Assassin’s Creed 3: Tyranny of King Washington Episode 2 Guide

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  • Episode 2: The Betrayal

    1. Head for the exclamation point on your map to go talk with Franklin. Following the cutscene, equip Wolf Cloak, quickly catch up with the Bluecoat with the yellow icon above his head and perform a stealth kill after he turns down the alley to the right.
    2. This part will be hard if you want to remain undetected, but as soon as you perform the kill, look for the two guards who will be patrolling this area. If they are coming toward you, use Wolf Cloak again quickly and slip behind them and look for something to hide behind (it’s OK if they find the body).
    3. Use Wolf Pack to take them out. Unfortunately, three more will show up. Wait for your powers to regenerate and repeat. The area should be clear. Go and pick up the Bluecoat with the blue icon above him, turn around and head through the doorway and take him to Franklin.
    4. Following the cutscene, you’ll have to protect Franklin and stay stealthy as you make your way to Faulkner. After you head down the steps, stay hidden behind the fence and use Wolf Pack to take out the Bluecoats that will be approaching Franklin.
    5. Continue to follow Franklin as he turns left down the main street. Once you turn right around the building and see the large wagon of hay, two guards will accost Franklin. Switch to Wolf Cloak, sneak up behind them and quickly perform two stealth attacks.
    6. After Franklin then turns left, he’ll then make a right down an alley without being questioned by other Bluecoats. You won’t be able to slip past the two guards—even with your cloak since the alley is so narrow—so after you switch to Wolf Cloak, quickly head down the path, turn right around the building and then make another right to meet Franklin on the back side.
    7. Following the cutscene, use Eagle Flight to fly up to the roof in front of you. From there, fly to the tip of the ship. You’ll then have to use an Eagle assassination on the four snipers on the boats.
    8. From there, swim back to the Aquila and cut the three ropes. In order to remain hidden, use Wolf Cloak when cutting the second one, then drop down over the ledge, wait for you powers to recharge, then use Wolf Cloak again, climb up and cut the third. Quickly jump in the water and swim away to become anonymous.

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