boost sideways to avoid the Giant Weapon’s follow-up assault, then ease off the turbo to circle outside the boss’ lower extremities at a much slower speed and inspect each one of them for activity.
  7. Alternate between boosting away from enemy projectiles and slowly passing around in front of the Giant Weapon’s mechanical legs one-by-one until the orange laser appears again.
  8. Repeat the previous steps to destroy another orange laser, then continue circling around the Giant Weapon and demolishing its robotic extremities until the battle is over.

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