Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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The Sewers

  1. Use scan mode to locate the next direction of the indicated route and follow it away from the helipad and back beneath the bridge you traveled under earlier.
  2. Follow the bridge back around until you see a tank waiting at an intersection in the distance, then approach this vehicle to destroy it and enter scan mode to ensure that you continue along the designated route.
  3. Take out the larger enemies that stand in your way with missile attacks and side-to-side evasive maneuvering, then follow the route’s path across a bridge to destroy the tanks on the other side and shutdown the helicopter that fly by above.
  4. Move forward up the street to approach a larger than average opponent located on the road behind the next intersection ahead.
  5. Position yourself in the middle of this intersection and launch some well-aimed missiles into the enemy mech’s body until visible damage has been caused or a barrage of homing rockets are fired towards you.
  6. As the large enemy mech continues to approach and opes fire with projectile attacks of his own, launch your mech sideways to take cover behind one of the buildings on either side of the street entrance in front of you.
  7. Stay off to the side and out of the large enemy mech’s sight until the counter-attack has temporarily died down, then move back out into the intersection and unload a few charged projectiles into the your opponent’s vehicle for further damage infliction.
  8. You can stand out in the open intersection for as long as you want to line up the next shot for accuracy or to unload as many rounds as possible in a short period. However once the enemy launches a counter-strike, you will need to retreat back behind one of the buildings beside you.
  9. Continue sliding back and forth across the entrance to the street currently being occupied by the Leader, then fire a swarm of missiles strikes up the road in question to inflict further damage upon the enemy mech and repeat this tactic until the boss explodes.
  10. Make your way forward up the street that was just previously guarded by the Leader and enter the next open subway tunnel ahead on the right, then continue down the tunnel until your mech drops through a hole in the floor.
  11. Enter scan mode to follow the designated route ahead until your mech falls through another hole in the floor, then continue forward along the pipeline to reach an enormous and rounded open area.
  12. Drop into the water at the bottom level of this chamber and approach one of the surrounding walls with a narrow and broken ledge sticking out from it above.
  13. Jump onto what’s left of this inclined walkway and use it to enter the next tunnel above on the right, then move through it to reach another rounded chamber and make a right up the ledge just outside of the open doorway.
  14. Make your way around the narrow incline to turn right into the tunnel you find at the top, then repeat this strategy to scale two more of large rounded rooms located within the sewers.
  15. After climbing to the top of the third rounded room, make your way forward to pass the open tunnel on the right and move into the next area ahead to complete the mission.

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