Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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Tower Explosives

  1. Once the mech is active, enter scan mode to locate the designated route and move forward to begin following it towards the bend in the road ahead.
  2. Use the mech’s jetpack to ascend past the next turn in front of you and land on the rooftops above, then move right alongside the indicated path below and take out the sniper perched on the ledge ahead.
  3. Launch yourself across the wide gap between the rooftops ahead and continue firing upon the surrounding enemies until a cut scene activates in which you discover the explosives by the tower.
  4. Shoot down the enemy drones circling above you by discharging a continuous spray of automatic gunfire, then ascend onto the rooftops or sections offreeway above and target the origins of the red laser beams to pick off snipers.
  5. Transfer continuously between the freeway and rooftops as you move across this area to approach the sources of the red targeting lasers without taking damage.
  6. When you make visual contact with a sniper drone, either launch missiles down upon it from an elevated location or drop in right beside the enemy and unload automatic gunfire into him at point blank range.
  7. As you move across this area and eliminate any remaining snipers, keep a fair distance from the tower’s explosives area while passing by to avoid being fired upon by countless turret guns.
  8. Make your way around the rooftops surrounding the freeway below, follow each of the red laser beams back to its source and destroy the snipers until there are none left in this area.
  9. Drop down to street level and follow the designated route towards the tower’s explosives, then begin mowing through the enemy mechs patrolling this area until your teammates arrive.
  10. Approach the area directly surrounding or facing the tower explosives and ascend to the rooftops above to clear out any snipers posted nearby.
  11. Drop back to street level and search the building exteriors surrounding the explosives for small concrete ledge, then ascend to eye level of the enemies perched on these surfaces and destroy them with missile strikes.
  12. Continue clearing the area around the tower until your teammates are able to detonate the explosives, then enter scan mode to relocate the designated route and fly towards the next objective within the city.
  13. Hover along the indicated path between the buildings to land on the railroad tracks below, then boost forward through the train tunnel in front of you.
  14. Stay in the leftmost lane to avoid the explosives blocking the track ahead and continue boosting forward to activate a cut scene in which the Giant Weapon is activated.

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