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Yes, Virginia, Even MMOs Have Black Friday Sales


/roll on the these Black Friday deals

SWTOR’s Free-To-Play Pros, Cons, and WTFs

SWTOR Cartel coins

Did BioWare fumble their Hail Mary attempt to save SWTOR?

SWTOR Patch 1.6 Announced, F2P Still Poorly Executed


New stuff coming you won’t see if you hate their free-to-play conversion.

Free-To-Play MMORPG RaiderZ Launches, Bring 15 Friends


Why wait until the level cap to raid?

PlanetSide 2 Launch Trailer Blows Stuff Up But Good


Have modern FPS features finally arrived in an MMO?

Transformers Universe MMO Beta Sign-Ups Are A Go


Can we hope for “The Fast and the Furious” minigame?

World of Warcraft’s 8th Anniversay Event Begins


Is that the cotton anniversary or the paper?

Guild Wars 2 Lost Shores Weekend Event Is Live, Bring Your Friends


Somebody kill these things so I can sleep again, k thx~

SWTOR Goes Free-to-Play Today, Care Much?

SWTOR Cartel coins

Is free SWTOR any better than when you paid for it?

EVE Online Reveals Extensive Ship Rebalancing for Upcoming Retribution Expansion

EVE Online Retribution thumb

Spreadsheets across the known galaxy cry out in dismay

Lord of the Rings Online Patch 8.1 Tweaks Cooperative Killing Feature

Lord of the Ring Online's mounted combat

The new mounted combat system stampedes over LotRO’s anti-kill stealing mechanic. Yeehaw.

EverQuest 2, RIFT, and More MMO Update Madness This Week

RIFT: Storm Legion

Is this Sparta? No, this is MMO madness!

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