Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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Submerged Coastal Sector

  1. Once the mech is activated, enter scan mode to locate the designated route and move through the tunnel in front of you.
  2. Boost forward through a barricade to encounter a large AC ahead on the left, then destroy this enema by backing away from him and opening fire with your automatic weaponry.
  3. Return to the designated route and smash through a variety of breakable objects blocking the tunnel, then destroy the AC ahead on the right and continue forward.
  4. Defeat the next enemy mech ahead and enter the tunnel to the right of it, then boost to smash through the various obstacles in front of you.
  5. Clear the AC from the next path ahead on the right. then follow this road forward out of the underwater tunnel and back up to the surface.
  6. Destroy the enemies at the top of the next incline by hovering above them and shooting downward, then return to the designated route and follow it to cross the bridge ahead.
  7. Approach the gap in the bridge ahead and aim the mech’s crosshairs towards the search tower in the distance, then stop at the edge of the chasm and open fire on the enemy drones that are now flying in your direction.
  8. Fly across the gap to meet the enemies head-on with continuous fire until you can land on the ship below, then turn around to target the drones flying above and blow them out of the sky.
  9. Jump onto the next section of the bridge ahead and boost forward through the barricades, then eliminate the surrounding ground enemies to activate a cut scene in which you encounter a New Weapon.
  10. Follow the designated route to send the boss running, then drop off the freeway to land in the water below and take cover behind one of the many concrete columns nearby.
  11. Wait for the New Weapon to descend in front of you, then begin weakening the enemy with missile strikes and automatic gunfire.
  12. Dodge counter attacks by backing up into the network of concrete columns around you quickly sidestepping behind cover when necessary.
  13. Maintain your evasive means of attacking the enemy until it disappears into retreat, then follow the designated route to flush the New Weapon out into the open again and continue the assault.
  14. Draw the New Weapon into the water directly beneath the freeway so that the ceiling above will prevent him from making an aerial escape.
  15. Continue wearing down the enemy and weaving through the maze of concrete columns until the New Weapon is finally destroyed, then enter scan mode to follow the new designated route and locate the garage for repairs.
  16. Land on the next partially submerged onramp ahead and drive up it to reach the barricade at the top, then smash through this blockade and destroy the enemy waiting behind it.
  17. Boost forward to vault across the collapsing section of bridge ahead and land on the other side, then continue along the designated route to encounter another New Weapon.
  18. Use a missile strike to eliminate the threats positioned on the rooftop ahead to your left, then shift the mech’s crosshairs to the New Weapon flying above and begin opening fire on it.
  19. Drop into the water and approach the search tower behind you, then begin moving in a circle around its base and boost whenever the New Weapon launches projectile assaults to evade danger.
  20. Continue firing upon the New Weapon and evading attacks from above until the enemy is destroyed, then use scan mode to locate the designated route and return to the freeway.
  21. Follow the road ahead to encounter multiple New Weapon enemies at once, then fly around behind the buildings that line the freeway on either side of you and use them as cover to safely launch long-distance attacks.
  22. If your mech begins to suffer extensive damage, take refuge in the enclosed area located beneath the nearby section of freeway.
  23. Move back and forth between the buildings to fire upon enemies that fly into your line of sight above the freeway, using missile strikes on ones huddled closely together to damage them in unison.
  24. If any of the New Weapons boost in your direction or start teaming up against you, cross to the opposite side of the freeway and continue the assault from there.
  25. Eliminate all remaining New Weapons from the area, then relocate the designated route to continue across the bridge towards the next objective.

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