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Why Sony Handhelds Have No Games, Even When They Do


Why a robust library is more important for portable systems.

My First Terrifying Videogame Experience


Blue Werewolf Guy, we salute you!

Hideo Kojima Should Direct Silent Hill Because He IS Silent Hill


Silent Hill? Can’t be!

The MMO is Not Just a Genre


Massive open worlds do not begin and end with Warcraft.

Kingdom Farts


How to tire out an audience before you even became a trilogy.

You’re No Better than Zynga


Why companies who think they’re above the downfall of FarmVille better hope they’ve got a safety net.

This Generation Will Never Be Finished, Even When It Is


Relying on hardware for your innovation means you’re not very innovative

Market Leaders Lead, They Don’t Follow


The idea that you have to copy the best to beat the best is flat-out wrong.

Polytron versus Microsoft – Whoever Wins, We Lose


Polytron won’t pay Microsoft to patch FEZ … but whose fault is it?

Cautious Excitement and OUYA, Together at Last!


Don’t be frightened of new things. Well, not completely frightened, anyway.

Provocation, Politics, and the Messiah of the 99%


Is a game’s potential to offend worth critical review? More importantly, is it good for the medium?

Smacking Down Publisher Entitlement in the EU Court


You bought it, you do what you like with it? How novel!

Relatively Obscure Videogames I Want You To Pay Attention To


Knowing about games that other people don’t know about lets you feel like a better person.

GOG Box: Sanitarium and the Horrific Power of Ugly

sanitarium thumb

They don’t make games as grotesque as this anymore.

The Police State of Videogames

police state thumb

War is peace, freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength.

Misandry in videogames? Oh grow the f–k up

crybaby thumb

Male gamer? You’re the luckiest gamer in town. Don’t act like you’ve got it rough.

Shove Your Lazy Co-op Sequences Up Your Lazy Co-op Ass


I hate watching men open doors.

Why I’m Glad the Nun Punching in Hitman: Absolution Upset People


Rage over sexual politics is good for the game industry

FEZ Shifts 100,000 Roughly Copies on XBLA


Score one for indie platformers!

Dark Corners: The Game that was too Much of a Game to be a Good Game


Cthulhu called, he wants his gun back.

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