Asura’s Wrath Walkthrough

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  • Episode 17: Clay Feet

    1. Press the indicated button to blast between the giant’s closing hands and activate a cut scene, then fly the hover bike up and around the various obstacle while destroying enemy vessels with rapid fire.
    2. When you reach the mechanical ring emitting various blue beams, target the inner circles and blast them repeatedly with rapid fire while dodging the automatic lasers.
    3. Use a Burst attack to smash through the inner circles and enter the inner chamber, then target and destroy the power columns above with rapid fire until you reach the top of the chamber to exit the area.
    4. Navigate the hover-bike up, down, right and left to dodge the lasers that beam across the tunnel ahead, then use rapid fire to destroy obstacles that completely block your path.
    5. Look for the small square openings in the laser grids to pass through them safely and exit the tunnel, then target and destroy the weak points on the next three starcrafts as you fly around them.
    6. Dodge the large laser blasts that emit from each of the ship by moving back and forth across the screen, then continue attacking the enemy crafts and use a Burst attack to return to the tunnel.
    7. Press the indicated button to boost up the tunnel and enter the next area above to activate a cut scene, then follow the on-screen prompt to fend off the lightning attack and begin the battle with Deus.
    8. Strike Deus with combination blows in unison with Yasha to inflict damage with a double-team assault and knock the boss to the ground, then attack his fallen body until the enemy teleports to a far distance.
    9. Charge towards Deus and jump over the white circles on the ground to avoid being electrocuted, then continue your attack on him when you are within range.
    10. Continue knocking Deus down and press the indicated button to execute a follow-up attack, then use a Burst maneuver to switch your character perspective to that of Yasha.
    11. Charge towards Deus and sidestep or jump to avoid his lightning attacks, then unleash a series of melee combinations at close range when you are in within distance to strike.
    12. Knock your opponent to the ground and continue hitting him with combinations until he teleports away, then repeatedly inflict damage through special attacks to fill the Burst gauge.
    13. Use a Burst attack to bring Asura back into the fight, then follow the on-screen prompts to unleash a second Burst attack upon Deus and activate a cut scene.
    14. Press the indicated buttons to fight back against Deus and return to one-on-one battle, then run sideways and jump to avoid the lightning attacks.
    15. Use a jumping strike to move in on Deus at close-range and follow it up with combination attacks, then knock him to the ground and continue the assault.
    16. Repeat the previous attack strategy until Deus comes charging towards you from a distance, then press the indicated buttons to catch him and deliver a furious beat down.
    17. Continue striking Deus with combinations, then use a Burst attack to defeat him with a fiery punch and complete the episode.

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    On February 22, 2012 at 5:14 am

    The best walkthought ever!!!

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    On February 22, 2012 at 10:01 am

    Copyright huh…you guys legit?


    On February 22, 2012 at 10:10 am

    … well i’m going to have a hard time with this game w/o your walkthroughs…