Assassin’s Creed 3: Tyranny of King Washington Episode 2 Guide

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  • Episode 2: The Betrayal

    1. Head for the exclamation point on your map to begin the mission. Following the cutscene, head to the tavern (the yellow circle on your map). Once inside, go and talk to the Bluecoat sitting at the checkers table over to the left.
    2. Yep, you have to play another minigame of checkers. You’ll won’t have to beat him, as he will eventually divulge enough information and then you will be allowed to “rage” against him.
    3. Time for a good old fashioned bar fight! No weapons, only fists. And the other guys are pretty good fighters, so use the counter button regularly and inflict maximum damage be performing punching combos to take them out.
    4. After you clear the entire room—yes, you will literally have to fight off each guy—exit the tavern. Outside, you’ll have to escape and become anonymous, which shouldn’t be too difficult with Eagle Flight.
    5. Once you are in the clear, the game will automatically cut to a loading scene. You’ll now have to “investigate the scene of the slaughter.” Use Eagle Flight to fly up to the tree branch right in front of you, then fly to two trees to your left.
    6. Drop down, hide in the nearby bushes and use Wolf Pack to kill the two guards up ahead. Equip Wolf Cloak as you advance and stealth kill the two guards who will come walking through the doorway straight ahead.
    7. Turn right to hide in the wagon of hay to recollect your health/powers. Exit the wagon, equip Wolf Cloak and head down the path to the right. Stop an examine the article of clothing from Sam’s uniform in front of the dead horse.
    8. Hide in the bushes under the tree by the horse, equip Wolf Cloak and continue forward down the path. After you pass all of the slain men, stop to inspect Kanen’to:kon’s tomahawk, then quickly hide in the bushes to the right before the cloak wears off.
    9. You’ll then have to head for the boat (the yellow icon on your map). Continue to use Wolf Cloak and hide in nearby bushes to get there undetected. Also, use Wolf Pack anytime you see any nearby guard dogs to take them out.
    10. Once you make it to the water, head into it and swim across to the pier. Pull yourself and talk to the guy with the hat for a cutscene and the completion of the mission.

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