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Alleged Photo From Valve Tour Confirms L4D3, Source 2 (RUMOR)


A visitor snaps a shot of a developer monitor during a tour of Valve, possibly leaking numerous projects.

Shadowrun Returns Review: A Return To The Classics


Shadowrun Returns is a return (ha!) to classic RPG style.

Indie Gems: Rise Of The Triad Gibs Gloriously


Rise of the Triad aims for greatness, and splash damage gibs it to pieces.

Indie Gems: Shadowrun Merges Magic and Technology


Shadowrun Returns brings back the old-school RPG with a puff of magic.

Teleglitch: Die More Edition Review: Embracing The Darkness


Teleglitch takes you into the void, and you may not return.

Indie Gems: Crypt Run Dies Often, But Doesn’t Stay Dead


Crypt Run takes you to the brink of permanent death, then brings you back in.

Neverwinter Review: Hefting The Axe


Neverwinter hits orcs in the face with axes. Can It maintain interest through that alone?

Receiver Gives You a Gun, but Terror is Using It Wrong

receiver horrorscope thumb

First-person shooter Receiver makes handling a gun a realistic, intricate undertaking, creating unexpected horror in players who struggle to effectively use their only tool of survival.

Indie Gems: Mercenary Kings Is Out For Blood


Mercenary Kings channels the best of Metal Slug and Monster Hunter into one lovable indie package.

The Best Mods For Final Fantasy 7


Final Fantasy 7 saw recent release on Steam, so it’s time to bust out the mods.

Indie Gems: Viscera Cleanup Detail Freshens Up After Battle


Three great indie games to fill your week with fun.

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Impressions – Risen From Ashes


A Realm Reborn looks poised for a strong comeback. Can it reverse Final Fantasy XIV’s fortunes?

The Bureau: XCOM Declassified Video Preview (With Mitch)


Mitch lasers and plasmas his way through attacking aliens in a video preview of The Bureau: XCOM Declassified.

Indie Gems: Unepic Plunders Castles, Explores Worlds


Unepic pits you against castle denizens in a fight for loot.

Civilization 5: Brave New World Review – Old Is New Again


Brave new World brings Civilization 5 from the doldrums into the spotlight.

EVR Hands-On: Best Reason To Buy An Oculus Rift


EVR is the most compelling reason to get behind VR technology.

Indie Gems: 3 Games To Give You The Creepy Crawlies


They may not be horror games, but these three indie games are definitely unsettling.

Firefall Beta Impressions: Soaring Above Expectations


Firefall makes a genuine effort to be a fantastic open-world game, and succeeds.

Double E3 Preview: ArcheAge, Defiance: Castithin


It’s clear Trion wants to continue expanding in the MMO space, despite any issues. Can they succeed?

Double E3 Preview: Deadfall Adventures, The Raven


In a quiet booth away from the most popular E3 venues, Nordic Games showed off two unassuming, but fun, games.

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