Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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Executive Sector

  1. Launch your mech across the next gap in the bridge ahead and move forward into the city, then follow the designated route until a cut scene activates in which you encounter a wave of enemy ACs.
  2. Keep your distance from AC blocking the freeway ahead and take him out with a missile strike, then continue forward and approach the bend in the road.
  3. Look past the bend in the road to target the AC sitting on a rooftop in the distance, then boost off the freeway to fly in the enemy’s direction and take him out with your rockets.
  4. Ascend into the surrounding rooftop area and clear out any remaining enemies while jumping from building to building, then drop back to street level and relocate the designated route to make your way down it.
  5. Cross the leftmost bridge that leads to the next area and stop at the hallway point, then target the enemies slightly to your right and launch a missile strike against them.
  6. Retreat back across the bridge and continue moving until the mech reaches the previous fork in the road, then keep your crosshairs trained on the path you just exited and open fire on the enemies as they appear from around the corner.
  7. Ascend to the surrounding rooftops above and jump between them while firing down on the ACs that arrive, then finish clearing the area by staying on the move at all times and drop back to street level.
  8. Follow the indicated route down the right fork in the road and continue forward across the next bridge ahead, then open fire on the drones that are suddenly flying above and shoot them out of the sky one-by-one while using the street corners as cover.
  9. Continue following the designated path deeper into the city and take out the drones that fly above, then use scan mode to locate the garage ahead and use it to make repairs.
  10. Afterwards, follow the indicated path around the next right corner and proceed to fight your way forward down the next street ahead.
  11. Move back and forth across the width of the street to effectively dodge enemy counter fire as you launch multiple assaults of your own.
  12. If the amount of enemy firepower becomes too much to take on at once, back up around the previous corner and wait for the flying drones to appears so that you can shoot them out of the sky one at a time.
  13. Return to the designated route and make your way back down the street you were fighting along earlier, then continue using evasive movements, the jetpack and quick cover behind street corners to survive being overcome by the enemy’s massive presence in this area,
  14. Clear the road and surrounding area of all remaining enemies to receive the newly designated route, then follow it to travel along beneath the nearby overpass and make the last available right ahead.
  15. Cross the bridge to your left and take out the Support AC waiting on the other side, then continue forward to fight your way through a squad of ground enemies and travel beneath another overpass ahead.
  16. Upon approaching the mounted guns located outside the overpass and ahead on your left, fly out over the water beside you to gain full movement for evasion tactics and open fire on the turrets below until both are destroyed.
  17. Follow the designated route around behind the building and shoot down the approaching drones as you continue forward, then use the mech’s jetpack to land on the next bridge ahead and make a left across it.
  18. Launch yourself across the gap in the bridge ahead and land on the other side to continue forward, then turn around and immediately begin opening fire on the enemies quickly approaching from the distance.
  19. Continue forward along the freeway, using the mech’s boost and hover abilities to move past obstacles or enemies without having to slow down, then ascend onto the broken sections of freeway stacked together ahead.
  20. Climb the incline ahead to reach the uppermost section of freeway and fend off the drones hovering around you in a circle, then relocate the designated route and follow it along the freeway for as long as you can.
  21. Use the jetpack to lift off from the freeway and point yourself in the direction of the next objective, then boost to fly forward at high speeds above the submerged rubble and land on the bridge in the distance.
  22. Make your way across the bridge and fly above the next gap in the pavement to continue forward, then land on the other side and boost towards the extraction point ahead to complete the mission.

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