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Game Front Gauntlet: Titanfall With Mitchell and James

titanfall big thumb

Can James defeat Mitch in the best of three Attrition matches?

The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC Review: Growing Characters

left behind 4 thumb

Though we know the conclusion of this prequel DLC, Naughty Dog does a phenomenal job continuing to grow its great characters.

Encrypted Passwords, User Info Accessed in Kickstarter Hack

kickstarter 2 thumb

You’re going to want to change your passwords.

Mitchell’s Top 5 Unconventional Game Love Stories (VIDEO)

companion cube big thumb

For your Valentine’s Day viewing pleasure, some weird video game relationships.

Titanfall Beta First Look: James Draws First Blood (VIDEO)

titanfall thumb

James brings his Call of Duty skills to the Titanfall beta.

Steam’s New Tag System Allows Abuse, Raises Concerns

fez thumb

Valve’s new Steam Tags system lets users add whatever tags they want to games, including abusive ones.

Lord of the Rings Online Dev Turbine Hit With Layoffs

lord of the rings helms deep review thumb

An unspecified number of people have lost their jobs at Turbine, and there’s no word yet as to how this might affected LotRO or Infinite Crisis.

Sign Up for the Titanfall Closed Beta Now

titanfall beta thumb

Go get signed up for the closed beta for your chance to play Titanfall a little bit early.

EA’s Hilleman Suggests Battlefield 4 Launch Woes Overblown

battlefield 4 thumb

EA’s chief creative officer answers a few questions about how Battlefield 4 launched, and how EA might improve launches in the future.

James vs. Games 50: James Takes on Mega Man 2

james vs games 50 thumb

Can James defeat Metal Man, or will he find himself going the way of Needle Boy?

EA: Titanfall is a ‘Franchise That Will Be Around for a Long, Long Time’

titanfall thumb

EA sees Titanfall as a “pillar” franchise, along with Battlefield and Star Wars: Battlefront.

Jazzpunk First Look: It’s Random and Weird (VIDEO)


Jump into the unsettling weirdness of Jazzpunk with Mitch.

Riot Games: ‘No Interest in Using Patents Offensively’

league of legends thumb

Riot’s founders say they won’t be bullying any other companies with their patents.

Game Front Podcast #18: Interpreting Mass Effect, Xbox Rumor

white xbxo one thumb

Rumor has it a new Xbox One SKU is coming; Contributor Phil Owen runs down why he wanted to delve back into Mass Effect; and more.

The Wolf Among Us Episode 2 Hits PC, PS3 Tuesday

wolf among us ep 2 thumb

Expect a Wednesday release for European PS3 players and Xbox 360 owners.

Minecraft Show 305: James Falls Off the World

minecraft show 305 thumb

James and his pal Morgan join a special guest as they head out for adventure!

Red 5 Nets $23 Million to Keep Firefall on Track for 2014

firefall 6 thumb

A new stock deal infuses Red 5 with approximately $23 million, and the developer says Firefall is on pace for its slated 2014 official release.

Even With All Its Content, Mass Effect is an Incomplete Work

mass effect 3 normandy explosion thumb

Now that we’ve had a chance to re-examine everything Mass Effect, it still seems as though BioWare’s sci-fi trilogy has major holes.

Extrasolar Channels the Explorer in All of Us

extrasolar 1 thumb

Through a combination of ARG storytelling, a commitment to scientific plausibility and an expectation that players will be fascinated exploring an alien world, Extrasolar bucks the trends of free-to-play, browser-based games.

Storytime: Extrasolar Gets ‘Immersion’ by Leveraging Reality


Extrasolar maybe be a game about looking at photos of a fictional alien world, but it manages to tell a tale of mystery and intrigue in a way that feels very down to earth.

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