Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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The Leader

  1. After the cut scene, back up down the current main road and keep the crosshairs trained directly ahead until you reach the second street to the right.
  2. Wait for the Leader to come into view during his approach on your current location, then begin inflicting damage with a storm of gun and missile fire directed towards the enemy mech’s body.
  3. If the enemy manages to fire off a missile strike, use your machine gun to shoot the rockets out of the air before they make contact.
  4. Before the Leader is within distance for a powerful close-range attack, use the jetpack to launch yourself down the street to the right and around the next corner to move across an open urban area.
  5. Turn around to bombard the Leader with another long-distance assault, after the enemy comes racing around the previous corner in current pursuit of your mech, then continue inflicting damage until a cut scene activates in which the AC withdraws from the fight.
  6. Aim the crosshairs straight up and shoot down any helicopters that happen fly by at this moment, then enter scan mode to re-discover the next objective’s designated route and make your way towards it.
  7. Should you encounter enemy tanks during this part of the journey, move in a circle around them to stay ahead of the cannon and fire charged blasts into the vehicle’s rear to destroy it.
  8. Follow the indicated route as it appears to navigate your way through a series of city streets and bad neighborhoods until you reach a helipad located beside a bridge.
  9. Destroy any helicopters that may currently be using this nearby landing zone and continue entering scan mode every so often to stay consistently along the indicated route until you have defeated the second tank enemy encountered.
  10. Follow the route beneath the next bridge ahead and turn right when you’re on the other side, then destroy the airplane transport in the distance and turn around to enter scan mode ahead.
  11. Move back under the previous bridge and remain beneath the structure as you move along the indicated route, then continue following the bridge around until you see the helipad behind a fence on the left.
  12. Jump onto the unoccupied helipad and press the indicated button to enter the garage and complete this part of the mission.

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