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WoW Patch 5.2 Gets A Sneak Peek Trailer

wow patch 5-2 armored dinosaur thumb

Dinosaur mounts were on your bucket list, right?

World of Warcraft: 5.1 Battle Pets Guide

WoW Pandaren Fire Spirit thumb-1

Why, yes, that is a lot of cats.

WoW Patch 5.2 Is the New Patch 2.4 Plus Dinomancers (!)


What more could you ask for?

LotRO’s Update 9 Launches with Hobbit-themed Goodness


All roads lead to Benedict Cumberbatch, uh, I mean Smaug.

SWTOR Announces Rise of the Hutt Cartel Expansion


Can a planet full of Jabbas bring you back into the fold?

Neverwinter Delves into Horrors Beneath the Beloved City of Your D&D Youth


A new adventure zone awaits. Better pack the extra THAC0.

RIFT Patch 2.1 Launches, F2P This Weekend, Staff Cut…Wait, What?


Plus bonus holiday cheer…if you’re not a pink-slipped dev.

SWTOR Update 1.6 Is Live With New PvP and Space Mission Goodness


More end game content to tide you over during the holidays.

PlanetSide 2: Interview with Creative Director Matt Higby


Does free to play translate into pay to win for the latest SOE MMO?

EVE Online: Retribution Expansion Launches Today

EVE Online Retribution thumb

It’s time to pay for your interstellar antics.

WoW’s Cinder Kitten Steals Your Heart For Charity

wow cinder kitten thumb

It’s dangerous to go alone, take this.

LotRO’s Riders of Rohan Review: Mounted Combat Done Right


The Riders of Rohan expansion breathes new life into LotRO.

WoW’s Darkmoon Faire Returns with New Battle Pets and the Ride of Your Life

wow darkmoon faire thumb

Keep your cookies down for a brand new buff.

Neverwinter Goes To The Dark Side With New Drow Lore

neverwinter drow thumb

Just how many variations do you expect on Drizzit come launch day?

Guide: How to Get a WoW Brawler’s Guild Invitation

wow mop landfall new thumb

The second rule of Brawler’s Guild is you ain’t getting in Brawler’s Guild any time soon.

EverQuest’s Rain of Fear Expansion Launches Today


Train to zone! Choo choo!

Lord of the Rings Online Announces Hobbit-themed Content

Lord of the Ring Online's mounted combat

Just in time for second breakfast.

World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria Patch 5.1 Landfall Guide

wow mop landfall new thumb

The first rule of…ok, yes, let’s not go there

World of Warcraft Patch 5.1 Confirmed For Tomorrow


The first rule of 5.1 is that you don’t talk about 5.1.

SWTOR To Ease Back On Free-To-Play Restrictions

SWTOR Cartel coins

Bioware has gained (1) Light Side points.

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