Posted on September 14, 2007,

August NPD: 360 Way Up, PS3 Down, Nintendo Hardware Still Dominating

madden_08_cover1.jpgIt’s my favorite time of month – when the previous month’s NPD numbers are released, and fanboys can be put in their place. August was quite a month with the release of Madden (always a big story), BioShock (how well did it do?), and the release date of Halo 3 just a month away. First, let’s take a look at hardware numbers:

Hardware Unit Sales:

PlayStation 2 202K
PlayStation 3 130.6K
PlayStation Portable 151.2 K
Xbox 360 276.7K
Wii 403.6 K
Nintendo DS 383.3K
GBA 69.5K

The Wii and DS are still extremely high, although both saw a decrease from June. The two systems are just in another world as they continue to demolish the competition. Nintendo has got to be all smiles. (But Nintendo doesn’t plan to cut off the surprises.)

Sony, however, has really got to be nothing short of disappointed. All three of their systems are down, and while it wasn’t the largest drop of the three, 130k PlayStation 3 units is less than half of the Xbox 360’s number this month, and only 50k more than the Game Boy Advance. Yikes. PlayStation Portable’s drop can likely be attributed to the remodeled PSP (PSP Lite – you know you want to call it that, Sony) being on the verge of release.

Lastly, we have the Xbox 360 which saw a boost of 100k units sold – bring it to 270k on the month, which is a tremendous boost. It’s amazing what the release of Madden, combined with Halo 3 on the horizon, can do for a console’s sales, isn’t it?

Software numbers and breakdown can be seen after the break.

Top 20 SKUs:

360 MADDEN NFL 08 896.6K
PS2 MADDEN NFL 08 643.6K
360 BIOSHOCK 490.9K
PS3 MADDEN NFL 08 336.2K

There are a few things that are particularly noteworthy to be seen here. First, the most obvious one is that Madden on 360 sold nearly a million copies in less than a full month. That’s HUGE. Aside from that, the face that it outsold the PlayStation 2 version (which still had a hell of a month) shows that gamers finally seem to be moving on to the next generation platforms. Even the PlayStation 3, with its subpar hardware sales performance this month, still sold well over 300k copies of Madden.

BioShock nearly cracked half a million, and when you keep in mind the release date, which was late in the month, that’s a terrific figure for a new IP. No wonder Take-Two already has big plans for what is now a franchise.

Other noteworthy games on the list include Two Worlds, which cracked the top 15 despite it being a monumental pile of suck. Guitar Hero continues to sell relentlessly, even the $50 expansion pack, Rocks the 80s. Metroid Prime put up a solid number for also having released late in the month, although it isn’t surprising since it’s the first big hardcore Wii title since Super Paper Mario.

Lastly, and I find this to be pretty funny, the Xbox version of Madden outsold the Wii version. That’s right, a version of the hottest game sold better on a console that is all but abandoned by its manufacturer than it did on the hottest selling console of the year. I guess people don’t want to waggle their Wiimotes like they’re actually playing football. Button presses FTW

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10 Comments on August NPD: 360 Way Up, PS3 Down, Nintendo Hardware Still Dominating


On September 14, 2007 at 12:27 pm

Its amazing that Sony are still streaking ahead of Microsoft in terms of capturing home console market share.

Microsoft – 276,700

Sony – 332,600

The fact is that even in Microsoft’s strongest region with a wide choice of 360′s to choose from far more people still opt for Sony when it comes to home gaming. When the big games are released for the PS3 next year the gap will become even more pronounced.

If you include the PSP as well Sony sold 483,800 which is over 200,000 more games machines than Microsoft in the US last month. And still some idiots think Microsoft are beating Sony.


On September 14, 2007 at 12:32 pm

“And still some idiots think Microsoft are beating Sony.”

..You are so PATHETIC, poor sony fanboys, closing their eyes to reallity!!


On September 14, 2007 at 1:03 pm

Reality? Are you blind or just stupid? Sony sell more home consoles every month than Microsoft. That’s a fact retard.


On September 14, 2007 at 4:30 pm

YA outdated PS2′s and PSPs combined. The Xbox 360 sells more than the PS3 and the Wii sells more than both. nexgen console sales check it out fanboy.

1. DS
2. Wii
3. Xbox 360
4. PSP
5. PS3


Nintendo is on top. All over the place. do you work for Sony? Do you own a PS3?


On September 14, 2007 at 4:39 pm

I find it hilarious that the ‘old and outdated’ past-gen of the PS2 is doing better than it’s generally better PS3.


On September 15, 2007 at 12:53 am

Wow this is super bad news for the xbox 360!

With the horrible NDP results for xbox 360 for August. NDP’s numbers are primarily derived from the manufacturers and a few key retailers but that is it. And Microsofts numbers are ALL xbox 360′s SHIPPED not sold – what is worse is they INCLUDE DEFECTIVE xbox 360 replacements to the retailers in these numbers.

From what people are discouvering last years August numbers were 270k sold vs 276K sold this year. So let’s look at what this really means – the 276k includeds defective xbox 360 replacement shipments, as a result of the 3 year extended replacement warranty now in full swing, that the 276k will definitly have fallen short of comparable sales with last year.

So with a price cut, Bioshock released and Halo 3 on the way, the xbox 360 could not even beat last years sales again!

People this is year two for the xbox 360 if anything it is supposed to be growing not shrinking in sales. Microsoft has given everything it has to get the sales up and it is still failing.

There is a lot at stake in this console war – MS has not made a penny from its xbox division ever and they are doing whatever they can to turn the xbox 360 into a winner. But be aware that as of this posting Xbox 360 has not made a dime for Microsoft. The mistake people are making is thinking Microsoft can just go forever like this but they can’t, with the news of their 1.15 billion dollar write off on the defective xbox 360′s wall street analysts started to question hard when microsoft would make money of the xbox 360 and if this adventure into gaming really made any sense – people this is a problem for Microsoft.

The biggest problem is the PS3′s continued sales growth in both July and August sales were way up over the prior months of 2007 showing continued strength in the PS3′s market penetration, while maintaining a first year launch sales projected at between 6.5 million and 7 Million+ vs Xbox 360′s first full year sales of only 5.6 million (easily a more successful launch for Sony’s PS3 than Microsoft’s Xbox 360). So while Sony is maintaining a solid growth trend the Xbox 360 has continued to underperform its first year sales numbers; a worrying trend. And now the next problem is Sony’s vision or answer to XBL is starting to be paid attention to, bringing people to say Microsoft will have to adopt a defensive position with XBL and drop the subscription fee of $50 per year. Translation 2 major problems – 350 million loss per year of almost pure profit and they are still left with an inferior interface and online experience compared to that of Sony’s Home.

Home Beta Images – PS3 and PSP

It is pretty clear that after the Halo 3 release it is going to be down hill with the PS 3′s AAA games starting to come out. Most likely the quality problems and the lack of depth in game offerings are what are doing it.

The punchline the xbox 360 is in real trouble right now and price cut or not for the PS3 the xbox 360 sales might seriously grind to a halt after the Halo 3 release going deep into a further decline than Microsoft has seen this year.


On September 15, 2007 at 1:13 am

Refurbished Xbox 360 dies within 5 minutes – Worst Quality Console in the History of Gaming?

I just don’t know how anyone can put up with such horrible quality and still pretend to be happy with it.

I guess it does just speak to the desperation of what true hardcore gamers will put up with to play a decent game. This has indeed come as a result of the transistion time for new games for the PS 3 from the PS 2.

Microsoft is in serious trouble the moment satisfactory replacement games arrive on the PS3. I really think Microsoft is quietly freaked about this issue more than anyone understands.

With the launch of Halo 3 and millions of ticking xbox 360 time bombs everywhere it could truly be a much quicker end to the xbox 360′s future and alot of people know this.


On September 15, 2007 at 2:21 am

for some reason i had an image pop into my head where the Wii was running amok through San Fransisco breathing fire on buildings and eating trains, while little PS3 and 360′s were running around screaming GOJIRA!!!!


On September 15, 2007 at 10:14 am

Congrats Sony, keep up the great sales! even though even a $130 PS 2 couldnt out sell any next gen system except the PS3! Or the Lie Station3. Or is it Wait STation 3? What a great reception to the PS3 its getting from the world! Wow! May hit 6 million this year! The Wii is gonna hit 6 million in Japan alone but hey, lets be fair, it came out only a few days after the PS3. Yep. I can tell the world is falling head over heals for the sony brand


On September 18, 2007 at 11:39 pm

Looks like the beginning end for PS3 – the fact that a superhyped new console like the Ps3 cannot even come close to the 360 which is 14 months old – plus it seems the developers hate the PS3 and no-one can get a PS3 to run any game at 60 fps – only 30fps while the 360 purrs along at 60fps. The most interesting thing about this data is that Sony has really lost their market. The PS2ers are not upgrading to the PS3 – they are staying with the Ps2 and most of the PS2′s base also abandoned it for the Wii – so now people see the Wii and the 360 as the best next gen of both worlds. A simple Wii and a HardCore 360. The 360 is just going from strength to strength with a huge software attach rate – which is just what the developers want and why the PS3 has no good games and not much chance of ever having good games and so few also – So we now have the true high end next gen GAMES machine winning – take a bow 360! Oh and what about the PS3 being the ugliest console in existance – a huge shiny George Foreman grill :-) But I guess this is all just karma for all those Sony lies we were told, the rendered graphics they tried to pass off as real, and the lies on release dates – remember? Plus their CD rootkits are coming home to roost – and even their Bur-ray is being seen as inferior to the HD-DVD graphically like the PS3 is inferior graphically to the 360.