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CoD: Ghosts to Include Female Combatants, but Reality Did It First

cod ghosts thumb

Apparently there’s also a technological glass ceiling.

Come Watch Us Stream Saints Row 4 Gameplay – Wednesday August 14


Watch James go crazy in Act 1 of Saints Row 4.

Payday 2: Four-Player Co-Op Video Preview (with Team Game Front)


How many Game Front staffers does it take to rob a jewelry store?

John Carmack Declines to Comment on DOOM 4 Development (QuakeCon)



Did Phil Fish Just Angrily Cancel Fez 2 Via Twitter?


Oh god…

Gamer Justin Carter’s Attorney Takes Us Inside Contentious Arrest


An in-depth look at how Justin Carter was hunted and arrested for a gaming-related Facebook comment.

GTA 5 Trailer Teases Multiplayer Mode. We Have Questions


Will it be like an MMO, a battlefield, or what? We don’t know, but we noticed some things and have some questions.

This Real-Life Orcish Battleaxe from Skyrim Can Smash Skulls (VIDEO)


This is as awesome as it sounds.

Are we This Desperate for Half-Life 3? Yes, Apparently We Are


Half-Life 3 is coming, just not this week.

Who Won E3 2013? Let’s Find Out (VIDEO)


Mitch and James gather reactions on the first battle of the new console war at E3 2013.

TESO “Runs Really Well” on Average PCs, Amazing on High-End


“The great thing about the game is it scales really well.”

Witcher 3 Is “35 Times Larger” Than Witcher 2. Um, Really?


Follow all our coverage of E3 2013 by visiting our E3 channel! The open-world of Witcher 3 is apparently 35…

Namco on Dark Souls 2 Difficulty: “You Will Get Your Ass Kicked”


Follow all our coverage of E3 2013 by visiting our E3 channel! You may have heard concerns from critics and…

Tons of New Xbox One Info: The Good, Bad & WTF

xbox one logo thumb

Well, well well! What an interesting Thursday this has become for anyone who’s been paying attention to the deluge of…

Halo ‘Bootcamp’ Outed by Korean Rating Board, MS Confirms


What’s this?

Watch_Dogs Preview — The E3 Primer

watch dogs jam communications thumb

Everything we know about the elusive Watch_Dogs.

Roger Ebert, Film Critic Who Challenged Gaming, Dies at 70


Legendary film critic Robert Ebert dies at the age of 70.

Oh, Some Battlefield 4 Screenshots Leaked. Here you Go!


Surprise, men with guns.

EA: Dead Space 3 Item Farming ‘Not a Glitch,’ No Plans to Patch

dead space 3 limited edition suits thumb

That puts the ethical debate to bed over exploits in Dead Space 3.

Patch Leaks Mass Effect 3 Multiplayer DLC Details

mass effect 3 dlc tease 2 small thumb

Cooperative story missions seem to be coming to the next DLC drop.

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