Armored Core 5 Walkthrough

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First Two Facilities

  1. Once you have control of the mech, enter scan mode to locate the designated route and boost forward to begin making your way down it.
  2. Continue following the path ahead to reach a grassy field area and pass by a radio tower on your right, then move along the designated route to pass by a second radio tower and approach the next area with caution.
  3. Make your way slowly up the road until you are attacked by oncoming snake enemies, then shift into revers and fire backwards to blow them out of the sky.
  4. Drive back up the previous road and drop into the next area ahead, then point your crosshairs in the direction of the last snake attack’s origin and continue to shoot down these rapidly approaching enemies.
  5. Relocate the designated route and continue following it across the area, then enter scan mode to search the next path around every corner ahead for land mines and destroy the ones you find with long-range missile strikes.
  6. Check repeatedly for any overlooked landmines that still remain in your path by discharging a burst of gunfire into the road ahead every few seconds to see if anything detonates.
  7. Continue following the designated route to reach an enormous crater in the ground ahead, then use your boosters to ramp off the lip of the pit and land in the hole below.
  8. Make your way over to the incline that leads out of the crater and destroy the enemies guarding the path by firing rockets from a safe distance.
  9. Use automatic fire to mow down the flying enemies that swoop in for an attack, then continue making your way up the incline and the hills above it to reach the next area above.
  10. Enter scan mode to relocate the designated route and get back on it, then fire continuously into the area in font of you to fend of oncoming snake creatures.
  11. Destroy the nearby ACs with missile strikes from a safe distance and follow the indicated route into the next area ahead littered with ancient ruins, then make a left through the burning debris to enter the garage and repair your mech.
  12. Afterwards, use scan mode to relocate the designated route and move forward to make your way down it once again.
  13. Take out the enemies beside you and enter scan mode to locate the new designated route, then boost towards the objective in the distance and turn left in front of the next grassy hill ahead.
  14. Weave through the trail of land-mines on the ground in front of you and make a right onto the highway road ahead, then destroy the enemies in the distance by launching missile strikes from long range.
  15. Continue forward along the road and take out the flying drones in the distance by launching rockets from the hilltops, then boost towards the facility ahead on the left.
  16. Drive onto the ridge across from the facility so that you are overlooking from the front gate, then take out the enemies guarding the area by launching missile strikes.
  17. As approaching enemies grow in number and strength, take cover under the bridge to your left and use it to remain safe in between firing upon the enemies flying above.
  18. When the air attacks have ended, continue along the designated route to enter the facility ahead and destroy the enemy mechs patrolling the streets.
  19. Clear the streets of all remaining enemies to activate a cut scene and receive the directions to the third facility, then use scan mode to locate the designated route and make your way down it to complete this part of the mission.

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