Asura’s Wrath Walkthrough

Table of Contents

  • Episode 10: Words of Wisdom

    1. Press the indicated button to break your stare from the servant girl’s chest, then follow the on-screen prompts to perform a variety of relaxing tasks and look around the pool area.
    2. Continue drinking from the flask in from of you until the Burst meter is full, then use this special maneuver to make your move on the girl and continue the cut scene.
    3. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Like a Fish (15 points): Knock back a few bottles.
    4. Achievement / Trophy Unlocked: Denied (15 points) Get scolded by your former master in Episode 10.
    5. Press the indicated buttons to begin your flashback battle and take out the surrounding howlers with various melee combos, then move into the cave entrance ahead and follow the on-screen prompt to dodge the Gohma Charger.
    6. Keep your distance from the charger until it runs towards you, then jump out of the way and attack the creature from behind until it’s defeated.
    7. Run towards the next charger in the cave tunnel ahead and jump over the creature as it attacks, then strike the enemy from behind as you did before to eliminate it.
    8. Make your way forward through the tunnel to exit the caves into the next clearing, then take out the charger and howlers by building your Burst meter with melee combos.
    9. Use a Burst attack to clear the area of enemies and smash through the rockwall nearby, then enter into battle with the squasher by using the same assault methods as you did with the previous one.
    10. Continue assaulting the squasher and the other chargers that appear until your Burst meter is full, then use this special attack to defeat the turtle monster and activate a cutscene.
    11. Press the indicated buttons to sprint forward in a race against Augus and continue the cut scene, then follow the on-screen prompt to stand up out of the water and complete the episode.

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