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Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes Details Emerge at PAX

ground zeroes

Someone was hiding under a cardboard box and filming presentations…

FFXIV A Realm Reborn Trailer Reveals Male Miquote and New Limit Breaks


Want to play the male Miquote? They’re looking for testers.

Doom 3 “Lost Mission” Trailer Welcomes You Back to Hell


The demons wanted to picked up some pie and chainsaws for your visit, but Hell was out of pie.

Witcher Devs Next Title Is a Glam Rock RPG

cyberpunk2020 go

Raise your hand if you like 80′s glam rock and futuristic body mods.

Gabe Newell is Excited about a new Virtual Reality Headset

oculus rift

Cliffy B and John Carmak are psyched too, I just let Gabe have the spotlight so he’ll be in a Half-Life 3 making mood.

Free ‘Disorganized Crime’ DLC Coming For Max Payne

max payne

The rest of the DLC? Not so free.

BitFlip is Taking Minion Master to the Penny Aracde Expo!

minion masters

It’s a collectible card game you don’t have to shuffle!

Massive Playstation All-Stars Beta Leak Reveals Stages, Items and Characters

bioshock allstars

I don’t know if Sony can top Smash Bros, but they’re sure as hell trying.

Company of Heroes 2 is Shaping Up to Be An Extremely Innovative RTS

company b

I’ve long said that the “fog of war” needed updating, glad to see someone’s listening.

Metro: Last Light Preview: It Has Looks and Personality

metro a

I want to take it out for sushi and maybe see an indie band.

Darksiders 2 Demo Hopefully Not Indicative of Final Product

screenshot 1

Is this a dark omen of a subpar game?

Virtual Item Sales Banned in South Korea

auction house thumb

It’s hard out there for a gold farmer.

Skyrim Director Praises “Giant Battles of Skyrim” PC Mod


Lord of the Rings sized battles set in Skyrim.

Molyneux “Shocked” by Microsoft’s Lack of PC Focus


But is it really that shocking?

James and Mitch Rock Out with Rock Band Blitz

rock band blitz

Sadly their band broke up after a coke-fueled water balloon fight.

See Sony’s Upcoming Games in this E3 Booth Tour


God of War Ascension, Sly Cooper and many more were on display at Sony’s E3 booth.

Watch The Game Front Staff Throw Down in Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale at E3

all stars

My money is on the AI.

Check Out Our Medal Of Honor Warfighter Interview With Kristoffer Bergqvist – He Likes the Spec-Op Class


Mr. Bergqvist claims that there are at least as many class options as unnecessary consonants in his name.

Starcraft Multiplayer Unit Update – Protoss Looking OP


Tempests frighten me.

Hitman Absolution vs. Sleeping Dogs: Chinatown Throwdown

hitman vs thumb

Which game had the better E3 showing?

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