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Doom 3 BFG: PAX Prime Impressions

doom 3 bfg thumb

Yeah, it’s still looking awesome.

Sacred 3 Preview: So Much of the Same

sacred 3 featured

Because tenure?

Special Forces: Team X – “Casual-Core” Multiplayer

special forces featured

Plus, cel-shading automatically makes your game 25% more awesome.

Gears of War: Judgement – Is Free For All a Good Call?


My PAX Prime hands-on made me think twice about the always-solid Gears multiplayer experience.

Rekoil Preview: Minimalist Mayhem

rekoil featured

A multiplayer shooter that embraces its unoriginality by cutting the crap.

Card Hunter Preview: Hardcore Nerdage With No Physical Evidence

card hunter featured

Free-to-play, too!

Borderlands 2 Preview: Mega-Bosses and the Mechromancer


Not that you need me to tell you this looks great.

Dead Island Riptide Preview: A Cleansing Bloodbath

dead island riptide featured

Can Deep Silver wash away the flaws of the original Dead Island?

Firefall Preview: The Mystery of Monetization Revealed


This beta be good…

600-Player Multiplayer Session in Just Cause 2 as Crazy as it Sounds


You’ve gotta see this.

2K President Says It’s Hard to Launch New IPs on Current Gen


Then dives into the piles of cash generated by his sequels.

EA Files Lawsuit Against Zynga for Copyright Infringement


Better settle, Zynga.

Call of Duty Elite Has Over 12 Million Users

elite featured

Unlike Origin’s users, these are actually willing registrants.

Check Out (and play) this Grand Theft Auto IV: San Andreas Mod


I’d say just let it go, but this is pretty cool.

Mass Effect 3 Leviathan and Firefight DLC (Officially) Revealed

leviathan featured

Neither of which has anything to do with multiplayer, surprisingly.

Dishonored’s Impressive Voice Cast Revealed


Nolan North! Just kidding.

Skyrim: Dawnguard DLC Now Available on Steam, Still MIA for PS3

Dawnguard thumb

What a nice surprise.

Arkham Asylum/City Writer Not Returning for Another Batman Game


Assuming there will be one. (There will be one.)

Steam’s Quakecon Bundle is Massive, Awesome, and Massively Awesome

quakecon bundle featured

Steam returns to nab one more Benjamin from your wallet.

Oculus Rift VR Headset’s Kickstarter Exploding (In a Good Way)

oculus featured

Virtual Boy this isn’t. Hopefully.

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