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Funny Glitches from the Battlefield 3 Beta

battlefield 3 09-30-2011

Be sure to check out the Prone Shuffle.

New SSX Screenshots, is that a WingSuit?

wingsuit 09-30-2011

Yes. Yes it is.

Minecraft 1.0 to Include Enchantments


…or Notch is messing with us.

Battlefield 3 Trailer Showcases Battlelog, a Social Network for BF3 Players

battlefield 3 09-30-2011

It’s like Facebook for Battlefield 3… hooray?

The Binding of Isaac Will Probably Offend Christians


I hear playing it gets you a one-way ticket to Hell.

Left 4 Dead Fan Film Teaser Looks Surprisingly Good

left 4 dead 2

Someone had better say “Grabbin Pills!”

Co-op Comment: Hands-On With Modern Warfare 3′s Spec Ops Mode

MW3 2

GameFront’s Dave Moss and Ross Lincoln battled to the bitter end against waves of spec-ops bots.

Call of Duty XP: Optic Gaming Wins Million Dollar Modern Warfare 3 Tournament and Quits Their Fast Food Jobs


Hey Optic Gaming, need someone to help you spend that prize money?

MW3 Revamps Killstreak System

MW3 1

Kills aren’t the only way to earn Killstreaks!

Call Of Duty XP: Dropkick Murphys Take the Stage to End Night One

pic 1 real

Watch out for the mosh pit.

CoD XP: The New MW3 Multiplayer Mode “Kill Confirmed” Will Put a Heavier Emphasis on Teamwork


I will be playing this mode.

PAX 2011: Cosplayers in their Natural Habitat

PAX 13

Well done Cosplayers, we salute you.

PAX 2011: Blacklight Retribution Screen Shots

blacklight 1

Blacklight Retribution has some stunning graphics.

PAX 2011: Counter-Strike GO’s Project Lead, Ido Magal Talks about Cross-Platform Play and the Zeus

Go 1

Ido Magal talks tells us about his favorite gun, cross-platform play and the new Molotovs.

PAX 2011: Borderlands 2 Will Feature Cameos by Borderlands Characters


Borderlands 2 promises midget shields, cameos from past characters and of course, lots of guns.

PAX 2011: Gotham City Impostors Hands-On Preview

imposter 1

Gotham City Impostors is playable at PAX! Time to introduce a little anarchy!

PAX 2011: Hands-On Preview of Firefall Co-op Mode

firefall 1

Jet packs, alien swarms and a massive open world are what Firefall is all about.

PAX 2011: Prototype 2 Game Mechanics

protoype 1

New details about Prototype 2 emerge at PAX 2011

PAX 2011: New Firefall Trailer


Check out this new trailer for the extremely unique F2P “Firefall.”

Comic-Con 2011: Hands on with War in the North

war in the north 2

When Sauron’s minions start wreaking havoc in Northern Middle-Earth it’ll take a new group of heroes to stop them and a new game to tell the tale.

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