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Tomb Raider Preview: A Hands-Off Look at Lara’s Beginnings


And you thought Nathan Drake had a bad day…

Twisted Metal Review

Twisted Metal1

A twisted blast from the past.

Soul Calibur 5 Review


Ivy’s boobs aren’t the only noteworthy thing about this game.

Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 Review


The ultimate fighting showdown, or just DLC in a box?

E3 2011 – Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony Report Cards

Report Card Thumb

Want to know who won E3? Find out what one writer thought in our E3 Report Card.

E3 2011 – Ninja Gaiden 3 Hands-On


Stealth and multiplayer in Ninja Gaiden 3? Well consider my mind blown.

E3 2011 – Bastion Hands-On Preview


We get our hands on this year’s ‘Summer of Arcade’ headliner.

E3 2011 – Prototype 2 Preview


Prototype’s sequel has a new protagonist, new powers, and a lot more.

E3 2011 – Kirby Wii Hands-On

Kirby Thumbnail

Kirby’s back, and he’s bringing classic Kirby-style platforming to the Wii.

E3 2011 – PixelJunk LifeLike Preview


Part game, part rave music generator, PixelJunk LifeLike is 100% intriguing.

E3 2011 – Tomb Raider Preview


Meet the new and improved Lara Croft.

E3 2011 – Super Mario Hands-On


The Tanooki suit is back! Finally! Oh, and the game’s pretty awesome too.

E3 2011 – Batman Arkham City Hands-On Preview


We get to try out Riddler Challenges, find out more about Catwoman, and basically wish it was October already.

Bulletstorm Echoes Walkthrough


Three-star all the Echoes with the help of this guide.

Bulletstorm Walkthrough


‘Storms brewin…

Stacking Walkthrough


Stack ‘em and break ‘em!

Little Big Planet 2 Walkthrough


Little Big Trouble in Little Big Planet

Ilomilo Walkthrough


Keep the Ilomilo experience cute and carefree, not frustrating and nerve-wracking.

Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood Virtual Training Walkthrough


You’ll have to get bronze metals on all the Virtual Training Challenges to unlock Raiden’s outfit. Our videos will get you gold.

Donkey Kong Country Returns Walkthrough


This is no country for old men, or people without walkthroughs.

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