Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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Armored Train

  1. Use the mech’s turbo boosters to blast yourself across the bridge at high speeds, then continue forward along the designated route upon reaching the city streets on the other side.
  2. Shoot down the enemy aircraft that appear as you take the last left corner ahead, backing up if necessary to get a clearer line of sight on each opposing target.
  3. Use missile strikes to eliminate the sniper mechs in the distance and continue fighting your way forward down the street, then take the right turn indicated on the designated route ahead.
  4. Take out the sniper perched on the upper ledge of the building in the distance, then destroy the tanks blocking the rightmost path ahead by using missile strikes.
  5. Switch to the street that forks left around the building and continue forward across the bridge to reach the next area of the city, then turn right to open fire on the aircraft with machine guns and the tanks in the distance with missiles.
  6. Move forward and turn down first available street on the left, then use missiles to destroy the tank waiting at the end of the road and shoot down the aircraft that follow.
  7. Make a right to take out the tanks and other enemies ahead, then shoot down the sniper perched on the last building to your left and follow the designated route around the next turn.
  8. Drive forward beneath the overpass and use rockets to clear the path ahead of enemies until a cut scene activates in which the armored train returns, then drive over to the nearby garage by following the on-screen indicator and repair your mech for the next battle.
  9. Afterwards, enter scan mode to locate the new designated route and use your mech’s turbo boosters to boost forward along it at high speeds.
  10. Use the hover jets to launch yourself onto the overpass you were battling beneath earlier and turn right, then move forward to approach the railroad tracks ahead and wait for the armored train.
  11. After the train passes by on the rails above, launch yourself up onto the tracks to begin pursuit and fire upon the rear car with missile strikes.
  12. You can choose to either evade or destroy the snipers aiming their laser sights down onto the train tracks from the surrounding rooftops above.
  13. Use the boosters to keep up with the train and disable it car-by-car with continuous missile fire, then move up alongside the transport after the first three sections are destroyed.
  14. Continue firing missiles into the cars ahead that are still intact and using the boosters to keep pace with the train until you’ve disabled enough sections to bring the transport to a stop.
  15. Drive the mech forward to the front of the stalled transport and continue firing upon each of the cars as you pass by until a cut scene activates in which the entire train explodes.

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