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Marine Facility

  1. Enter scan mode to locate the designated route and the red laser beams that enemies use to aim their weaponry, then boost through the tunnel ahead and follow the targeting beams to eliminate ACs at close range.
  2. Pass sideways through the gaps you see along the tunnel’s center wall to sidestep oncoming danger or move around behind an enemy blocking the entrance to a particular path ahead.
  3. Continue fighting forward and shifting between the two corridors ahead until you reach the home stretch, which is indicated by a long piece of road located within the confines of a single tunnel.
  4. Eliminate the squadron of tanks ahead by launching missile strikes at them from safe distances, then continue in this way through the tunnel until you see the exit appear in the distance.
  5. Boost down the remaining stretch of road ahead and follow it out of the tunnel to activate a cut scene in which you locate the Police Captain, then drive up the incline to reach the surface and continue forward.
  6. Use the jetpack to launch yourself on top of the large concrete cylinders that line the left side of the road, then move forward across these tall containers and locate the enemies below by their red targeting lasers.
  7. Fly back and forth across the cylindrical vats ahead to safely battle or evade the enemies in the surrounding area, then destroy the drones located on perches or rooftops by launching missile strikes and take out the ground units by dropping down beside them to attack at close-range.
  8. Enter scan mode to locate the designated route and return to following it through the current facility area, then continue using airborne tactics to decimate your numerous opponents and make the last available right ahead to cross a long bridge.
  9. Target and destroy the origin of the red targeting laser pointing in your direct, then open fire on the flying drones above as you continue forward across the bridge.
  10. Use the jetpack to launch yourself onto the rooftops of the surrounding structures and eliminate any snipers by attacking at close-range.
  11. Aim the mech’s crosshairs in the direction of the way you just came and shoot down any drones that are still chasing you, then drop back to the leftmost side of the street below and continue across the bridge.
  12. Continue following the designated route ahead and shooting down the flying drones above, then boost forward whenever you see an enemy approach near ground and turn around to eliminate them from a safe distance.
  13. Boost forward or backwards along the current road to continuously position yourself within optimal firing range and to avoid the chance of being swarmed by multiple enemies at once.
  14. Destroy the AC at the end of the first wave of enemies by a series of missile strikes and executing close range attacks, then move forward between the two spotlight towers and enter the next area ahead.
  15. Ascend away from danger, as soon as the first enemy appears, and open fire from an advantageous angle by landing on one of the structural surfaces above or by hovering in place for as long as possible.
  16. Continue following the designated route by jumping across the tops of the structures that run along side, then destroy the enemies you see below to eventually hover and land on the next bridge ahead.
  17. Cross to the other side of the bridge, then immediately use the jetpack to ascend straight up into the air and away from the next AC that approaches from ahead.
  18. Point the mech’s crosshairs straight downward and open fire on the AC as you hover above him at a safe distance, then wait for the enemy to launch a counter attack before retreating back towards the previous bridge.
  19. Drop into the water beside the bridge and wait for the AC to appear from above, then pop out into the open and hit the AC above with a powerful assault before using the jetpack to escape again.
  20. Enter the maze of city of streets located beside the previous pair of spotlight towers and use the sharp turns as cover during the battle with the AC until the enemy is destroyed.
  21. Cross back over the previous bridge and look left to see your mech teammate fly by going in the opposite direction, then ascend into the air and chase after him to relocate the designated route.
  22. Follow your teammate on a short flight across the ocean to discover the next objective’s path and land with the other mech on the wide concrete surface ahead, then begin destroying the surrounding enemies until a cut scene activates in which you prepare to battle the Police Captain.

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