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PAX 2010: Mortal Kombat Hands-On Impressions


We get our hands on the next chapter in the Mortal Kombat series, and find out how the return to 2D is just one of the old ‘skool’ features.

PAX 2010: Dead Space 2 Hands-On Impressions


Dead Space 2 is faster, bloodier and more challenging the original. Check out our full hands-on preview from PAX for all the gory details.

PAX 2010: Portal 2 NEW Co-Op Trailer (Cam Video)


Check out some cam footage of a yet-to-be-released cinematic Portal 2 co-op trailer from PAX.

PAX 2010: Portal 2 Co-Op Gameplay Impressions (Video)


We captured about 8 minutes of Portal 2 co-op gameplay footage at PAX. It’s pretty insane. Check out what all the fuss is about.

Follow FileFront on Twitter! (PAX Updates All Weekend)


This weekend we’ll have updates live from PAX, but also in general our Twitter stream is great. Promise.

PAX 2010: Warren Spector Keynote (Video)


The creator of the Deus Ex and Thief series’ delivers a riveting keynote about the history of geeks, and why video games are most definitely art. We shot video of the whole forty-five minute keynote.

Halo: Reach Hands-On Preview


We’ve beaten the entire Halo: Reach single-player campaign. We’re only allowed to talk about 2 missions. Here’s a big preview of those two missions.

The Final Halo Interview – Creative Director Marcus Lehto Says Goodbye


Halo series Creative Director Marcus Lehto looks back with us on 13 very eventful years, and the official closing of the Halo series with Halo: Reach.

What Should We Ask the Halo: Reach Creative Director?


Have something you’d really like to ask Marcus Lehto, Creative Director for Halo: Reach? Drop a question in the comments, and we’ll ask him!

Best of FileFront – Week of 08/16/10


A roundup of all our best stuff last week, in one easy-to-digest package. Check it.

8 Most Annoying Types of Video Game Levels


From “water” levels, to “moving” levels, the list of annoying video game level types is pretty long. Here’s’s 8 examples of anger-inducing levels. Enjoy. ***Hotlink to***

Street Fighter vs. Tekken Gameplay Video (Gamescom 2010)


Ryu and Kazuya brawl in this Street Fighter vs. Tekken gameplay video from Gamescom 2010.

Soul Calibur – Sophitia Breast Size Evolution (PIC)


This really puts things in perspective…

Atlus Publishing Sexy Game Titled “Catherine” (Video)


It appears Atlus is publishing “Catherine,” a sexy looking game indeed. But if you have sex in the game, you become a sheep? Watch the video and help me understand.

AMAZING Just Cause 2 Death Drop (Video)


How on earth…?

Gamescom 2010: NEW Darkspore Screenshots


New Darkspore screens fresh from Gamescom, showing the Zrin, Vex and Sage tear stuff up.

Giveaways: G8 eSports LAN Hoodie (Comment Contest)


All you have to do is drop your best video game “victory taunt” in the comments, and you could win this gorgeous LAN-ready hoodie! ($69 value)

Best of FileFront – Week of 08/09/10


A roundup of all our best stuff last week, in one easy-to-digest package. Check it.

26 Fake Video Games in Movies and TV


It’s funny when Hollywood just makes this crap up.

Screenjunkies Reviews Scott Pilgrim vs. The World


And they liked it. They gave it an “A-,” so check it out.

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