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EVE Online and Dust 514 Servers Merging


EVE players can finally toy with Dust players like they are ants

Pathfinder Online to be Multi-Platform, 6 Days Left on Kickstarter


Thanks to Unity, Pathfinder Online can be played on up to two (2) operating systems!

The Secret World Gives Contest Awards to All


Did you enter a contest? In The Secret World, that’s good enough to win!

IGF Announces 2013 Finalists


Do you like indie games? Of course you do, indie games are, in the parlance of our time, the coolest….

The Old Republic Confirms Same-Sex Romances, New Endgame Content


BioWare to add more romance options in future updates

War Z Attacked by Hackers Multiple Times


Poor War Z. It never had a chance.

Permabans Given to Guild Wars 2 Snowflake Exploiters


ArenaNet reaffirms exploit policy with more permabans

RuneScape Adding Level 90 Content, Beetle Kings


RuneScape gets chitinous with January update

Age of Empires Online Stops Active Development


Age Of Empires Online winds down development, focuses on supporting existing game

8 Great Free-To-Play Games to Start Your F2P Journey


Or, as my friend said, “I 8nt paying a cent.”

Planetside 2 Gives the Gift of XP and Money


Those looking to get into Planetside 2 might consider doing so during the holidays.

Pirates of the Burning Sea Plundered by Portalus


Sony Online Entertainment has decided that Pirates of the Burning Seas just doesn’t fit their current portfolio

Mechwarrior Online Brings a Very Merry ‘Mech-Mas


Mechwarrior Online has released its last patch of 2012, and it’s a large one.

Planetside 2 Review: The Most War-Torn Planet On Earth


Fighting hundreds of guys in endless conflict can be a little frustrating.

MMO Coverage is Expanding at GameFront and We Want Your Thoughts

Clockwise from top left: Vindictus, World of Warcraft Planetside 2, Guild Wars 2

Game Front is stepping up the coverage on all MMOs, and two people are taking the reins: Dan O’Halloran and James Murff.

Planetside 2 Unveils First Patch, Rebalances Aircraft


For those of you who love floating around in fighter-class aircraft in Planetside 2, we’ve got some bad news: your favorite vehicle has been nerfed.

Wizardry Online Entraps Players on January 16th, Open Beta Available.


Sony Online Entertainment has finally given a release date for Wizardry Online, its love song to the hardcore MMO player. Players can expect to stumble over traps, get murdered by their fellow players, and explore a dark fantasy world on January 16th, 2013.

Vindictus Introduces Vella, Sword-Slinging Fighter Extraordinaire


It’s only fitting that, after hitting every other character archetype over the years, Nexon finally revisited their first character for the start of Season 2 and brought us something similar-but-different.

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