Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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The Tunnel

  1. Destroy the bigger and stronger ACs that are now guarding the city by retreating from them down long straight-aways, then fire at them while moving backwards with missile volleys to cause damage from a safe distance.
  2. Use scan mode after each battle with an AC to continue following the designated route out of the city until you drop onto a bridge lined with railroad tracks, then move towards the next wave of enemies to approach the tunnel entrance.
  3. As you follow the railroad tracks forward across the bridge, defeat the AC units you encounter by using the jetpack to circle around them at high speeds and fire continuously with missiles or machine gun rounds.
  4. Clear away enemies guarding sections of the designated route in the distance by firing a series of missile strikes in their direction while continuing to move forward, then launch yourself on top of the surrounding walls on either side of you to destroy the snipers at close range.
  5. Drop back onto the train tracks after eliminating the first pair of snipers and continue forward along the designated path, then use the jetpack to launch yourself into the tunnel entrance ahead at high speeds.
  6. Stay on the center pathway as you move forward through the tunnel until an armored train appears ahead, then slide over onto the leftmost set of tracks to enter pursuit of this vehicle.
  7. Use the jetpack to keep up with the moving train in front of you, then target the transport and unload a volley of missiles or a burst of machine gun fire into its rear car whenever possible.
  8. Skid back and forth across the tunnel to evade the oncoming projectiles fired from the train, then continue shooting the armored vehicle until it comes to a stop and move in for a closer range attack.
  9. Assault the stalled-out train from a near distance with your most powerful weapon until the transport begins moving again, then use the jetpack to quickly regain pursuit.
  10. Continue attacking the train without losing sight of it until the armored transport is finally destroyed, then move forward through the wreckage until a cut scene activates in which the police ACs arrive on the scene.
  11. Turn around to target the approaching police ACs and launch yourself backwards to avoid an initial ambush, then fight off the enemy mechs as they appear with sweeping sprays of machine gun fire.
  12. Use the columns and doorways that pass in front of you as of cover while fending off the oncoming police ACs.
  13. Wait for one of the ACs to blast towards your current position at high speeds, then dodge this charging enemy by launching your mech sideways and begin opening fire on him with close-range missile strikes.
  14. Destroy the first enemy mech that charged towards you before one of his teammates can arrive to help, then continue retreating down the tunnel to repeat the previous assault on the remaining ACs.
  15. Defeat all of the police ACs, then continue pursuing the armored train by blasting forward through the tunnel until a cut scene activates to complete the mission.

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