Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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Father’s Tower

  1. Fight your way the next corridor ahead on the left and follow the other mech forward to navigate the enclosed tunnel, then boost across the last straightaway to exit into the city above and turn left at the top.
  2. Approach the next street entrance ahead and use the mech’s jetpack to ascend, then land on the roof of the building to the left and fend off the incoming projectile assault.
  3. Continue ahead by launching off the rooftop and flying towards the Giant Weapon located a short distance away, then approach the mechanical leg currently firing the orange laser and boost in at close range to destroy it quickly.
  4. Drop back to street level and take cover from the enemy’s follow-up projectile attack by hiding beneath the overpass, then move back out into the open and use the mech’s jetpack to ascend.
  5. Fly to the right around the outside of Giant Weapon and boost into the next mechanical leg equipped with the orange laser, then destroy the weaponized appendage at close range and wait for your teammate to finish the job.
  6. Once all of the immediate threats have been eliminated, follow the newly designated route through the surrounding city streets and employ scan mode to locate the nearest garage for repair purposes.
  7. Re-locate the intended path and boost along it at street level to reach the next concrete ramp ahead, then drive up the incline to reach the freeway area above and continue forward.
  8. Shift into the leftmost lane and launch missile strikes against enemies in the distance as you continue forward towards the city square ahead.
  9. Use the mech’s jetpack to ascend into the air, then fly forward to hover above the area that surrounds the city square lined with red banners below.
  10. Land on one of the nearby rooftops or hover in place for a brief moment so that you can accurately launch missiles into the enemies guarding the square below.
  11. Continue moving between various points across the area overlooking the city square and take a moment at each one to help clear out the remaining threats below with rocket attacks.
  12. Once your teammates radio in with the news that they have entered to tower, descend back to street level and approach the gate lined with red banners to eliminate any drones standing in front of it.
  13. Face the banners and boost to the right , then launch missiles into the AC in the distance and finish him off with automatic gunfire as you approach at close range.
  14. Return to the square and fight off the enemies that run head-on towards the wall lined with red banners until a cut scene activates in which a menacing AC lands nearby and you are charged with destroying it.
  15. Stand a few feet in front of the gate lined with red banners and put your back to it, then begin sweeping the mech’s crosshairs back and forth across the various access points in front of you.
  16. Use automatic gunfire to hold off the enemies that rush towards you within close range and launch missile strikes against the larger AC drones before they get close enough to cause significant damage.
  17. Execute the above tactics to quickly eliminate all enemy variations that approach, before they manage to reach the gate and begin pounding on it.
  18. Destroy the remaining ACs to your left and right, then continue preventing enemies from reaching the tower’s entrance gate until the mission is complete.

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