Assassin’s Creed 3: Tyranny of King Washington Episode 2 Guide

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  • Episode 2: The Betrayal

    1. After talking with Ben Franklin, Washington will show up. After he hits you with a shield blast with his staff, use Eagle Flight to attack him. After he knocks you off, repeat this process, but make sure you don’t use Eagle Flight until after the the shield around him touches the floor and starts coming toward you.
    2. Hit pause and activate Wolf Cloak. After he hits you with a fireball blast from his staff, use Wolf Cloak to sneak up on him and give him a few whacks (note: if the glowing orbs touch you, your cloaking power will stop).
    3. After you repeat the last step, you’ll fall onto a patch of Animusish stuff? Wait for the patch to light up, then use Eagle Flight to fly to next one. Continue to fly to patch to patch in this weird sort of dream sequence before you finally reach the last one, which will eventually disappear and you’ll fall down into a loading sequence.
    4. Following the loading sequence and the cutscene, you’ll immediately be spotted by enemies. Fight them off, then take to the roofs to head for the exclamation point on your map to officially begin the next mission.
    5. Following the cutscene, head for the yellow circle on your map to enter the Bluecoat tavern (there will be lots of enemies along the way, so stick to the rooftops to avoid them). Once you reach the roof of the tavern, perform a double Eagle assassination on two of the enemies down below.
    6. You’ll then have to fight off a rather large group of enemies before entering in through the tavern doors. Once inside, walk around to the back, toward the gold circle on your map and talk to the fella standing by himself.
    7. He’ll challenge you to a game of checkers and you’ll have to take just two of his pieces. After eavesdropping on the nearby conversation and capturing two of the guy’s checkers, you’ll have to sneak up on the messenger and pick his pocket. Use Wolf Cloak to slip past the two Bluecoats who will walk past you, then stealthily pick his pocket once he turns right down the alley.
    8. So now it turns out you’ll have to return that message to the messenger after watching the cutscene. Use Eagle Flight to get up on the nearby roof. Quickly use Eagle Vision and you may be able to find the messenger quickly (he’ll be gold in Eagle Vision). If not you’ll have to jump from roof to roof around the outer green circle on your map. Look around with Eagle Vision on each roof and you should eventually spot him down below.
    9. Once you locate him, drop down from a safe distance, use Wolf Cloak to sneak up behind him while hidden and place the message back on him. Next, head for the yellow circle on your map, which will lead you to a boat that is being built (use Eagle Flight to get up onto it).
    10. Following the cutscene, you’ll then have to kill the two guards from the lookout points. Use Eagle Flight to reach their posts and you should be able to easily sneak up behind them for stealth kills. Return to your vantage point up on the boat for a cutscene.
    11. Right after the cutscene with Franklin and the messenger, follow the on-screen button sequence to fire arrows in an attempt to kill Franklin. Sprint down the boat and chase after. He’ll eventually fall to his knees and you’ll easily be able to catch up with him.
    12. After you apprehend Franklin, you’ll have to keep pushing him along every time he refuses to keep moving forward. Once you spot guards, follow the on-screen instructions and use Wolf Pack to take them down. Continue moving Franklin toward the yellow circle on your map to complete the mission.

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