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Bodycount – Hands-On Preview


The makers of Black are back with a new stylized cover-based FPS. Is it shaping up to be a COD killer or should it hide behind some red barrels?

Comic-Con 2011: SOE Triple Preview Feature


Hands-on with three Sony contenders and inside scoops into their futures. Can you say Payday movie?

Warlords – Full Play Preview


Does the frenetic action of this Atari remake ramp up your adrenaline or is it just a chaotic mess? Find out our first impressions here!

Comic-Con 2011: Arkham City Double Hands-On Preview


Two completely different playthroughs, one EPIC hands-on preview. Check out what we saw on the show floor and behind closed doors.

Comic-Con 2011: Journey (and friends) Panel Recap


The creators of Journey, Papa & Yo, Payday: The Heist, and Sideway: New York all on one panel! That’s 4 for the price of… well, whatever Comic-Con cost.

Comic-Con 2011: Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Panel Recap


Another game already? Get all the Ultimate MvC3 details straight from the creators’ mouths.

Comic-Con 2011: Resistance 3 Panel Recap


Why Resistance 3 will play more like Fall of Man and what’s the deal with Insomniac’s browser-based MMO?

Comic-Con 2011: Starhawk Panel Recap


Starhawk’s Creative Director and Writer talk cowboys, mutants, and mechs at their Comic-Con panel.

Comic-Con 2011: Capcom Panel Recap


Capcom’s got a lot on its plate, but their SDCC11 panel focused on three.

Comic-Con 2011: Dragon’s Dogma Hands-On Preview


We go hands on with Dragon’s Dogma at Comic-Con, and we’re not as excited as we hoped to be.

Comic-Con 2011: Journey Hands-On Preview


We get our hands on Journey, the PS3 exclusive from thatgamecompany, while we’re exploring Comic-Con.

Call of Duty Black Ops – Annihilation DLC Hands-On


The cost of DLC wreaking war on your wallet? Find out if Annihilation is worth your cash.

5 Reasons The PSVita Will Be Worth Your Money


Oh, and 1 reason it won’t…

E3 2011 – Magicka PvP Hands-On Preview


All those times you “accidently” killed your friends in co-op is about to pay off.

E3 2011 – PSVita In-Depth Preview


The handheld everyone’s been waiting for? Find out what we thought as we got hands on with the next-generation portable and three games.

E3 2011 – Of Orcs and Men Preview


Guide an Orc and Goblin on their quest for revenge against the genocidal humans… dark.

E3 2011 – IndieCade In-Depth


Get a look at the international festival and three of its featured games.

E3 2011 – Wakfu Hands-On Preview


We get our hands all over this upcoming tactical MMORPG.

E3 2011 – Creative Labs


Check out the latest in gear for the gaming audiophile from Creative’s E3 booth.

E3 2011 – TERA Hands-On Preview


We get our grubby little mitts on En Masse’s MMORPG that’s headed to Western shores someday soon.

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