Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Virtual Training Walkthrough

The Assassin Animus is a powerful piece of technology, and among its many facets is the ability to provide you with a little extra training. There are so many skills involved in being a successful Assassin, and it helps to have a virtual reality program on your side that enables you to practice them all.

There are also tangible rewards for excelling at these virtual training challenges, in the form of medals. Get a a bronze medal on all of them, and you’ll unlock Raiden’s snazzy armor, and finally get to live out your Metal Gear Solid-meets-Parkour fantasies. Further acquisition of medals will earn you trophies/achievements — some of the challenges, however, are hair-tearingly difficult! Thankfully, we’re here to help. Starting very soon, our master Assassin/videographer will be filling this page with annotated video guides to all the challenges. Don’t miss a single one!

Stealth Assassination

Hidden Blade 1

  1. Start off by turning around and climbing up the left most platform. Hold A to fast walk and kill guard #1.
  2. Turn around and jump across the three platforms, then jump to the footholds on the wall to the left. Climb up and assassinate guard #2.
  3. From there, jump to the platform directly to the right and drop down to kill guard #3.
  4. Head forward across the beam and perform a ledge assassination on guard #4 straight ahead.
  5. Pull yourself up and then jump down to the bottom level. Head forward and pull yourself up to the next platform so you can kill guard #5. Make sure that you’re on the left side of the platform so you don’t wind up in the guard’s sight when you pull yourself up.
  6. After killing the guard, head left and drop down to the bottom floor. Maneuver around to the guard’s back and pull yourself up to the ledge to kill guard #6.
  7. The next two guards can be killed in whatever order you want. If you have a flair for the dramatic, climb up the footholds to the left to kill guard #7 at the top, and then perform an aerial assassination to kill guard #8.

All Weapons 1

  1. Do the same as above, except you can use your crossbow to kill guards 2, 4, 5, 6, and 7. By killing them with the crossbow, you save yourself the time of having to climb up to them.

Hidden Blade 2

  1. Head up the steps to the left and continue across the boards but stop on the last one. Climb up the wall and take out guard #1.
  2. Head right and climb up the next wall to get guard #2.
  3. Turn left and move across the beams to reach guard #3. Be careful when coming off the last beam. As you can see in the video above, if you come off too fast, the guard will notice you and you’ll fail the mission.
  4. Turn around and jump back to the middle beam. Climb up the wall to the left and take care of guard #4.
  5. Cross the beam to the right but before you reach the end, make sure to jump early so that you land on the ledge just behind guard #5. From there you can get an easy ledge assassination
  6. Move to the edge to the left and press “B” to silently drop to the platform below. If you jump off, guard 6 will hear you and turn around.
  7. Jump behind guard #6 and quickly take him out. From there, run to the left and run up the steps to grab the footholds above.
  8. Grab the ledge of the platform above and shimmy a bit to the left so you don’t get spotted by guard #7 above. Pull yourself up and assassinate him from the side.
  9. Finally, press “B” near the east ledge to drop down and then press “B” again to drop all the way to the bottom, but be sure to mash “B” as you fall to grab hold of the next ledge below. Once you’ve grabbed on, perform a ledge assassination on guard #8.

All Weapons 2

  • Start off the same way as before to kill guards #1 and #2.
  • Use your crossbow to kill the guard (guard #3) just ahead at the top of the tall platform.
  • Turn left and proceed across the beams to kill guard #4 with your hidden blade.
  • With him dead, turn around and kill the next guard above with your crossbow.
  • Turn left and hop across the beams to the top platform so you can ledge kill the guard up ahead.
  • Wait on the ledge for the guard below to check out the guard you just threw off the ledge. When he exposes himself, perform an aerial assassination on him.
  • Finally, just use your crossbow to take out the remaining enemy to the right.
  • Hidden Blade 3

    1. Start off by heading up the steps to the left and assassinating guard #1
    2. Next, jump to the footholds to the left and climb up to the top to find and kill guard #2.
    3. Head left and drop down to the platform below. Keep running forward and press “X” as you near the edge to trigger an aerial assassination on guard #3 below.
    4. Head under the arch and run up the wall up ahead. When you reach the peak of the wall run, hold right and jump to the pole. Climb up to the ledge above and use a ledge assassination on guard #4.
    5. Drop back on to the pole and turn around. Run across the pole to the other side and then run up the wall. Use an aerial assassination to take out guard #5 below.
    6. Use the poles to jump across the gap and then run up the wall to the right so you grab the ledge. Use a ledge assassination to take out guard #6 above.
    7. Turn around and drop down as you head for the red steps up head. Take out the enemy straight ahead by jumping to the pole sticking out of the wall, climbing up and then using a ledge assassination.
    8. Pull yourself up, face left and jump toward the pole so you can pull yourself up to the platform where the final guard is waiting.

    All Weapons 3

    1. This time, head up the steps to the right from the start. Start heading up the second set of steps to the right, but pause on the last step. Turn the camera so you can see the enemy on the platform behind you and hit him with your crossbow.
    2. Wait for the other enemy on the platform to come over to check his partner out and then hit him with the crossbow as well.
    3. Now turn the camera back to where you were facing as you headed up the steps and take out the enemy on the platform up ahead with your crossbow.
    4. Head left and you’ll spot too more guards in the distance. Use your crossbow to take out both of them.
    5. Head across the beam and use an aerial assassination to take out the guard below.
    6. Head through the archway and make a right to spot the next guard on the platform up ahead. Use your crossbow to take care of him as well.
    7. Finally, to get the last guard, just get closer and hit him with your crossbow. You can run up the wall and jump to the pole like you did before and then pull yourself up to the platform above.
      1. The main thing to note throughout all of the combat missions in the virtual training, and throughout the actual game for Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood, is to start things off with a counter-attack.
      2. After hitting a counter-attack, which is done by holding “RT” and pressing “X” just before an enemy strikes, you’ll be able to then chain assassinations by just holding a direction and pressing “X.”
      3. Don’t just mindlessly mash “X” though during an assassination streak. Wehn you see an enemy’s health bar flash white, it means they’re going to be the next one to attack you.
      4. First priority when selecting your next target should go to the enemy who is going to attack next. If their bar starts flashing as you finish your current kill animation, kill them before they get a chance to attack you.
      5. However, if their health bar flashes white in the middle or at the start of your current assassination animation, be ready to counter their attack. You can cancel an assassination animation at anytime if you successfully land a counter, so never think that it’s too late to counter.
      6. Second priority should go to the big enemies wielding axes and giant swords. These guys use attacks that can’t be countered. Instead, you must dodge their attack by holding “RT” and pressing “A.”
      1. For the flag hunts, the basic rule of thumb is to plan out a route that lets you get all of the flags in a logical order so you don’t waste time backtracking to get a flag that you should’ve gotten while you were in that area.
      2. Check the video above for the paths that I used for each of stages. They may not be the optimal route for flag hunting, but I finished each stage with several seconds to spare in the gold medal time. Just hold down sprint, cut corners when possible and never slow down.
    8. Combat

      Flag Hunt


    1. Be sure to pay special attention during the first race, which is the tutorial race. It will teach you all of the necessary skills you need to know to get a fast enough time to get the gold medals.
    2. The most notable of these skills are: The Free Run Early Leap and the Free Run Drop.
    3. The Free Run Early Leap is used usually when you have to jump down into an opening with a wall in front of you. Just press “A” to jump early to land in the opening. If you just use a normal free run to leap off the edge, you’ll run into the wall, drop down into a small pit, and will have to pull yourself up, costing you precious time.
    4. The Free Run Drop is used when there is a wall in front of you and you just have to drop down to a lower platform. Instead of jumping into the wall by just sprinting off the edge, let go of “A” while still holding “RT” to drop down to the ledge below.

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