Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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The Freeway

  1. When the mission first begins, move forward across the freeway and read the information regarding the designated route that will lead you to the next objective or the next target that needs to be destroyed.
  2. Practice the mech’s various combat and movement controls, such as firing your arm cannon or using the jetpack for sprinting maneuvers, then continue down the road ahead and receive your first on-screen objective: Crush the Resistance.
  3. Make your way around the corner and approach a squad of enemy vehicles for the first time, then use the jetpack to launch yourself repeatedly from side to side and dodge the incoming missiles.
  4. Position your large crosshairs over the source of the incoming projectiles and keep it steady, then use the cannon attached to the mechs arm to destroy the patrol of enemies blocking the road and continue forward until you reach the broken edge of the freeway.
  5. Use the jetpack to launch the mech across the gap and land atop the broken section of asphalt on the opposite side, then make your way to the top of the incline and continue forward to clear out the next group of enemies.
  6. After clearing the road, continue forward at heightened speeds by launching yourself forward with the jetpack and stop at the next enemy patrol you encounter to eliminate their presence from both sides of the road.
  7. Continue forward and target the Gun Battery on the rooftop in the distance to your left, then use missiles to destroy this threat and turn your weapons back down the road ahead to eliminate a larger robotic opponent occupying the median.
  8. Take out the small cluster of opponents around the next corner and aim the mech’s weapon sights upwards while continuing forward , then shoot down the helicopter that suddenly rises into the air front of you with missiles.
  9. Wait to allow another helicopter to ascend and destroy this one as well, then use the jetpack to cross the long gap in the freeway ahead and land on the other side.
  10. Fight your way forward and keep your mech positioned against the rightmost concrete wall, then use the jetpack to launch the mech off the broken end of the freeway ahead and land in the street area below on your right.
  11. Make your way up the cut street and doge the attacks of the next enemy ahead by sidestepping them with the jetpack, then destroy this opponent with well placed missile strikes and continue forward.
  12. Stop when you reach the last available street on the right and destroy the transport plane hovering ahead in the near distance, then make your way down that same street beside you and use the jetpack to bulldoze forward through the various obstacles in the road.
  13. Use missiles to destroy the larger enemy waiting for you in the next intersection ahead and make a left at this crossing, then turn around and eliminate the next few enemies that come around the corner.
  14. Return to the intersection to make a left and open fire on the enemies in the distance before they can respond, then continue forward and launch a missile into the rock formation above to bring it down crashing to the ground.
  15. Fight your way forward to the next intersection and activate a cutscene in which you encounter the Leader to complete this part of the mission.

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