Asura’s Wrath Walkthrough

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  • Episode 9: The Best Laid Plans

    1. Press the indicated buttons to charge forward and launch yourself into the air, then continuously target multiple points on the spacecrafts below and unleash blasts of rapid fire.
    2. Destroy as many of the starships and smaller vessels as you can while approach the larger one below until a cut scene activates, then press the indicated buttons to sprout extra arms and smash through the top of the craft to enter it.
    3. After the ship you’re on is targeted for destruction, focus your crosshairs on the multiple incoming vessels and blow them out of the air with rapid fire.
    4. When rockets are fired at you, press the indicated button to catch them and toss the explosive back into the ship that unleashed the projectile to begin with.
    5. Continue attacking the fleet until you can activate a Burst attack that launches Asura off of the large stagecraft and through the next one above to activate an extended cut scene in which you infiltrate the mothership.
    6. Attack the line of the smaller enemies in front of you and jump out of the way before the larger guard behind them fires a ball of blue light, then charges towards the enormous mechanical opponent and strike him with a melee combo assault.
    7. Continue striking the large guard with combos to continuously throw him around the level and shoot down the flying robots with rapid fire attacks, then use counter-maneuvers to toss rockets back at the enemy and defeat him.
    8. Approach the blast door at the back of the room and press the indicated button to smash through it, then enter the next hall ahead and take out the tow enemies wait for you.
    9. Enter the next room in front of you and use counter attacks to clear out another wave of enemies, then smash through the blast door ahead to encounter Taison Nyudo.
    10. Run from side-to-side to avoid the projectiles Nyudo fires on top of you and jump over the blue laser he sweeps across the area after that.
    11. As you dodge Nyudo’s attacks, use rapid fire to take out the flying robots above and to begin inflicting damage on the boss until your Burst meter is full.
    12. Use a Burst attack to punch Nyudo through the floor and enter the Mantra Chamber, then vault over the line of shielded guards ahead and attack them from behind with melee combos.
    13. Use counter-maneuvers to toss rockets back at the larger guard firing them at you and continue clearing out the smaller enemies until the Burst meter is full, then eliminate the remaining opponents and use the special attack to smash through the next door ahead.
    14. Use melee combinations, special strikes and rapid fire to take out the enemies on the elevator you’re occupying, then press the indicated button to catch the larger guard falling from above and continue clearing the platform.
    15. Use a Burst attack to drag the large guard the rest of the way up the elevator and enter the mothership’s cockpit, then press the indicated button to shut Kalrow up and continue the cut scene.
    16. Follow the on-screen prompts to strike Kalrow’s escape pod and tap the indicated buttons to begin crushing the vessel into a ball, then use a Burst attack to kill Kalrow and complete the episode.

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    On February 22, 2012 at 5:14 am

    The best walkthought ever!!!

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    On February 22, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Copyright huh…you guys legit?


    On February 22, 2012 at 10:10 am

    … well i’m going to have a hard time with this game w/o your walkthroughs…